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Amy Schumer biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Amy Beth Schumer


comedian, actress, writer

Birth Date

June 1, 1981


42 years

Zodiac Sign



Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States


South Side High School, Towson University, William Esper Studio



Amy Schumer family members

Father's Name

Gordon Schumer

Mother's Name

Sandra Schumer

Siblings names

Jason Stein (older brother), Kimberly Caramele (younger sister)

Is Amy Schumer a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Amy Schumer marital status?


Who is Amy Schumer husband?

Chris Fischer

When did get married?

February 13, 2018

How many children does she have?

1 (son Gene Fischer)

Amy Schumer husband

Chris Fischer (husband)

Chris Fischer photo

Date of birth: circa 1985

Amy Schumer doesn’t like to speak about her husband Chris Fischer. It’s hard to tell when they started dating because both keep silent about it. Amy confessed once that she met her future husband through his sister, who had worked as Amy’s assistant. They stepped out as a couple at Ellen DeGeneres jubilee for the first time in 2018. On February 13 that very year they exchanged the vows. Amy’s fans were incredibly happy for her because she made a great choice!

Her husband Chris is a popular chef, farmer, and educator. He is the son of late Jean Wallace and Albert Fischer. Chris’s parents divorced when he was a little boy. His father remarried a woman named Linda. They parented two girls – Lydia and Molly, one of which later became Amy’s assistant. Chris also has a brother, named Andrew. He is a photographer.

Since 1961 Mr. Fischer is Martha’s Vineyard’s resident. He earns his living as a farmer, chef, and teacher. The man worked at Boston University Metropolitan College.

Chris and his wife Amy form a great couple, who live and work together. In 2020 they presented the culinary show “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook”, which consisted of 8 episodes. Their son Gene also appeared in the series.

Amy Schumer kids

Gene Fischer (son)

Chris Fischer photo

Date of birth: May 5, 2019

Amy became a mother for the first time on May 5, 2019. She jokingly compared herself to Meghan Markle and her husband Chris – to Prince Harry, because their couples became parents almost simultaneously.

The comedian announced that she named her son Gene Attell Fischer (she took the middle name from David Attell, her favorite stand-up performer. Later her husband and she decided to change the middle name for “David” as they associated the words “Gene Attell” with genital.

Who are Amy Schumer parents?

Gordon Schumer (father)

Gordon Schumer father Amy Schumer


Date of birth: circa 1951

Gordon David Schumer is Amy’s beloved father. In her customary manner, she joked about him on Instagram, that he is bankrupt and degenerate, but she loves him to the moon and back.

Gordon is a grandson of Estelle Schumer, who owned the liquor shop in New York. He was a successful businessman – the man owned a furniture manufacturing company. He was married to Sandra Jones, Amy’s mother, for years. But they separated when the future comedy star was still a kid. Gordon lost his company and ruined his health. He has multiple sclerosis, and he struggles with it till now. Amy likes her dad’s strength, but it’s so painful for her to see him in his worse days. But sometimes it happens that he feels better, and they communicate a lot at that moment. Gordon lives in the nursing home.

Sandra Schumer (mother)

Sandra Schumer photo

Date of birth: circa 1949

Amy Schumer’s relationships with her mother can be called changeable. They had lots of ups and downs, but in one of her interviews, Amy told that her attitude towards her mother became warmer after she had welcomed a son Gene.

Sandra Schumer is the daughter of Betty and Kenneth Jones.  For many years she had been married to an entrepreneur Gordon Schumer. Amy was just 12 (some sources say, she was 13) when her mother filed for divorce. The reason was quite wide-spread – Sandra met a new love. That was the father of Amy’s friend, named Lou. Trainwreck actress took it pretty hard then.

Mrs. Schumer earned her living as a deaf kids’ teacher. She is a mother of three – except for Amy, she has a son Jason and a daughter Kim.

Amy Schumer siblings

Jason Stein (older brother)

Jason Stein photo

Amy has an older brother, named Jason Stein. Probably, he is not her full sibling, they share a common mother and different dads (although this info is not confirmed).

Jason lives in Chicago Illinois with his wife Cayce Dumont and their daughter.

Mr. Stein is a University of Michigan graduate. He is a jazz musician. The man is playing the bass clarinet.

Kimberly Caramele (younger sister)

Kimberly Caramele sister Amy Schumer


Date of birth: circa 1985

Amy shares a close bond with her younger sister Kimberly Caramele. She is a writer and producer. Kim graduated from South Side High School. She studied psychology at Pace University. She used to work as a school psychologist but left her job to help her sister with a show “Inside Amy Schumer”. She did a writing job.

Kim is married to a teacher Vinny Caramele. They own several dogs.


The pretty blonde Amy Beth Schumer is becoming one of the brightest comics in the world. She has already acted on several hit comedies, such as “Inside Amy Schumer”, “Trainwreck” (which was able to gross $140 million), “I Feel Pretty” (where she collaborated on the set with popular models Emily Ratajkowski and Naomi Campbell) and others.

Amy was born in Manhattan, New York, the USA in the family of Gordon and Sandra Schumer. She has a sister and a half-brother.

The girl’s parents divorced when she was just 12. She moved to Long Island with her mother after that. Amy graduated from South Side High School. At school, she understood that she could make other people laugh. That’s why she decided to become an entertainer and entered Towson University to study theater. In 2003 she graduated from college and started her career. Amy relocated to New York and found a job in Off-off-Broadway theater. One of her first roles was in the comedy play “Keeping Abreast”, which was not an easy one. She had to depict a woman with breast cancer. Having made a great start, Amy appeared on the contest show “Last Comic Standing”, which made her widely popular.

Nowadays, the stand-up comedian and actress have a long list of achievements – she released three comedy albums, appeared in eight big-screen projects, and starred in more than thirty TV shows. The most popular of them is the comedy series “Inside Amy Schumer”, the romantic comedy “Trainwreck” and the biopic war film “Thank You for Your Service”.

Amy joins her active career with calm family life – she is a mother of a small son and a happy wife of the TV chef Chris Fischer.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Amy Schumer always made people laugh. She arranged her first public performance as a stand-up comedian at the bat mitzvah. The girl didn’t read the Torah and started singing instead of it. After that, the audience burst into laughter, and she was covered with the first wave of fame.
  2. Mrs. Schumer never gets tired to tell that she is very happy in her personal life. Her husband Chris Fischer is the best guy in her life (as she tells). But previously she was in love with other great men. Among her former partners, there is the wrestler Dolph Ziggler, the furniture designer Ben Hanisch, and some others.
  3. The Snatched actress leads a very healthy way of life. She drinks fresh juice every morning, doesn’t take any caffeine, and practices meditation.
  4. Her height is 5 ft 7 in and her weight is 163 pounds.
  5. Her net worth is estimated at $25 million.
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