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Barron Trump biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Barron William Trump


Donald Trump's son

Birth Date

March 20, 2006


13 years

Zodiac Sign



New York City, New York, United States


the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School; St. Andrew's Episcopal School



Barron Trump family members

Father's Name

Donald Trump

Mother's Name

Melania Trump

Siblings names

All older half-siblings: Don Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump

Is Barron Trump a gay/bisexual?


What is Barron Trump marital status?


Who are Barron Trump parents?

Donald Trump (father)

Donald Trump father barron trump

Date of birth: June 14, 1946

Barron Trump is still a kid, but paparazzi are chasing him. The boy, who looks really modest and serious, has already attracted attention of many people worldwide. No wonder, because to his 12 years old he had already seen more, than other people during their whole life. The resident of the White House, he is almost as tall as his massive father. Except for towering height, what else did Barron inherit from his powerful parent?

Donald John Trump turned 60, when he welcomed his fifth kid. Journalists joke, that the rich magnate can get social security support for raising his underage child at such a solid age. But Mr. President doesn’t ask for extra money – he simply pampers his son. When Barron lived in his parents’ penthouse, he had the whole floor just for himself. At his age Mr. Trump couldn’t boast with such a luxury!

He was born in New York in an affluent family of a real estate magnate Fred Trump and a housewife Mary Anne MacLeod. He grew up with 5 siblings. In his teens Don studied at New York Military Academy. Thus, he developed his skills of an athlete and of a charismatic manager.

As later Trump said, he considered the possibility to become an actor, but then changed his mind in the favor of business and entered the University of Pennsylvania to study commerce. He started his career in the company of his father.

With his inner feeling, Don understood that his father’s company would become much richer, if they would change the focus of their attention from middle class apartments to luxurious massive buildings for the representatives of the upper class. First of all, he reconstructed Commodore hotel, located at Manhattan, into 25-storey modern complex. Later he built a number of comfortable hotels, casinos and towers, which made him both, rich and popular.

Having achieved success in business, he moved his way on TV and gained popularity as a reality series host. During many years he hosted the TV program “The Apprentice”, made appearances in the series “Suddenly Susan”, “Sex and the City”, “Spin City” and many others.

Now Donald is known as a skilful politician, who has become the 45th US President in 2016. But his main life achievement is not his career, but his family. Thrice he wanted to find family happiness – with Ivana Zelníčkovám, Marla Maples and Barron’s mother – a model Melanija Knavs.

Melania Trump (mother)

Melania Trump mother barron trump

photo instagram / first_lady_melania

Date of birth: April 26, 1970

The main job of Melania Knavs -Trump today is taking care about her son Barron. In addition, she is a jewelry designer. And of course, she is the First Lady in USA. By the way, Melania became the first president’s wife, who hadn’t been born in USA and got the citizenship just after her marriage.

She was born in the family of Amalija Ulčnik, kids’ apparel designer, and Viktor Knavs, the mayor’s driver and car manufacturer. In comparison with other girls in her school, Melania’s family was quite rich. Often she went to France or Germany for vacation.

At the age of 16 the tall and slim girl started career of a model. Her former classmates still remember how beautiful she was. “She has an unusual type of beauty – not classical one, she is a rare thing. Her eyes and well-shaped body resembled the look of a tiger”, one of her old school friends said. At first the girl wanted to become a designer and went to the capital of her country – Ljubljana – to study architecture and design in the university. But she quit her studying after the victory in the model contest “Slovenian Look of the Year”. The new-made supermodel went to Milan. She easily became popular in Europe and in 1996 went to USA to develop her career there. Two years later the woman met Donald Trump.

Now everyone knows the story of their love. He came to the party with a beauty, which he left, when noticed Melania. Tall and fit, very gracious and with a face, which hadn’t been yet changed by numerous plastic operations, she looked like a rare gem. No wonder, that Donald immediately wanted to get it.

They wedded in 2005, and at that time Mrs. Trump life looked very simple and beautiful. She was in extremely beautiful Dior dress, he put on a tux and Hillary Clinton, the future Donald’s rival, was a special guest in their wedding. They drank incredibly expensive champagne, ate caviar and were sure, their best years were yet to come.

They say, Melania didn’t plan to become the First Lady. But she fulfills her duties graciously and perfectly. “She is a great mother”, Donald tells about her. So, Barron is in good hands. He is the only child and doesn’t have any full siblings. But he has four half-siblings from his father’s side.

