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Alexey Navalny biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Alexey Anatolievich Navalny


YouTube star, politician

Birth Date

June 4, 1976


47 years

Zodiac Sign



Butyn, Odintsovo, Moscow Region, Russia


Alabinsk high school, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia



Alexey Navalny family members

Father's Name

Anatoly Navalny

Mother's Name

Lyudmila Navalnaya

Siblings names

Oleg Navalny (younger brother)

Is Alexey Navalny a gay/bisexual?


What is Alexey Navalny marital status?


Who is Alexey Navalny wife?

Yulia Abrosimova-Navalnaya

When did get married?

August 26, 2000

How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Daria and son Zakhar)

Alexey Navalny became internationally popular in August 2020, when he was poisoned by an unknown substance, later studied in three independent laboratories, and classified as a military chemical weapon. After four months of treatment in a German clinic, he made a strong decision to return to his homeland, although he knew in advance he could be imprisoned for a long term.

Alexey Navalny wife

Yulia Navalnaya (wife)

Alexey Navalny wife


Date of birth: July 24, 1976

The first lady of opposition, the Russian Michelle Obama, and simply “the tall and fair-haired Yulia” Mrs. Navalnaya is called by Alexey’s followers. You may love Mr. Navalny or hate him, but in any case, you will admire her – the main woman in his life, his muse, the biggest fan, and greatest supporter. No doubt, Yulia has coped with many difficulties, caused by her husband’s activity, and she is still doing it, after the unfair arrest of her husband. But she never stops telling in each her interview, that she shares his ideas and likes what he is doing and never wants him to stop.

Her maiden name is Yulia Borisovna Abrosimova. She was born and raised in Moscow, finished one of the local schools, and then studied International Relationships at Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics. Her mother worked in the Ministry of Light Industry and her father was the research center employee. She was a pupil of the fifth grade when her parents divorced. After that, her mother re-married a man, who worked as a minister at USSR State Planning Committee. Her biological father died when Yulia was just 18 years old.

In 1998 Ms. Abrosimova had a vacation in Turkey. There she met her peer Alexey Navalny. Their holiday romance continued in Moscow, and two years later the couple got married. Yulia worked in a bank for a while, and then she helped her husband’s parents with their business. After the birth of her second child, she became a stay-at-home mother.

Alexey Navalny kids

Daria Navalnaya (daughter)

Daria Navalnaya  daughter Alexey Navalny

Daria-Navalnaya photo

Date of birth: September 6, 2001

Alexey Navalny seems to be a doting and caring father. Very often he posts pictures of his daughter on Instagram and never gets tired to tell, that he loves her.

Daria (Dasha) is the first child in the family of Yulia and Alexey. She was raised in Moscow and studied at a prestigious educational institution – Leonid Milgram gymnasium. On Twitter, Dasha thanked her father for his choice of school for her.

After graduation from the gymnasium, she became a student at Stanford University. In his interview Alexey told, that his daughter entered this super prestigious university by herself, having passed all the exams well. He doesn’t pay for her education there, just for her accommodation and food and it costs him $22k per year.

Dasha is sure, that her father’s imprisonment in February 2021 won’t last for long. She told in one of her Instagram posts, that she believes, everything will be ok with her dad.

By the way, Ms. Navalnaya has a YouTube channel, too. It is called “Dasha Navalnaya” and boasts 64k subscribers.

Zakhar Navalny (son)

Zakhar Navalny


Date of birth: March 26, 2008

Zakhar is an ordinary school pupil from Russia. He is not a famous blogger or child star, but his life can hardly be called calm and too private. The reason is his famous father, whose activity attracts lots of public attention to the boy.

He studied in the same gymnasium as his sister did, but moved to Germany in September 2020, following his mother and father. As you remember, Alexey spent four months in the German clinic. They say, the boy remained in Germany and didn’t come back with his parents to Russia. He still stays in that country.

Who are Alexey Navalny parents?

