Anwar Hadid

Anwar Hadid biography
photo instagram / anwarhadid
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Anwar Hadid



Birth Date

June 22, 1999


22 years

Zodiac Sign



Malibu, California, United States


Malibu High School; Westmark School



Anwar Hadid family members

Father's Name

Mohamed Hadid

Mother's Name

Yolanda Foster-Hadid

Siblings names

Gigi Hadid (older sister), Bella Hadid (older sister), Alana Hadid (older half-sister), Marielle Hadid (older half-sister)

Is Anwar Hadid a gay/bisexual?


What is Anwar Hadid marital status?


In June 2016 Anwar debuted at a catwalk as a model of Moschino (which was visited by many celebs, including Cindy Crawford, her daughter Kaia Gerber, Caitlyn Jenner etc). Since then it became obvious, that he is not just Gigi Hadid younger brother, but also a newborn fashion star.

Anwar Hadid family

photo instagram / anwarhadid

Anwar is a family man, he often posts pics of his mother and sisters on Instagram. In his interview to Nylon magazine in 2015, the young man told, that he feels great in the company of girls because he was raised by a single mother alongside two older sisters. Anwar is thankful to his mom Yolanda Foster for his great upbringing. She taught him to be respectful and benevolent to other people and instilled good manners in him. You can read about Anwar Hadid’s family (his father, mother, sisters, and half-sisters) in the writing pieces “Gigi Hadid” and “Bella Hadid”. And now let’s speak about this great young man.

Anwar Hadid wife

Sonia Ben Ammar (girlfriend since 2018)

Anwar Hadid girlfriend

photo instagram / soniabenammar5

Date of birth: February 19, 1999

People learnt about Anwar and Sonia Ben Ammar’s relationships in June 2018, when both were spotted kissing at one of the parties. They were an item during long two months, but then rumors about their love affair started to die down. Some sources reported about their separation, but neither Sonia nor Anwar confirmed that info, so officially they are still a couple.

We should tell that the young man has made a great choice – Sonia is a young talented girl from a famous family. She is an aspiring model and singer from France.

By the way, Mr. Hadid is known by his love affairs with celebrities. Previously he was kissing with Kendall Jenner (which produced affair rumors), dated for a year an actress Nicola Peltz and had a fling with a socialite Sofia Richie.


Anwar Hadid bio

photo instagram / anwarhadid

Anwar Hadid is the youngest child and the only son of a real estate magnate Mohamed Hadid and of a model and reality show actress Yolanda Foster. The boy’s parents separated when he was still a toddler, and from that moment he resided with his mother and sisters. Nevertheless, his father remained an inseparable part of his life.

The boy grew up in a big family mansion in Malibu and attended a prestigious school there. In his teens, he debuted as a photo model and took part in his first photo session – for Teen Vogue. Later he appeared in some other popular issues – like Nylon magazine and L’Uomo Vogue.

In 2016 he was signed with IMG Models (his older sisters chose the same agency) and debuted at a catwalk at Moschino fashion show.

Nowadays he can boast with a number of achievements in the fashion industry. In 2017 he was chosen as the face of a prestigious brand Hugo Boss. The young man presents Menswear line. In addition, he modeled for one of the most prestigious brands in the world Zadig & Voltaire during the fashion week in New York.

In his interview, Anwar told that his sisters helped him and shared their experience at the initial stages of his career in the fashion industry. For example, Gigi told him to look directly at the camera, while Bella advised having fun during the photo shoots to look relaxed on photos.

Interesting and fun facts

Anwar Hadid bio

photo instagram / anwarhadid

  1. Anwar is a big fan of jewelry. His fingers are always decorated with lots of rings. But pieces of jewelry are not the only things, which decorate his hands. The young man has lots of tattoos, too. A butterfly, a female portrait, a heart, and many other things are tattooed on his body.
  2. Like his mother and older sister Bella, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This infection usually hurts a human body after the bite of the tick. His mother Yolanda dreams to find the remedy from this illness one day. For her enthusiasm and wish to help other people with a similar disease she got an award at Global Lyme Alliance Gala.
  3. In one of his interviews, he told, that he had lots of friends in the fashion industry, which shared their experience with him and expressed their opinion on his work honestly. “We are friends, we are not rivals”, the young man tells. Among his closest friends, there are a model Lucky Blue Smith and an actor Jaden Smith (Willow Smith brother).
  4. The aspiring fashion star has already made a number of TV appearances.  He starred in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alongside his mother and sisters. In addition, he was a guest at Entertainment Tonight show in 2015.
  5. His height is 6 ft 1 in and his weight is 159 pounds.
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