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Aaron Carter biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Aaron Charles Carter[


singer, songwriter, actor

Birth Date

December 7, 1987

Death date

November 5, 2022 (34 years)

Zodiac Sign



Tampa, Florida, United States


Frank D. Miles Elementary School and the Ruskin School



Aaron Carter family members

Father's Name

Robert Carter

Mother's Name

Jane Schneck

Siblings names

Nick Carter (older brother), Bobbie Carter (older sister), Leslie Ashton (late older sister), Angel Conrad (twin sister), Ginger Lee Carter (older half-sister), Taelyn Carter (younger stepsister), Kanden Carter (younger half-brother)

Is Aaron Carter a gay/bisexual?


What is Aaron Carter marital status?


Who is Aaron Carter wife?

Melanie Martin (baby mother)

How many children does he have?

1 (son Princeton Lyrik Carter)

Aaron Carter wife

Melanie Martin (ex-fiancée; baby mother)

Melanie Martin (ex-fiancée; baby mother) Aaron Carter

Date of birth: circa 1992

It was Melanie, Aaron’s ex-fiancée, who found the rapper unresponsive. She called to policemen and they stated the musician’s death.

At the same time, many of Carter’s fans blame Melanie on social media for his tragic death. They suppose, their troubled on-and-off relationships and the battle for the son’s custody had sapped Aaron’s strength. After her ex-boyfriend’s death, Melanie deleted her Instagram account.

She posted the video with Carter dancing on her Tik Tok account. The woman seems to grieve her ex-loved one.

Aaron opened up that he had a girlfriend in early 2020. That very year he tattooed Melanie’s name on his face. In November 2021 Melanie became the mother of Aaron’s only son.

Ms. Martin was born and raised in Bulgaria. Later she moved to the USA, where she worked as a bartender. According to “The Sun” issue, she was even involved in making porn videos. Thus she made the ends meet to pay for everything she needed while living in the USA. During her romance with Aaron, she started working as a lash maker.

It’s not known, how Aaron met his sweetheart, but obviously, their love affair was troubled. Aaron and Melanie even used to fight. Once he even called to police and accused his girlfriend of being physically violent. The traces of blows on Aaron’s body were the best proof of Melanie’s aggression. She was taken into custody, but then she was revealed. Aaron and Melanie reconciled.

But just a week after their baby’s birth, Aaron announced through Twitter their separation. He accused Melanie is being dishonest to him. Besides, she seemed to provoke a conflict between Aaron and his sister Angel.

It’s not publicized, whether the couple still was an item at the moment of Aaron’s death. But Melanie called him “my fiance” on the Instagram post when she expressed condolences for Carter’s death.

Aaron Carter kids

Princeton Lyrik Carter (son with Melanie Martin)

Princeton Lyrik Carter son Aaron Carter

Date of birth: November 22, 2021

Aaron confessed in his interview in 2018 that he was ready to start the family. Three years later, on November 22, 2021, he became a father for the first time. The musician and his fiancée Melanie welcomed a cute baby boy.

The baby delivery process was complicated. After 13 hours of effort to give birth naturally, Melanie was sent to the Caesar section. Thus, the baby was long-awaited for both, his mom and dad. Aaron devoted a heartwarming post on Instagram to his newborn son.

Aaron Carter kids

The boy was called Princeton Lyrik Carter, but in the family circle, he was named shortly – Prince. Soon after the boy’s birth, Aaron was involved in a string of conflicts with his baby’s mother. He accused Melanie of being in cahoots with his twin sister Angel and other family members, with whom Aaron was on bad terms. They split and came back again, in September Carter was sent to rehab for drug usage. He lost custody of his little son.

Just a month or two before his death, Aaron promised in one of his interviews that he would get custody of his little boy back. He loved little Prince a lot!

Who are Aaron Carter parents?

Robert Carter (father)

Robert Carter father Aaron Carter

Date of birth: September 23, 1952

Date of death: May 16, 2017

Although there are controversies in Aaron’s relationships with his family members, including his father, the late musician devoted lots of sweet posts on Instagram to his father. Aaron confessed to his Instagram followers, that he was missing his father a lot.

