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Adam Thielen biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Adam John Thielen


American football wide receiver, NFL player

Birth Date

August 22, 1990


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, United States


Detroit Lakes High School, The Minnesota State University



Adam Thielen family members

Father's Name

Pete Thielen

Mother's Name

Jayne Thielen

Siblings names

Amanda Thielen Welken (older sister), Angela Thielen Escalante (older sister)

Is Adam Thielen a gay/bisexual?


What is Adam Thielen marital status?


Who is Adam Thielen wife?

Caitlin Graboski Thielen

When did get married?

May 23, 2015

How many children does he have?

3 (sons Asher Thielen and Hudson Thielen and a daughter Cora Thielen)

Adam Thielen family

You may know Adam John Thielen as a talented NFL player. During 10 seasons he was the wide receiver for the American football team The Minnesota Vikings. Since March 2023 he has been playing for the Carolina Panthers. What do we know about the talented American football family? Let’s see!

Adam Thielen family members

Adam Thielen wife

Caitlin Graboski Thielen (wife)

Adam Thielen wife

Since 2015 Adam has been married to a very beautiful woman and talented athlete Caitlin Thielen. You can read about her family and herself in “Caitlin Thielen Family”. And now let’s look at their three beautiful kids.

Adam Thielen kids

Asher Thielen (son)

Asher Thielen son Adam Thielen

Date of birth: November 11, 2016

Asher John Thielen is the first son in the family of talented athletes Caitlin and Adam. That cute boy changed the life of the American football wide receiver. In one of his interviews, Adam told that it was important for him to be a good role model for his kid. He realized that fatherhood is an important value for him.

As of 2023, Asher is a primary school pupil. He moved with his parents from Minnesota to Charlotte, North Carolina after his father was signed by the Carolina Panthers. Currently, he enjoys the great Charlotte sunsets with his mom, dad, and siblings. He has already had baseball practice for the first time and demonstrated great coordination for a boy of his age. Probably, ash would become a sports star like his parents.

Hudson Thielen (son)

Hudson Thielen

Date of birth: January 7, 2019

Hudson James Thielen was born at the very beginning of the year 2019, having made Asher the big brother. His dad Adam devoted the newborn a sweet post, in which he congratulated his strong amazing wife on a cute healthy son’s arrival.

In 2023 Hudson is a preschool pupil. While his older brother studies at school, Hudson spends a great time with his mom near the pool. In his family circle, this boy is nicknamed Hudsonator.

Caitlin welcomed both her boys at Health Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, MN. Each time she had a natural birth, but with epidural anesthesia. In her blog, Caitlin advised all future moms, not to be afraid of the baby delivery process and used anesthesia if necessary as just a mother knows, what is better for her kids.

Cora Thielen (daughter)

Adam Thielen daughter

Adam Thielen daughter

Date of birth: June 21, 2021

Cora Jean Thielen is the only girl and the third kid and the only girl, the real joy for her daddy Adam. As Caitlin shared with her followers, she doesn’t plan to have other kids, so Cora is probably her last baby.

Under her doctor’s guidance, Caitlin received some medications, which stimulated earlier baby delivery as she wanted to have her daughter with Adam by her side. Soon after Cora’s coming into this world, he left for the training camp.

Caitlin had an easy delivery process with Cora but she felt a little lost when she returned home with the third kid in her hands. Fortunately, her parents helped her.

Adam’s wife is so happy to be a mom to this little girl. She dreams to have warm close relationships with her girl, just like her mom had.

Currently, she stays with Cora alone at home, while her boys are busy with their preschool and school lessons.

Like each daddy, Adam has a special connection with his little girl.

Who are Adam Thielen parents?

Pete Thielen (father)

Adam Thielen father

Date of birth: circa 1956

Adam is a happy person, as he enjoyed the endless support of his parents in his late teens when he decided to become an NFL player.

His father, Peter Ray Thielen, put lots of effort into his youngest son to fulfill his dream. He played football, baseball, and other sports games with Adam in the backyard of their house. He noticed, that Adam had great hands and could jump rather well. But the boy was not as strong and fast as his peers. No wonder, because Adam, whose birthday is in August, was the youngest in his class.

Later Pete told in his interview, that his decision to send him to school earlier than his peers, was good as it made Adam try harder to be as fast and strong as his classmates.

At first, Pete didn’t take his son’s intention to become a professional athlete. But when he saw Adam’s score at the end of his collegiate career in Mankato, he invited Adam for lunch. Pete asked his son if he was strong and fast enough for NFL. When Adam confirmed, he wanted to try knowing that he could lose, Pete paid for his son’s trip to Dallas to take part in the NFL draft.

Although Adam wasn’t drafted at that time, Pete supported his son. And soon Thielen Jr was signed by the Vikings. Pete boasted into tears when he saw his son on the court with the Vikings for the first time.

Adam’s father was born and raised in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in the family of Leonard and Estella Thielen. He attended the same school as his son did. After that, he continued his education at Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. For 30+ years he has been working for Foltz Buildings LLC.

Jayne Thielen (mother)

Adam Thielen mother

Date of birth: circa 1960

Adam’s mother always believed in her son’s dream to play for NFL. She used to tell in her interview, that Adam ‘always had a plan” and tried his best to keep to it.

She noticed his talent as an athlete when Adam played golf as a kid. Mrs. Thielen was responsible for the junior golf program at Detroit Lakes. Her son played so well, that even many adult players lost to him.

Adam Thielen mother photo

Of course, she felt happy for her son, when he was signed by the Vikings, his first professional team. But she was even happier when he tied the knot with Caitlin. Jayne calls her daughter-in-law “my girl”.

Jayne has resided in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota since her earliest years. She was educated at Sebeka High School. With her husband of many years Pete, she raised three kids.

Adam Thielen siblings

Amanda Thielen Welken (older sister)

Adam Thielen sister

Date of birth: March 1979

Adam was blessed with 2 older sisters. His oldest sister is named Amanda. She resides in Moorhead, MN with her husband and sons. Her husband’s name is Nick Welken. They got married on April 26, 2008 in Thumper Pond, MN. Nick is the son of Ken and Jan Welken. He comes from Moorhead. He works at Miller Insulation Company in Fargo, while Amanda was State Farm Insurance worker.

Amanda and Nick Welken, who is slightly her junior, are the parents of two boys. The older one is called Ethan and the younger one is Zander. Amanda’s sons are very athletic. Inspired by their uncle Adam, they practice baseball, tennis, and other kinds of sports activities.

Very often, Amanda, her husband, and the kids visited Adam’s games, when he was part of the Vikings. Amanda also endorses Adam’s charity projects through her Twitter page.

Angela Thielen Escalante (older sister)

Angela Thielen Escalante

Date of birth: December 28, 1983

Angela Thielen Escalante is Adam’s second oldest sister. She studied therapy at the University of North Dakota. Currently, she works at Barrow Neurological Institute as a hand therapist.

She is married to Luis Escalante, who is one year her older. He is an Arizona resident. With her husband, she moved to Phoenix, AZ. They parented two sons and a daughter. In 2016 Angie and Luis welcomed their first son, Lorenzo Anthony Escalante. Later they became parents of another boy, called Roman Alexander Escalante. In 2021 Luis and Angie parented a sweet baby girl.

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