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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Benjamin Jackson Burnley IV


singer, songwriter, band member

Birth Date

March 10, 1978


41 years

Zodiac Sign



Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States





Benjamin Burnley family members

Mother's Name

Sydnee Burnley

Siblings names

Tom Burnley (older brother)

Is Benjamin Burnley a gay/bisexual?


What is Benjamin Burnley marital status?


Who is Benjamin Burnley wife?

Rhiannon Napier-Burnley

How many children does he have?

1 (son Benjamin Jackson Burnley V)

Benjamin Burnley wife

Rhiannon Napier-Burnley (wife)

Benjamin Burnley wife

photo / Rhiannon3Rb

Date of birth: May 30, 1986

In 2014 Ben tied a knot with his girlfriend of 6 years. Not much is known about the singer’s spouse, Rhiannon. She comes from Hebron, Kentucky. Rhiannon likes traveling and spending time with her son. She is a mother of Benjamin Jackson Burnley V, the only as of now, Benjamin’s kid.

Benjamin Burnley kids

Benjamin Jackson Burnley V (son)

Posted by Rhiannon Burnley on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Date of birth: November 1, 2014

Ben V is the musician’s only son. He was born in autumn, 2014. Ben welcomed his kid with his wife Rhiannon. In 2018 the boy turned 4, and he joined his peers at the pre-school class in Ocean City, NJ. He is a cute little boy, and Breaking Benjamin fans adore him and shower him with likes on Instagram.

Who are Benjamin Burnley parents?


Benjamin has never mentioned any single fact about his father. It’s just known, that his parents are divorced.

Sydnee Mahaffey Burnley (mother)

Sydnee Mahaffey Burnley

photo / sydnee.burnley.1

Date of birth: January 1, 1959

The name of Ben’s mother is Sydnee. The musician has warm friendly relationships with her. By the way, Syd named her son Ben after her father, Benjamin Jackson Burnley. By the way, her grandfather and brother had the same name. She didn’t change her maiden name “Burnley” either.

Sydnee Burnley was born in 1959 in the family of Benjamin Burnley Sr. and his wife Rose Pila. Her mother died, when Syd was just 4 years old.

Her father was a rich businessman. He ran a greenhouse, later he opened the company “B.J. Burnley Co”. Her older brother, Benjamin Burnley IV (called BJ in the family circle), operated the company after their father’s death. In 2010 BJ passed away, too and Syd decided to close the company.

Nowadays, Sydnee resides in Ocean City, NJ. She is a certified massage therapist. She spends a lot of time with her sons, Ben and Tom, and her three grandchildren.

Benjamin Burnley siblings

Tom Burnley (older brother)

Benjamin Burnley siblings


Date of birth: June 9, 1976

Ben’s only sibling is an older brother Tom. His full name is Louis Tom Burnley. He owns a big comfortable house in Downingtown, PA. There he resides with his wife, Jaime Griffith-Burnley, and their two daughters – Peyton and Lexi. He works as a financial adviser.


Benjamin Burnley, or BB as he is nicknamed in the press, is a renowned singer and music producer. He gained wide popularity as the leader of the band “Breaking Benjamin”. The music group was formed in the late 1990s, and since then it passed through numerous ups and downs. In 2004 “Breaking Benjamin” released a studio album “We Are Not Alone”, which became a massive hit. More than 1 million copies of the album were sold all over the world. After that Benjamin and his colleagues released three more sets of songs and made a long pause in their activity because of Burnley’s health issues.

Benjamin Jackson Burnley entered this world in Atlantic City, NJ. He spent the major part of his childhood and teen years in Selinsgrove, PA after his mother and older brother had moved there. He attended Selinsgrove Area High School. At the age of 16, he quit public school and continued his education at home. At that time Ben had already known, that he was going to become a musician. Five years later he moved to Wilkes-Barre, PA. There he crossed his ways with Jonathan Price, who later became one of Breaking Benjamin members.

Ben formed his band in 1998. At first “Breaking Benjamin” performed at the clubs, and the boys (the cast of the band has changed several times) played just the covers of famous songs. Benjamin was a big fan of “Nirvana”, and he performed lots of songs, originally released by this group.

After a massive success in 2004-2009, Ben decided to take a pause. The reason was his alcohol and drug addiction and complications, caused by it. In 2015, six years later, Ben decided to come back to the stage. He revived “Breaking Benjamin” again, and in the company of two other band members Keith Wallen and Aaron Bruch, he released the album “Dark Before Dawn”, which went well with critics and audience.

In 2018 “Breaking Benjamin” presented the latest as of now album “Ember”. The single from the set “Torn in Two” reached the first position in Billboard 200. Thus, it is the ninth song, performed by “Breaking Benjamin”, which reached the highest position in this music chart.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Ben Burnley doesn’t cover the fact, that he was influenced by the songs of Kurt Cobain and by his unique personality. He tried to imitate him on the stage at first. Like his idol, he was ready to do various wild things on the stage. For example, once he broke a microphone, which didn’t belong to him. The microphone’s owner jokingly thanked Benjamin for breaking the device, and thus the name of the band was formed – “Breaking Benjamin”.
  2. He has lots of phobias (which were reflected in the band’s third studio album “Phobia”). One of his fears is flying by plane. That’s why it’s so hard to convince Benjamin to go on tour around the world. At first “Breaking Benjamin” performed just in USA and Canada.
  3. One of his distinctive features is his towering height. He is 6 ft 3 in tall.
  4. He is a left-handed man.
  5. He is a devoted video games player. His favorite games are “Call of Duty” and “The Elder Scrolls”.
  6. He is not a big fan of tattoos, but he likes a body piercing. Even his tongue is pierced.
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  • Hilda says:

    None of us know what happened in their marriage. While sad, shit happens. I wish the best for him and Rhiannon. Thanks to her she kept all of us fans in the loop while the band was on hiatus. Everything happens for a reason.

  • Teri T. says:

    Ben is divorced and remarried right after the divorce was final with Rhiannon. He married a fan ultimately a home wrecker named Teresa Fluke. Fluzie Fluke was engaged to some other dude before Ben. Ben lost custody of his son (rightfully so) and they are living happily ever after. I wonder if this is why Ben has been antisocial and reserved. Who knows. I lost a lot of respect for that man – he is NOT the man I thought he was. Perhaps his daddy issues influenced his decision to abandon his family.

  • Jayne says:

    He is divorced from his first wife Rhiannon Napier-Burnley and he’s married to his second wife Teresa Fluke-Burnley don’t know her but if she makes Ben happy it’s good…us Benheads have gotten to know Rhiannon and their son Little Ben and we love them. 💖

  • Shay says:

    He’s 6’4″.
    Rhiannon divorced him December 2018
    His mother was never married. Ben doesn’t know his father.
    He has a full sleeve Star Wars tattoo among others. He doesn’t like needles, so he numbs his skin before each tattoo.