Anatoly Navalny (father)

Anatoly Navalny father Alexey Navalny


Date of birth: January 28, 1947

Anatoly Ivanovich Navalny, Alexey’s father, is a non-public person. He was born in Ukraine, in the sadly known Chernobyl region. He studied at Kyiv military school. After graduation from there, he was sent for military service to Moscow. There he met his future wife Lyudmila and fell in love with her. They tied a knot in 1975 and parented two boys. He retired from the army as a lieutenant colonel. After that he launched his own business – he opened the basket weaving factory with his wife. The family business was quite successful.

Lyudmila Navalnaya (mother)

Date of birth: April 4, 1954

Lyudmila Ivanovna Navalnaya is Alexey’s mother. Her face became famous in 2013 when she appeared in the court, where her son was accused of fraud by the famous cosmetics company “Yves Rocher”. She is not present on social media but has already given several public interviews.

Mrs. Navalnaya entered this world in the small town of Zelenograd (Moscow region). She studied at the Moscow Institute of Management. After graduation, she worked as an economist. Lyudmila changed four cities, following her husband, a military man, who had to move very often because of his service. After his retirement, they both founded a basket weaving factory.

Lyudmila believes that one day her son will become the President of Russia.

Alexey Navalny siblings

Oleg Navalny (younger brother)

Oleg Navalny


Date of birth: April 9, 1983

Alexey has just one sibling – Oleg Navalny. The age difference between them is 7 years, that’s why they spent time in different companies – both with their peers. Nevertheless, the brothers were very close.

Oleg has never been interested in politics, but he participated in several rallies – he wanted to struggle for his human rights. The man worked as a logistician and an entrepreneur. He used to work at the company “Post of Russia” before his imprisonment in 2014. Oleg and his brother Alexey were accused by the Yves Rocher Vostok director Bruno Leproux of causing financial loss to the company. Several years before it Leproux signed the deal with Glavpodpiska, the transport company, founded by the Navalny brothers. Then Bruno accused the brothers in overpricing their services. The judge sentenced Oleg to three years of prison. After releasing from prison Oleg opened the prison tattoo exhibition and published a book on the same topic.

As for his personal life, Oleg is married to a woman, named Victoria. They have two sons – Ostap and Stepan.


The future Vladimir Putin’s enemy was born in the village of Butyn, Odintsovo, Moscow region. There his father, a military man, was sent for service. Alexey’s family was not rich, but happy. In his early years, he changed 4 cities – because of his father’s military service. He studied well at school, loved mathematics and other sciences. In his free time, he listened to music. Navalny watched music programs on TV, which were often preceded by political ones. Thus, by occasion, Alexey often became a spectator of political programs, too. At that time that he began to form his position as a politician.

After graduating from the Alabinsk high school, Navalny entered the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, where he studied law. After graduation, he continued his education at the financial academy. Alexey also studied at Yale World Fellows for a year.

For a long time, Alexey’s activities did not attract public attention. He worked as a lawyer, a top manager at the post office, and was also a member of “Yabloko” (“Apple”), the well-known party in Russia. In 2007, Navalny was expelled from the party. As it was announced officially, he was expelled due to his radical nationalist viewpoints, which spoiled the party’s image. However, the informal reasons for his expulsion were defined as his disagreement with Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Alexey did not give up. In 2011, he founded the Anti-Corruption Foundation, which goal was to fight bribery, theft, and other examples of fraud in Russia. For many years, the foundation conducted high-profile investigations. Alexey and other members of his team shot interesting films, based on the investigations, which were immediately uploaded on YouTube. Some of them have got millions of views. On the screen, Alexey denounced the most famous Russian officials – former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, famous film director Tigran Keosayan, journalist Nailya Asker-Zade, who is the mistress of the close to Putin banker Kostin, and many others. Of course, Alexey Navalny’s investigations led to dissatisfaction among many powerful people in Russia. In August 2020, the politician was poisoned and nearly died on the plane board while he was flying from Tomsk to Moscow. After a long treatment in Germany, Alexey returned to Russia, where he was immediately arrested and sentenced to 2 years and 8 months of prison. His arrest sparked widespread protests in Russia and around the world.

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