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Amanda Salinas biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Amanda Michelle Salinas Castillo


reality TV star

Birth Date

April 18, 1993


30 years

Zodiac Sign



Texas, United States



Amanda Salinas family members

Father's Name

Oscar Salinas

Mother's Name

Janie Salinas

Siblings names

Andrea Salinas (twin sister), Amy Montez (older sister), Oscar Salinas Jr (older brother)

Is Amanda Salinas a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Amanda Salinas marital status?


Who is Amanda Salinas husband?

Jordan Castillo

When did get married?

August, 2018

Amanda Salinas husband

Jordan Castillo (husband since 2018)

Jordan Castillo

photo instagram / amanda.twin

Jordan Castillo is celebrated as a husband of a reality TV star Amanda Salinas. His face is known to every fan of “Little Women: Atlanta” show due to his regular appearances. He lived with Amanda in the house of sister and her loved one Chris in the first season of the show. Later the couple rented the apartment of their own.

In spite of occasional misunderstanding between the couple, in general Jordan is a person with a big heart and he loves Amanda desperately.

They met at the club, got engaged in summer 2017 and finally tied a knot in August, 2018. The couple seems really happy as for now.

Who are Amanda Salinas parents?

Oscar Salinas (father)

 Amanda Salinas father

photo instagram / amanda.twin

Date of birth: April 11, 1962

Date of death: October 5, 2022

He was known to viewers of “Little Women: Atlanta”, too. As for now, the man seems to be a great father and grandfather, who adopted his grandson André, diagnosed with dwarfism. But previously he was a heavy drinker, who spoiled his kids’ childhood with his addiction.

As Amanda told in her interview, she wasn’t happy as a kid and even dreamed that one day her parents would divorce. But her life changed for the better in 2002, when Oscar was arrested for driving under influence and was sent to rehab.

Later he stayed sober and cared about his wife Janie, twin daughters Andrea and Amanda, who suffered from dwarfism, and his two other kids – a son and a daughter – who were of average size.

Amanda Salinas father

In October 2022 Oscar passed away. The reason for his death was pulmonary fibrosis. his daughter Amanda asked her fans to pray for her dad in September 2022. At that time he had already been in a very bad condition. His daughter Amanda devoted a touching post to him after his departure. She confessed, that life without her dad never would be the same.

Oscar died at the age of 60 at Baylor University Medical Center. Till now he is missed by Amanda and her family members as he was an optimistic kind person, who cared about others and really loved his life. The list of his hobbies was almost endless and included carpet, riding a motorbike, fishing, etc.

He was born in the family of Fidencio Salinas and Juanita Rivera. He had 4 brothers, who had passed away before Oscar’s death. He also had 7 sisters, which conducted him to his last journey.

Oscar’s wife, kids, and grandkids keep him in their hearts.

Janie Salinas (mother)

Amanda Salinas mother

photo instagram / amanda.twin

Date of birth: September 1963

The mother of 4 and wife of Oscar Salinas, she devotes all her life to her family. She was a good mother to her twin girls, who had a “special” look, and now she brings up her grandson André, who is also diagnosed with dwarfism.

Janie Salinas

Her full name is San Juanita Salinas. She comes from San Juan, Texas. Janie studied at the University Of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences. She used to work at Garland Independent School District as a special education teacher. During 43 years she was a great wife to Oscar Salinas (till his death). They parented 4 kids, 2 of which had dwarfism. Besides, Janie is a grandmother to 7 grandchildren.

Amanda Salinas siblings

Andrea Salinas (twin sister)

amanda and andrea salinas

photo instagram / drea.twin

Date of birth: April 18, 1993

Andrea is Amanda’s twin sister, who is just a couple of minutes younger. The girls were born with dwarfism, although during their mother’s pregnancy, nobody could predict such a disorder.

In general, Andrea and Amanda are good friends. They grew up together, and both started careers at a club party stage in their hometown in Texas. Both moved to Atlanta for more opportunities in their area. They performed under the stage moniker “The Tiny Twins”. Both gained international popularity as stars of the reality show “Little Women: Atlanta”, launched in 2016.

Andrea and Amanda had an altercation because of Andrea’s boyfriend Chris, whom Amanda considers unreliable. But they reconciled after Andrea became a mother. Amanda is like a second mom to her sister’s kids with Chris Fernandez. Andrea has three of them – André (5-year-old son), Aubrey (2-year-old daughter), and Anaya (1-year-old daughter). All the kids have dwarfism.

Amy Montez (older sister)

Amanda Salinas sister

Date of birth: May 1982

Amanda has an older sister, named Amy Salinas. She is married to Justin Montez. They reside in Royse City, TX. They parented 2 children, Anthony Montez and Alyssa Montez.

Oscar Salinas Jr (older brother)

Amanda Salinas

Date of birth: May 1987

Amanda also has a handsome big brother. His name is Oscar Salinas, Jr. The man resides in Balch Springs, Texas. He is single as of 2023. In 2016 he became a father to a pretty daughter, named Isla Salinas.

He is a University of North Texas graduate. He studied Entrepreneurship there. For many years he used to work in restoration and remodeling areas. In 2022 he graduated from Dallas College.

Amanda Salinas siblings


Everyone knows, that there must be more cushion for the pushing, but that’s not necessarily true, if we speak about a beautiful woman. Miniature ladies from reality TV show “Little Women: Atlanta” are not just the beauties, but also successful actresses. Amanda Salinas is one of them.

She entered this world in Texas, USA and at first the world wasn’t kind to her. The daughter of Oscar and Janie Salinas, she was diagnosed with achondroplasia dwarfism, just like her twin sister Andrea.

In spite of their health disorder, both girls didn’t fall in despair and started career of club dancers. Having gained initial success on the stage of their local club, they moved to Atlanta to pursue their career. In that city they performed as a duo “The Tiny Twins” and were noticed by TV producers and invited to the show “Little Women: Atlanta”, which made them popular.

Now Amanda is a famous TV star with a large fan base. Her viewers support her and admire her inner strength. She is married to her long-term partner Jordan Castillo. The woman plans to quit career of a club dancer and wants to become a club promoter.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Her height is 3 ft 11 in.
  2. She caused some controversy when she left her fiancé in the restaurant on their 2nd anniversary when he didn’t propose to her as she expected.
  3. She was an intern in the nail shop.
  4. Her husband and she are pet lovers. They own two French bulldogs – Bella and Asia. She calls herself “their mom”.
  5. She is a big fan of lash extension.
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