Robert Gene Carter was the only child of Barbara Latta and Charles Carter. He spent the major part of his life in Florida and New York. He was married to Jane Elizabeth Spaulding for years and welcomed 5 kids with her, including Aaron Carter. He divorced Jane in 2003 and the next year he married another woman, named Ginger, 33 years his junior. At the moment of marriage, Ginger Elrod had a daughter. With Bob, she parented a son Kaden, Aaron’s half-brother. Bob also has a daughter Virginia from his first marriage.

Aaron’s fans may remember Bob Carter from the family reality series “House of Carters”. Just before the show, he divorced his kids’ mother Jane Carter. With Jane, he maintained the retirement house for years, thus earning his living. On the show, his kids tried to heal the wounds in their hearts, caused by this sad event.

Ginger, Bob’s second wife, was by her husband’s side at the moment of his sudden death in May 2017. The reason for the death was a heart attack.

Jane Schneck (mother)

Jane Schneck mother Aaron Carter

Date of birth: circa 1959

While Aaron’s father died at the moment of the musician’s departure to heaven, his mom is still alive. Jane has a sad life story. She is a mother of 5, who has already lost 2 of her kids, including Aaron.

She was born Jane Elizabeth Spaulding in Brooksville, Florida. She used to live in Mayville, New York for many years. Jane used to work by her ex-husband’s side at the retirement house. Later she became self-employed.

Jane was frustrated, when she learned, that her husband Bob was cheating on her. That was so painful for the woman, that she started drinking. Aaron and her other kids tried to help her and save her from her addiction. After the death of her daughter Leslie in 2012, Jane started drinking harder. She appeared on the TV show “The Doctors” to get help with her problem.

As of now, Jane has managed to stop. She was a happy mother of 5 and grandmother of 5. In 2005 she re-married a man, named Greg Schneck.

Hopefully, she will cope with the death of her son Aaron. The whole world feels so sorry for her nowadays.

Aaron Carter siblings

Nick Carter (older brother)

Nick Carter brother Aaron Carter

Date of birth: January 28, 1980

He is, probably, the most successful of the Carter siblings. The popular singer, songwriter, dancer, and social media star, is also a father of three and a faithful husband to Lauren Kit.

Bobbie Carter (older sister)

Bobbie Carter sister Aaron Carter

Date of birth: January 12, 1982

She is Aaron’s older sister, whom you may know from “House of Carters”. She used to be a model and a troubled teenager, who was close to getting into jail several times. She was just 20 when she was accused of a double attack. She attacked 2 women on Halloween to protect her sister Angel. Both got drunk before.

In the family circle, Aaron’s sister is called BJ.

Bobbie was close with her brother Aaron. She used to work as a wardrobe mistress and makeup artist during her brother’s music tours.

Leslie Ashton (late older sister)

Leslie Ashton sister Aaron Carter

Date of birth: June 6, 1986

Date of death: January 31, 2012

“It’s so hard to see your baby in the coffin”, Aaron’s mother Jane told at “The Doctors” show. In 2012 the woman buried her daughter Leslie Barbara Carter-Ashton. The girl died at the age of 25 because of a drug overdose.

Leslie spent a short, but full of bright events life. She was an aspiring model, actress, and singer. In addition to “House of Carters”, where she appeared alongside her siblings, she also performed the song “Like Wow!”, which was included in Billboard Hot 100 list in 2001.

A year before her tragic death, Leslie moved to Toronto, Ontario with her husband Mike Ashton, an actor. On April 1, 2011, she welcomed her only daughter Alyssa Ashton.

Angel Conrad (twin sister)

Leslie Ashton late older sister Aaron Carter

Date of birth: December 7, 1987

Angel Conrad is Aaron’s twin sister. The woman loved her twin brother so much that she devoted a sweet and sad post to him following his tragic death.

On February 8, 2014, she married Caruso vice president Corey Conrad. On the 4th of January, 2019 they welcomed a daughter Harper Noelle Conrad.

