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Amandla Stenberg biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Amandla Stenberg



Birth Date

October 23, 1998


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


Wildwood School



Amandla Stenberg family members

Father's Name

Tom Stenberg

Mother's Name

Karen Brailsford

Siblings names

2 older half-sisters from paternal side: Angela Myree Stenberg and Elise Stenberg

Is Amandla Stenberg a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Amandla Stenberg marital status?


Who are Amandla Stenberg parents?

Tom Stenberg (father)

Tom Stenberg father Amandla Stenberg


Date of birth: July 25, 1952

The person, who co-parents the movie star Amandla Stenberg, her best friend, and father, is named Tom Haumand Stenberg. He is Danish and was born in Greenland, Denmark. 

Previously to Amandla’s mother, Tom was married twice. He has two daughters with each of these wives, and they both are the actress’s older sisters.

Mr. Stenberg is a big fan of music. He taught Amandla to love music, too. He showed his daughter, how to play the guitar when she was in the kindergarten age. 

He is a businessman; he worked hard to provide his daughter Amandla with everything they needed. Tom’s latest place of work is at Staples INC. He served as the branch manager there. 

Karen Brailsford (mother)

Karen Brailsford mother Amandla Stenberg


Date of birth: October 26, 1964

Amandla was blessed with a beautiful and talented mother. Of course, Mrs. Brailsford played a key role in the formation of Amandla’s personality and the development of her taste and spirit. 

Karen is of Afro-American ethnicity. Her full name is Karen Valencia Brailsford. She used to be a smart pupil at the Brearley School, and later it allowed her to enter Yale University after graduation.

During many years she served as a writer and editor. Karen worked for reputable internationally popular issues, such as “Elle”, “People Magazine” etc.

Of course, like any other human being, she got questions about life and was looking for answers. That inspired her to create the spiritual organization “SpiritKnit”.

As you see, Karen’s life is full and very active; still, she spends a lot of time with her gifted daughter Amandla, who has already become the favorite actress for many teenagers all over the world. 

Amandla Stenberg siblings

Angela Myree Stenberg (older half-sister)

Angela Myree Stenberg sister Amandla Stenberg


Angela is Amandla’s older half-sibling, or “the big sister”, as the actress calls her on social media. Angie is the oldest daughter of Tom Stenberg. The name of her mother is not publicized.

Mrs. Stenberg is a widow. Her husband and father of her kids, Rashod Booker, an entrepreneur from LA, tragically passed away in March 2019. With him, Angela parented two sons and two daughters.

Amandla has cordial terms with her older sister. She supports her and helps her.  

Elise Stenberg (half-sister)

Elise Stenberg  sister Amandla Stenberg


Date of birth: September 20, 1990

The other paternal half-sister of the famous actress is named Elise Stenberg. She is the daughter of Tom Stenberg and his second wife Fuchsia Midgarden. Elise is a psychologist. She studied psychology and family relationships at the University of Southern California. Currently, she lives in Sherman Oaks, California with her husband and son. 

Elise and Amandla have warm sister-sister relationships. Of course, Elise is proud of her talented sibling and posts the news about Amandla’s projects on her social media accounts from time to time. 


When you watch the actress Amandla Stenberg on the screen or read any of her witty interviews, you immediately understand, that nothing is occasional in this world and such a beautiful smart girl has come here with a certain purpose.

The movie star, singer, activist and teen icon, Amandla Stenberg was born in Los Angeles, CA in the multi-racial family. Her father is Danish, while her mother has African-American roots.

Her mother knows the Zulu language pretty well, that’s why she gave her daughter such an unusual name – Amandla, which means “power” in this language. 

Since her earliest years, Ms. Stenberg was a very gifted girl. Her parents put lots of effort to help her realize her dreams. Her father taught her to play the guitar and encouraged her to visit music classes. Besides the guitar, Amandla studied the violin play, too. But her main passion was acting.

Stenberg debuted on the screen in 2002. Previously to it, she appeared in several commercials, including McDonalds and Kmart retailer ads, etc. Amandla debuted in the film “Colombiana”. There she portrayed the young version of Zoe Saldana heroine. 

Her big break occurred in her life immediately after the release of the film “The Hunger Games”. The story about the Fictional nation of Panem and its citizens, based on the books of Suzanne Collins, became the international hit and propelled careers of young actors Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. And of course, the small actress Amandla has also become recognizable.

Since then she has played many bright roles in such projects as “Everything, Everything”, “The Darkest Minds” etc.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Amandla is single as of now. Previously, she dated the aspiring actor and musician Jaden Smith, the son of the movie star Will Smith and the brother of Willow Smith. But after their separation, she announced herself at first as bisexual and then as a gay. In 2016-2019 she was in relationships with Mikaela Straus, known by the stage name King Princess.
  2. The actress is widely known as a social activist, too. She was the ambassador of the non-profit company “No Kid Hungry”. Besides, her Instagram page is full of posts and callings to actions. She deals with social injustice, racial discrimination, etc. In 2015 she made a video for her history class, where she told about the connection of the African-American type of hair and the culture of this ethnic group.
  3. Japanese candy is her favorite type of dessert.
  4. In 2015 she was called “The Feminist of the Year” by Ms. Foundation for Women.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 3 in and her weight is 123 pounds.
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