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Blake Griffin biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Blake Austin Griffin


basketball player

Birth Date

March 16, 1989


34 years

Zodiac Sign



Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States


Oklahoma Christian School; University of Oklahoma



Blake Griffin family members

Father's Name

Tommy Griffin

Mother's Name

Gail Griffin

Siblings names

Taylor Griffin (older brother)

Is Blake Griffin a gay/bisexual?


What is Blake Griffin marital status?


How many children does he have?

2 (son Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin and daughter Finley Elaine Griffin)

Blake Griffin wife

Brynn Cameron (baby mother)

Brynn Cameron baby mother


Date of birth: July 8, 1986

Blake Griffin is officially single as of 2020. Of course, he is caught by paparazzi with this or that beautiful girl, spending a great time in the café or the restaurant from time to time, but there’s no lady, whom he introduced to his fans as his sweetheart officially.

Previously, he cohabited with Brynn Cameron, a female basketball player, and fathered two kids with her. In spite of their separation in 2017, Brynn remains an important woman in his life, because she is a mother of his son and daughter.

Brynn Elaine Cameron is a Californian-born girl. She is one of four kids in the family of Stan and Cathy Cameron. She has a sister and two brothers. She studied at Newbury Park High School and even as a pupil, she was playing for the basketball team. The girl had a talent, so no wonder she chose sport as a career. She continued playing, being the student of the University of Southern California. In 2004-2006 she had to make a pause in her career because of a hip injury. Besides, Brynn gave birth to her first son, Cole. She had him with Matt Leinart, a professional football player. In 2007 she returned to the university and continued playing. In 2010 she gained some kudos as an actress and appeared in the drama “Southland of the Heart”. In 2011 she crossed her ways with Blake Griffin. The two fell in love with each other and then moved together. In 2012 Brynn got pregnant and on August 1, 2013, she gave birth to her common son with Blake, Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin. Three years later, in September 2016 the couple welcomed a sweet baby girl, Finley Elaine Griffin. In 2017 the couple split and Brynn started a court process against her ex, having blamed him for violating his father’s duties. After a year the process was finalized, and two ex-partners set the deal. Now Blake spends a lot of time with his kids. 

Blake Griffin kids

Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin (son) 

Date of birth: August 1, 2013

He is the second son of his mother and the first son of his dad. The boy was born in summer, 2013 and was immediately named by Blake’s fans as “the future basketball star, which should be traded immediately”. No wonder, because Ford has great basketball players among his ancestors from his mother’s and father’s sides.

Currently, the boy lives with his mother, but he spends enough time with his father, too. He attends a prestigious private school. 

Finley Elaine Griffin (daughter)

Date of birth: September 2016

Finley is Blake’s daughter. She was just one year old when her parents split. The girl has turned 3 years in September 2019. That day she spent in the company of her older brother Ford and their father Blake. They visited Disneyland.

By the way, Blake Griffin enjoys the status of a father. In his interview with “GQ”, he confessed that parenthood changed him for better.

Who are Blake Griffin parents?

Gail Griffin (mother)

Gail Griffin mother Blake Griffin


Date of birth: March 21, 1951

Blake has warm close relationships with his mother. Of course, she played an important part in his formation, in building his character and in developing his natural athletic skills.

The famous basketball player is biracial. His father is Afro-Haitian, while his mother is Caucasian. Gail Simmons, who changed her surname for “Griffin” after marriage, gave birth to two sons. She worked as a teacher at the Oklahoma school. She balanced her career with family life. 

The woman is not an alien in the sports area. She was a cheerleader at Classen High School, which she attended as a teenager. At that very school, she met Tommy, who became her loved one and the father of her two sons, one of which is Blake Griffin.

The woman visits her son’s games from time to time, so her face has already become recognizable.

Tommy Griffin (father)

Of course, Blake put lots of effort to become a successful renowned athlete, but his father was that person, who inspired and coached him at the initial stages of his career. 

Tommy played basketball in his young years. Later he coached the young talented teenagers at Oklahoma Christian School, including both his sons. Besides, he owned a gym, where Blake and Taylor were trained, too.

Blake Griffin siblings

Taylor Griffin (older brother)

Taylor Griffin older brother Blake Griffin


Date of birth: April 18, 1986

Taylor Griffin is Blake’s older brother. He is a professional basketball player, who was signed by “Pallacanestro Trapani” in 2015. Taylor and Blake have typical brother-brother relationships – they are close, they love each other. 

Blake and Taylor got a similar education and were brought up in the same manner. Both were homeschooled at first and then entered the Oklahoma Christian School. Like his brother, Taylor played basketball for the school team and then continued playing at the University of Oklahoma. He was drafted by Phoenix Suns in 2009. His career is in an active phase until now. 

Currently, Taylor resides in Los Angeles. He is married and has two kids. 


Blake Griffin’s name is known to everyone, who is interested in professional basketball and watches NBA matches. He is a six-time All-Star winner, NBA Rookie of the Year-2011, etc. The list of his achievements is long. But how did he start the way on top?

He was born in the family of Gail and Tommy Griffin. He has an older brother, Taylor. He was a little boy, when his father, an ex-professional basketball player Tommy Griffin, taught Blake to play this game. At first, the boy practiced basketball in his father’s gym, and then joined the team of the Oklahoma Christian School. His father served as a head basketball coach there. Blake became the part of the school team and contributed to its victory in two championships. His talent became obvious to anyone, who watched him on the field.  

After graduation from school, Blake entered the University of Oklahoma. There he joined the team “Oklahoma Sooners”. Having become one of the brightest players in the team, he got a chance to become a professional athlete. In 2009 he was drafted by Los Angeles Clippers. He has made a great start, but then he had to miss the 2009-2020 season because of the knee trauma. But Griffin was strong enough and coped with his health issues. He continued his career in 2010-2011. He showed great results and got many awards for his great play. In 2017 he signed $173 million deal with the Clippers. He performed great for the team in the matches against such strong rivals as “Atlanta Hawks” and “Sacramento Kings”. In January 2018 Clippers traded him and two other players to Detroit Pistons. He is playing for this team as of now. 

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