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Aaron Judge biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Aaron James Judge


baseball outfielder, baseball player

Birth Date

April 26, 1992


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Linden, California, United States


Linden High School; California State University, Fresno



Aaron Judge family members

Father's Name

Wayne Judge (adoptive)

Mother's Name

Patty Judge (adoptive)

Siblings names

John Judge (older brother)

Is Aaron Judge a gay/bisexual?


What is Aaron Judge marital status?


Who are Aaron Judge parents?

Wayne Judge (father)

Wayne Judge

photo instagram.com/thejudge44

Date of birth: February 12, 1954

Wayne Allen Judge is Aaron’s father. Although they are not blood-related (Wayne and his wife Patty adopted the boy on the second day after his birth), they have warm father-son relationships.

Wayne was an educator. He taught his sons, John and Aaron, to be persistent and hard-working and to fulfill all their duties. Wayne worked as a physical training teacher. He retired in 2017.

 Patty Judge (mother)

Patty Judge

photo instagram.com/thejudge44

Date of birth: June 5, 1955

Patricia Ann Judge is Aaron’s mother. Like her husband, she graduated from Fresno University and served as a physical training teacher. Later she was appointed as a student activities director at Stockton Unified School. In 2015 she retired.

Patty is Aaron’s closest friend. The baseball star supposes that God united him with his adoptive mother and father. Every day he phones his parents.

The baseball outfielder learned that he was adopted when he was a primary school pupil. Then his school friends noticed that his parents and he doesn’t look alike. The boy came home and started to ask questions. Thus, Patty and Wayne told him the truth. Till now Aaron doesn’t know his biological parents, and he is not going to reunite with them.


Aaron Judge siblings

John Judge (older brother)

John Judge

photo instagram.com/thejudge44

Date of birth: December 27, 1985

John J. Judge is Aaron’s older brother. They have different blood in their genes, but that doesn’t prevent them from being two peas in a pod. John and Aaron are so close!

John is a teacher, like his parents. He used to teach English in Korea. Aaron is proud of his brother for what he does as an educator.


Aaron Judge is a sports star with extraordinary skills. The talented baseball outfielder started his career just several years ago, and as of 2020, he is playing at the highest level.

He was born in Sacramento by unknown parents, and the next day he was adopted by Wayne and Patty Judge. His adoptive parents worked as teachers in California. Aaron was the second boy, adopted by the couple. He has an older brother.

Mr. Judge spent the major part of his childhood in Linden, CA. He studied at a local school. In his early years, he was a big sports enthusiast. He played baseball, football, and basketball at school and his unique sports skills were obvious. But sports didn’t prevent him from getting a high-quality education. He had a B+ level at school, studied a lot and took part in a school government.

He was recruited by Fresno State, where both his parents studied. Although many colleges offered him a football scholarship, he chose to play baseball, because that was his main passion. In 2013 he was drafted by the Yankees but didn’t participate in this season because of a severe injury he got during one of his first drills. In 2014 Mr. Judge recovered and was signed by Charleston RiverDogs.

Having started to play in the Minor League, in 2016 he joined the New York Yankees again and debuted in the Major League. He has already played 4 seasons as part of this team and led it to many significant victories.


Interesting and fun facts

  1. Aaron is currently single. Previously, he dated a girl, named Samantha Bracksieck. They separated in 2017, and after that Aaron’s heart was caught by another woman, Jen Flaum, who had a degree in Psychology. But they parted their ways, too.
  2. He set a school record for touchdowns as a football player. Many colleges tried to get him for their football teams, including prestigious Notre Dame, Stanford, and UCLA. But Aaron didn’t like football as much as he liked baseball.
  3. In 2016 he wore a T-shirt with an unusual player’s number “99”. That number was given to him at the spring drill. Such big numbers usually are given to players, who are not expected to become the part of the regular team.
  4. He is superstitious.
  5. Aaron is a Christian. His faith is important to him. He believes that his love for baseball is not occasional, and that was given to him by God.
  6. Mr. Judge is different from the other football players by his size. He is 6 ft 7 in tall and his weight is 282 pounds. His mother Patty tells that he was very big as a child, too. He ate a lot as a baby – 4 ounces of formula per one time. Soon his mother started to prepare oatmeal for him.
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  • Erin Bloodworth says:

    I love you ##99 Aaron Judge Captain New York Yankees

  • nojudge says:

    sweet kid very family oriented plus a very talented athletic individual. His parents and brother have every right to be proud of him.

  • Willy Stargell says:

    Comment #6 – Yes, he is clearly different from other football players…as none of them play baseball like Aaron Judge does.

  • Dre says:

    Aaron is not single he married Samantha Bracksieck who is also his high school sweetheart! So please get that right! Also that’s Blake griffin you have pictured as his brother so that’s embarrassing. ??‍♀️?