Angel appeared on TV alongside her brothers and sister, but now she has completely forgotten about her career in the entertainment industry. She is an interior designer. The woman runs a self-titled interior designer firm in Los Angeles. She is very focused on family values as of now.

Ginger Lee Carter (older half-sister from the paternal side)

Ginger Lee Carter

Date of birth: January 1972

Aaron had the older half-sister Ginger from his father’s first marriage. She is not close to Carter siblings.

Taelyn Carter (younger stepsister from the paternal side)

Taelyn Carter younger stepsister from the paternal side Aaron Carter

Date of birth: 1998

Taelyn Carter is the daughter of Robert’s third wife Ginger Elrod. Previously, Ginger was born to Christopher Dobson. Previously, Taelyn had the surname “Dobson”, but later she changed it to “Carter”. Previously, she used to live in Mayville, NY. Nowadays, she resides with her mother and younger half-brother in Dalton, GA.

Kanden Carter (younger half-brother from the paternal side)

Kanden Carter younger half-brother from the paternal side Aaron Carter

Date of birth: June 7, 2005

The youngest son of Robert Carter, Kanden maintained warm relationships with his older half-siblings. He was closely knitted to Aaron. Kanden came into the limelight after his older brother Aaron posted their common pictures on Twitter.

Kanden used to study at Chautauqua Central School. Currently, he lives in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.


Aaron Charles Carter made his first breath on December 7, 1987, in Tampa, Florida. His parents, Jane and Robert Carter ran a home for the elderly. He was one of 5 kids in the family.

Following the steps of his older brother Nick Carter, former Backstreet Boys, Aaron started his career as a singer, rapper, and actor at school age. In 1994 the 7-year-old boy presented his first track “Crush on You”.

Aaron Carter family

The boy was just 9 years old when he released his eponymous debut album. The set of 13 songs was released at first in Europe and the year later was presented in the USA. The album had moderate success. It reached 17th place in the popular chart “US Top Heatseekers” and occupied 12th place in the UK musical chart. Anyway, that was an impressive result for a school pupil.

Having made a great start, Aaron continued in the same glorious manner. His second solo album “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” became 3 times platinum. He performed at the concerts of many bright music stars in the early 2000s, like Britney Spears, Liza Minnelli, Missy Elliott, etc.

In 2001 Aaron debuted as a TV actor. He was featured on one episode of Disney’s “Lizzie McGuire”. That very year he performed on the Broadway musical “Seussical”. Later he starred on another super popular kids’ channel Nickelodeon on its show “All That”.

The future seemed too bright and too successful for a teenager from a middle-class family. Like many teen stars, Aaron had lots of problems with his mental and physical health.

His problems started in 2002 when his parents started a lawsuit against his ex-music manager Lou Pearlman. The latter one was blamed for withholding thousands of dollars for Aaron’s debut album. The deal between Aaron’s parents and Pearlman was settled out of the court.

Aaron Carter bio

In 2006 Aaron the company “Trans-Continental” blamed Aaron for signing the music deal with them, being underage.

Lawsuits devastated Aaron. From that moment his extremely successful career began moving down. In 2006 he still enjoyed wide popularity, being part of the family reality show “House of Carters” on E! channel. His parents and siblings were also shown, as participants.

In 2009 Aaron took part in the “Dancing with the Stars” reality show. He performed alongside the ballroom dancing star Karina Smirnoff. Besides, he presented some new music on DWTS. But that modest success came to an end in 2013, when the musician filed for bankruptcy.

Later the star of the early 2000s disappeared from the radars. He was rumored to be drug-addicted. In 2019 Aaron confessed in one of his interviews, that he had bipolar disorder. Later he was featured on “The Doctors” show, where he was positively tested for opiates. After that Carter admitted, he needed help and went to rehab.

After that Carter joined periodic treatment with attempts to re-launch his career. He released the first in the last 16 years EP “LØVË”. In 2021 he welcomed his first kid – a son – with his girlfriend Melanie Martin.

In early November 2022, Aaron’s bright but hard life came to an end. He was found dead in the bathroom of his big house in Lancaster, California. Policemen called his death “weird”. They don’t exclude that the music star was killed.

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