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Aspyn Ovard biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Aspyn Ovard


YouTube star, Instagram star

Birth Date

April 15, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Saint George, Utah, United States


high school



Aspyn Ovard family members

Father's Name

Casey Ovard

Mother's Name

Sascha Ovard Draper

Siblings names

Trey Ovard (younger brother), Avrey Ovard (younger sister), Tavyn Ovard (younger brother)

Is Aspyn Ovard a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Aspyn Ovard marital status?


Who is Aspyn Ovard husband?

Parker Ferris

When did get married?

October 23, 2015

How many children does she have?

1 (daughter Cove Ferris)

Aspyn Ovard husband

Parker Ferris (husband)

Parker Ferris


Date of birth: June 7, 1995

Aspyn Ovard met her future husband while she was in high school. They met through their common friends. In 2013 Parker started his self-titled channel on YouTube, where he shared some personal data about himself. He comes from Herriman, UT. His middle name is Johnson, so his friends joke, that his name consists of three surnames – Parker, Johnson, and Ferris. He grew up in a happy friendly family. Parker has a younger brother and two older sisters. His childhood was perfect, as he confessed in one of his Q&As. He was a good pupil at school, and his favorite subjects were anatomy, medical and business classes. He was very athletic in high school. Parker played baseball, basketball, and football.

He got married to Aspyn on October 23, 2015. Two years before that Parker proposed to his beloved woman at the balcony of their hotel room during their vacation in Santorini, Greece. In April 2019 they welcomed their first child – a baby girl.

Now Aspyn, Paker, and their daughter live in Salt Lake City, Utah. They work full time on YouTube and Instagram.

Aspyn Ovard kids

Cove Ferris (daughter)

Date of birth: August 17, 2019

Aspyn announced that she was pregnant with her first baby in February 2019. During 9 months of her pregnancy, she shared with her fans the details of it. She disclosed the baby’s gender and told what she put in her hospital bag. Then she shared the sweet video “The Birth of My Daughter”, where she showed some personal details of Cove’s arrival to this world. By the way, the girl got an interesting name – Cove, which was leaked on the media before Aspyn and her husband made it public. One of the nannies asked Aspyn’s permission to show her in the Instagram story, where she announced the baby’s name. The nanny was hated at first by Aspyn’s fans for that, but later the YouTube star explained, that she permitted the nanny to do that.

Cove is a happy little girl, who is pampered by her parents, grandparents, and other relatives. By the way, she doesn’t eat meat, because her mother is vegan. But she eats eggs and sometimes dairy products, so she is not actually a vegan baby.

Who are Aspyn Ovard parents?

Sascha Ovard Draper (mother)

Sascha Ovard Draper


Date of birth: 1975

Aspyn and her mother share a close bond. By the way, Mrs. Ferris posted lots of hairstyle tutorials on her channel – and that she learnt from her mother, a professional hairdresser.

Born as Sascha Konai Calegory, she is the daughter of Deborah Isom and Tom Calegory. Sascha is a happy mother of four. Besides, she became a stepmother to her second husband’s two kids after she got married to him on May 31, 2019.

Nowadays, Sascha seems incredibly happy with her husband Luke Draper, the Utah-based producer and film director.

Casey Ovard (father)

Casey Ovard


Date of birth: 1975

Even Aspyn’s most devoted fans don’t know the name of her father. But we have discovered that he is named Casey Jay Ovard. Aspyn’s parents divorced when she was 19-20 years old and she didn’t live at home anymore. The girl says that was not so painful for her, because she had a new life with her husband, but probably her siblings accepted their parents’ separation much harder. Aspyn maintains a strong connection with her dad till now.

Mr. Ovard was born in the family of Dwane and Vicki Ovard. He grew up with four siblings. His parents separated, and then his mother re-married Victor Condie on June 20, 2002. They both were busy in the real estate sphere.

Casey is an electrician by profession. He co-founded the company “Team Electrical Contracting, Inc” with offices in Utah and Tennessee. After his divorce from Sascha, his wife of many years, he married Carrie Lynn Ovard, who works with troubled teenagers.

Aspyn Ovard siblings

Trey Ovard (younger brother)

Trey Ovard

Date of birth: August 26, 1999

Aspyn’s younger brother Trey followed her footsteps and became the YouTuber, too. He got interested in YouTube when he was 6 years old. The boy has the talent of a comedian, so his videos were humorous and very vivid. As a YouTuber, he founded the team “Squad Vlogs”, which consisted of four other social media personalities. Unfortunately, he is not so active on YouTube nowadays.

He has an account on Instagram, which is moderately popular, and an account on Tik Tok.

He has graduated from a high school in Utah and then became a Department of Health and Human Services alumni. He is dating a girl, named Jenna.

Avrey Ovard (younger sister)

Avrey Ovard


Date of birth: May 16, 2002

Probably, you won’t be surprised, if we’ll tell you, that Aspyn’s younger sister is a YouTube star, too. Her self-titled channel is followed by 975k people.

Avery studied at the same school as her older sister did, and their teachers often mixed her with Aspyn as they look much alike. Ave was a cheerleader at school and she took part in a cheer competition. Of course, her mother Sascha did a hairdo and makeup for her.

In May 2019 Avery graduated from school. She finished the high school program one year earlier. As of 2020, she has recently moved from her mother’s house to her own apartment. Although she has been dating Cooper Davis since 2018, she is not going to live together with her boyfriend, because she considers it almost as a marriage, and she doesn’t feel ready for it yet.

Aspyn and Ave are closely-knitted. Very often they film many videos together, which later they upload on their YouTube channels.

Tavyn Ovard (younger brother)

Tavyn Ovard


Date of birth: November 2, 2006

You may know Tavyn Ovard from Aspyn’s video “The Sibling Tag: Meet Tav!”, which she shared in 2014. That was the first time when then 7-year-old Tavyn appeared on YouTube.

He is a middle school pupil nowadays. He resides with his mother and stepfather in Utah. He likes sports and considers doing backflips as his main talent.


If you like to watch beauty videos, travel vlogs, and get some useful tips on having a baby, then you’ll surely like Aspyn Ovard’s eponymous YouTube channel, which counts 3.4 million subscribers now. In addition to that, with her husband, she co-hosts the channel “Aspyn and Parker”. Besides, she maintains an account on Instagram.

Aspyn was born and raised in Utah. She spent most of her childhood years in Saint George, the town in the south-western part of Utah. The girl has three siblings – all of them are younger than her.

She was a popular personality in high school and was involved in many after classes’ activities, so her charisma was obvious since the earliest years. Aspyn was a high school pupil when she founded her own YouTube channel. At first, it was called “Haute Brilliance” and later she changed its name to “Aspyn Ovard”. Her lifestyle channel immediately developed a large fan base, and soon that hobby turned into a full-time job for her.

Nowadays Aspyn is the mother of a toddler. She joins that pleasant activity by hosting two YouTube channels, developing her Instagram page, and designing clothes for her clothing shop “Luca and Grae”. Thus, the girl from Utah turned into a noticeable social media celebrity with a multi-million following and a powerful source of income. The star gets lots of questions about the money she makes from her shop and other venues, but Aspyn tells she often invests the money she makes to her business gigs again, so she can’t answer this question properly.

The beautiful life she has created with her husband is interesting to many people from different parts of the world.

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