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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Tim Bergling


musician, DJ, remixer, record producer

Birth Date

September 8, 1989

Death date

April 20, 2018 (28 years)

Zodiac Sign



Stockholm, Sweden



Avicii family members

Father's Name

Klas Bergling

Mother's Name

Anki Liden

Siblings names

Anton Korberg (older half-brother), Linda Sterner (older half-sister) , David Bergling (older half-brother)

Is Avicii a gay/bisexual?


What is Avicii marital status?


Who are Avicii parents?

Klas Bergling (father)

Klas Bergling father Avicii

photo instagram.com/avicii

Date of birth: December 7, 1945

Klas-Otto Bergling appeared in the center of public attention after his son’s death. He gave a string of interviews trying to explain his son’s fans the truth, which stands behind Avicii’s early departure. Nowadays he puts lots of efforts to keep his son’s memory and his artistic heritage.

Mr. Bergling was born in Östermalm’s church district, Stockholm in Sweden. He is a son of Carl Birger Bergling, the scenographer at the Royal Swedish Opera, and Carl’s wife Else Kalf-Bergling. Klas had a talent for business. In 1970 he founded the successful furniture company “Egyptiska Magasinet AB”. He married Anki Liden and had an only son with her – the music prodigy Avicii. He had a son and a daughter from a previous marriage, too.

Now he is the head of The Tim Bergling Foundation, which he created with Avicii’s mother Anki Liden.

Anki Liden (mother)

Anki Liden mother  Avicii

photo instagram.com/avicii

Date of birth: April 5, 1947

Anna Catarina Lidén is a famous actress in Sweden. She acted in many films, TV shows and theater plays. She was born in Mölltorp, Sweden. She liked acting in her early years and decided to become a professional entertainer at a very early age. She studied drama at school and after graduation attended she moved to Malmö, one of the biggest cities in Sweden to study art there. In 1971 she graduated from college and started her career. She was accepted to the Upsala City Theater and joined her work there with participation in many big and small screen projects. The most popular among them are the comedy “My Life as a Dog”, the TV series “The Murder in Sandhamn” etc.

She welcomed a son Anton Körberg with her first husband and son Tim Bergling with her current husband Klas, with whom she wedded in 1988.

Avicii siblings

Anton Korberg (older half-brother)

Anton Korberg brother Avicii

photo facebook.com/akorberg

Date of birth: September 19, 1977

Avicii had no full siblings, but three half-siblings – two from his father’s side and one from his mother’s side. Anton Korberg is a son of Anki Liden, Avicii’s mom, and Tommy Körberg, the famous singer.

Anton is a celebrity in Sweden. He is known as an actor, musician, and TV host. He is a drummer at a country-rock band “Boots On”. Besides, he hosted the TV show “Puzzle”. He also acted on several popular TV shows.

Linda Sterner (older half-sister) 

Linda Sterner

photo facebook.com/linda.sterner.7

The famous DJ was very close to his older sister Linda Sterner. He is the daughter of his father Klas and Birgitta Eriksson. Her parents divorced in 1987, and the next year Klas married Anki Liden.

Linda knew about her brother’s depression and she understood that he was in a suicidal mood. Just several weeks before his death she asked her Facebook friends to make a contribution to the non-profit organization “Suicide Zero” instead of buying her a birthday present. She added that the work of the organization is extremely important for her. Her brother’s photo remains on her Facebook page.

She lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She is married to Mr. Sterner and has two sons with him.

David Bergling (older half-brother)

David Bergling

photo instagram.com/avicii/

David is Avicii’s half-brother from the paternal side. He is Linda’s brother. His mother is also Birgitta Eriksson. David went to Oman after his brother’s death to discover the details of his departure. He stays out of the limelight, so nothing is known about his personal life.


He looked like an angel with his fair hair and sparkling blue eyes. Avicii had a unique musical talent, and he needed to make it – that was the only reason, why he started his career. He didn’t want either fame or money, but they found him. And that actually killed him! In 2018 the internationally popular DJ and participant in the Forbes list “30 Under 30” committed suicide. That was a sad story, which had a very happy beginning.

He was born as Tim Bergling in the family of Klas Bergling and Anki Liden. The boy had three siblings. He spent his childhood years in Stockholm, Sweden. Tim was an awkward boy as a teenager and he hated public attention. Being a classical introvert, he spent the major part of his life at home, and the music was his only passion. His life changed when he got FL Studio (the music production program). He could use this software for hours, discovering all the aspects of electronic sound and making it perfect.

The next stage on his way of the top was the meeting with Arash Pournouri, the Iran-Swedish producer, who (as he confessed in the documentary film “Avicii: True Stories”, fount the DJ through social media and was impressed by his music. They signed the deal, and Avicii started generating one-hit remix after another. He presented the remix on Bob Sinclar’s song “New New New”. The track was so great, that the French famous DJ David Guetta immediately messaged to Avicii after hearing it and offered him a collaboration. In 2012 they released “Sunshine”, which was included in David Guetta’s fifth studio album. Soon the shy boy from Sweden performed live in front of 4-5 million people.

That bright life made him unhappy. Managers forced the talented musician to work more and more, and he felt so depressed because of it. The musician tried to relax with the help of strong alcohol drinks, and things got even worse. He was just 28 when he was found dead in Muscat, Oman. Layer it was reported, he injured himself with a broken wine bottle and passed away because of a massive blood loss.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Avicii was actively involved in charity. He co-founded the non-profit organization “House for Hunger”. In 2012 he promoted this charity during his tour, and thus he donated a massive amount of money and attracted the public attention to this problem. He also contributed $1 million of his earnings for “Feeding America”.
  2. His stage nickname comes from the word “Avīci”, which is used in Buddhism and means the lowest level of hell. He knew about it from his friend.
  3. He had never been married and hadn’t had any kids until the moment of his death. During the last days of his life, he dated a Czech model Tereza Kacerova. In 2013-2014 he dated a fashion blogger Racquel Natasha Bettencourt.
  4. His net worth was $50 million.
  5. He owned a pet – a dog named Liam, and liked it very much.
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