Barron Trump siblings

Don Trump Jr. (older half-brother)

Don Trump Jr.

photo instagram / donaldjtrumpjr

Date of birth: December 31, 1977

He bears his father’s name and supports his decisions. Don Trump Jr. is the first kid of real estate magnate and politician, born from his dad’s marriage to Ivana Zelníčkovám. This pleasant young man spent his youth in Manhattan. In spite of all power and dignity of his father’s family, the boy was very close with the parents of his mother. Now Don is fluent in Czech, because he spent a lot of time with his mother’s father Miloš Zelníček.

His future was planned from the very beginning. Don Jr studied Economics in the University of Pennsylvania and then started career at the Trump Organization. The man made numerous appearances in his father’s show “The Apprentice”.

As for now, Don Jr. is a father of 5 kids, which he welcomed with a model Vanessa Haydon. They say, his influential father advised Don to marry her. But their family life turned to be not so happy. In March, 2018 his wife filed for divorce. As for now, the process is not finalized. The couple friends tell that Vanessa and her husband put lots of efforts to save their marriage. The reasons of the split are not publicized. It is rumored, that the man cheated his wife and spent most part of his time, working and travelling, while Vanessa was alone at home, caring about their children.

Ivanka Trump (older half-sister)

Ivanka Trump

photo intagram / ivankatrump

Date of birth: October 30, 1981

No doubt, this fair-haired lady is the favorite daughter of the President. In addition to her high status of Trump’s daughter, she also added some kudos as a model, designer, writer and TV personality.

Her mother Ivana was a housewife. She devoted all her time to kids. She taught her daughter to be independent from her father’s net worth and make money by her own.

The girl got perfect education. At first she attended a prestigious private school at Manhattan, then she entered a college in Connecticut. The young woman finished her education at the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Economics.

Trump’s daughter started her career as a model, but that was a kind of a hobby for her. The beauty posed for the cover of “Seventeen” magazine. She modeled for popular fashion houses – Versace, Thierry Mugler and others.

After graduation from the Institute, she followed the steps of her older brother Don and joined him at the Trump Organization. But her service in that company was not the only job for an ambitious woman. She designed clothes for fashionable affluent ladies, too. She founded her own brand “Ivanka Trump Collection”, which offered accessories, clothes and shoes for ladies, who were able to pay for it.

In 2009 Trump’s daughter gave a chance to writing, and published her first book, where she shared her ideas on the topic, how to achieve success in all spheres of life. The book was titled “The Trump Card” and it enjoyed high level of selling.

Ivanka Trump is married to a rich businessman Jared Kushner. They bring up two sons and a daughter.

Eric Trump (older half-brother)

Eric Trump brother

photo instagram / erictrump

Date of birth: January 6, 1984

The third son of Donald and his first wife Ivana, Eric was raised in Manhattan. Probably, he suffered from his parents’ divorce in early 1990s more than his siblings, because he was younger than them.

The boy studied at Trinity School, and both his parents demanded good grades and proper lifestyle from him. Then the young man attended Georgetown University. He majored in finance and finished the venue with honors.

From the earliest years Eric helped his father on business, accompanied him at various meetings and important events. He tried to start and independent career, but then entered The Trump Organization.

Eric’s face became popular after his regular appearances at “The Apprentice”, hosted by his father. He supported his father in 2015, too. Then Donald officially announced his participation in Presidential run.

In spite of active public life, the man finds enough time for his family. He is married to a TV host Lara Yunaska-Trump. They have one-year-old son.

Tiffany Trump (older half-sister)

Tiffany Trump sister

photo instagram / tiffanytrump

Date of birth: October 13, 1993

Tiffany Trump is Barron’s older half-sister, and probably, she is the most unpopular kid of the President. In fact, Donald really often “forgets” to speak about his second daughter in public and most part of his paternal love sends to Ivanka. It’s hard to explain the reason of such dad’s behavior. Some people say, that’s because of Trump’s relationship with Tiffany’s mother Marla Maples, a famous actress, who moved to California after her divorce from Donald and from that moment a daughter was estranged from her father.

Tiffany was educated at Viewpoint School and then entered the University of Pennsylvania, where studied Arts. The girl dreams to follow her mother’s pace and become an actress. In 2011 she released the single “Like a Bird”, which was a kind of a touchstone for her, but then she decided not to continue career of a singer.

In 2016 she supported her father in his intention to become a President and appeared by his side at various public events together with her half-siblings. She gave a speech in front of 10-million audience at Republican National Convention, which was welcomed so warmly, in spite of the fact, that Tiffany looked obviously nervous. “I have never performed in front of such a wide audience”, she explained.

As for now, Trump’s youngest daughter earns her living as a model. She walked on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week as Andrew Warren model. By the way, the young fashion designer is the girl’s big friend.  Previously, she spent a summer, interning at a cult fashion magazine “Vogue”. Besides, Tiffany is an Instagram star with more than 900, 000 of followers.

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