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Alabama Barker biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Alabama Luella Barker


Tik Tok star, Instagram star, singer, actress

Birth Date

December 24, 2005


17 years

Zodiac Sign



Calabasas, California, United States



Alabama Barker family members

Father's Name

Travis Barker

Mother's Name

Shanna Moakler

Siblings names

Atiana De La Hoya (half-sister), Landon Barker (older brother)

Is Alabama Barker a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Alabama Barker marital status?


Who are Alabama Barker parents?

Travis Barker (father)

Travis Barker father Alabama Barker


Date of birth: November 14, 1975

Everyone, who knows Alabama, has already heard about her father, the well-known drummer, author, and entrepreneur. He was just 4 years old when he decided to become a drummer, being inspired by … an animal on the Muppet show. Although neither of his parents knew anything about drums, Travis was really into it. As a school pupil, he made the first step on his career pace, has become a member of the school band “Feeble”. They gained some popularity till their split. After that Travis became a member of “The Aquabats”. But he gained even wider recognition, playing the drums for “Blink-182”. He collaborated with some other bands, and having refined his natural talent, Travis felt ready for the solo project. He released his first studio album “Give the Drummer Some” in 2011.

Travis is the father of three– he has two biological children and a stepdaughter. He tells that his kids help him stay positive and supported him in 2008 when he was recovering from a terrible car crash. The year after that he lost one of his closest friends – Adam Goldstein, widely known as DJ AM. Adam died from an overdose. Barker shared his life story in his autobiography “Can I Say”, published in 2015.

Alabama loves her father and considers him the best dad in the world. She was touring with him since the age of 2 and decided to follow in his footsteps and to become a musician at an early age. But some of her followers criticize Travis for being a too indulgent parent. They say, he shouldn’t let his daughter dress and act so freely at such a young age. Mr. Barker doesn’t give any comments on the situation.

Shanna Moakler (mother)

Shanna Moakler


Date of birth: March 28, 1975

Alabama’s viewers never get tired to shower the girl with compliments about her stunning beauty. Surely, she inherited it from her mother, a model, and ex-Miss USA Shanna Moakler.

Shanna Lyn is the youngest of four children in the family of John W. Moakler III, a dentist, and Gail Moakler. After graduation from Barrington High School, she moved to New York and there she started the career as a model. She participated in beauty contests and won the titles “Miss New York”, “Vice Miss USA” and finally, “Miss USA”.

In 1997 she tried her hand as an actress and appeared in several movies and TV shows, like “‘Friends Till The End”, “The Wedding Singer”, “Joey” etc. She participated in reality shows, too. The most famous of them is “Meet the Barkers”, “Dancing With The Stars” etc.

Alabama’s mother is known for her high-profile romances as well. She had long-term relationships with Oscar De La Hoya, the boxer, and even had a daughter with him. She also dated the singer Billy Idol and the actor Dennis Quaid.

On October 30, 2004, she married Alabama’s father Travis Barker. They welcomed two common kids. They separated in 2006, and Shanna accused her husband is cheating her with Paris Hilton. Travis didn’t confirm his romance with the rich heiress of the Hilton hotel chain.

Alabama Barker siblings

Atiana Cecelia De La Hoya (half-sister from maternal side)

Atiana Cecelia De La Hoya


Date of birth: March 29, 1999

The only thing, which differs Atiana from her younger sister Alabama is the color of her hair. Her deep black hair she got from her biological father, a boxer Oscar De La Hoya, but her huge eyes and cheeky face is obviously “the gift” from her mom.

It’s hard to tell, whether Atiana is close with her biological father, but surely, she considers Travis, her stepfather, as one of the most important people in her life. She told about it through Instagram on Father’s Day.

Atiana was just 7 years old when she became a star of the family reality series “Meet the Barkers”. She grew up in front of the cameras and then she was not so happy about it. But nowadays she likes to watch the younger version of herself and recollect in her mind her early days.

At the age of 19 Atiana was discovered as an artist. Her artworks are quite unusual, but obviously, they deserve public attention and improvement. She sells her pictures through Instagram. Besides, Alabama’s sister is making a career as a model.

The girls spend a lot of time together and share a close bond.

Landon Barker (older brother)

Date of birth: October 9, 2003

Alabama’s only full sibling and her real friend is a younger brother Landon. The boy’s face became famous in 2006 when he was just 2 years old. With the other members of his family, he acted on the popular series “Meet the Barkers”.

Just like his father and younger sister, Landon is in love with music. He is the founder of the band “OTG Landon”. As a part of the band, the teenager has already released several music videos, including “Don’t Need Her” and “Holiday”.

He shares his life energy and great music taste through his YouTube channel and Tik Tok account. Besides, his fans watch his life events on Instagram.


Alabama Luella Barker is just a kid, but she has already gathered an extensive resume as a social media personality, so we should make her a heroine of our story.

Her way to the show business was not long, because she appeared on the small screen immediately after she had entered this world. The daughter of a musician and a model, she featured on the MTV family show “Meet the Barkers” as an infant. She didn’t become the star of this program, because it was closed soon after her birth. But that was only the beginning.

Barker started to sing and act at a very early age. She went on music tours with her father since she was 2 and always felt that music was in her genes. But she gained initial popularity as an Instagram and YouTube star.

Alabama launched her Instagram account in 2012 and immediately gained a large fan base. Probably, she became famous so fast because of her father’s music. Her dad’s fans paid attention to little Alabama, and her account went viral immediately. The fact that she posted pictures with celebrities also mattered. Due to her parents’ connections, she could take a picture with Taylor Swift at Grammy’s, watch Zendaya during the talk show and see Selena Gomez during her rehearsal. No need to say, that it helped Alabama to become an Instagram star. As of 2021, she boasts 381k+ subscribers.

In 2016 Ms. Barker’s fame became even wider. She launched her YouTube channel. She posted makeup and Q&A videos. Besides, she used that platform to establish herself as a rising music star. She presented several covers, which were very well received by her viewers. Thus, her cover on Bruno Mars‘s song “When I Was Your Man” gained 539k views.

To her social media fame, Alabama added some kudos as a Tik Tok star. Her account on that platform is watched by 955k people.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She can speak three languages, but she is fluent just in English. She knows just a few words from the other two. Among her other skills, she can play the piano and the drums just a little bit.
  2. She is inspired by her friends and Beyonce.
  3. Alabama is keen on beautiful clothes. Her favorite brands are Forever 21, H&M, and Narciso.
  4. She likes going on tours with her dad. When her father is on tour, they do lots of interesting things together – they go on various shows, visit their distant relatives in the cities, where they come with concerts. Besides, Alabama likes to get nails and false eyelashes done in those places, where they come.
  5. In the future, she dreams to become a model, a singer, and a mother.
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