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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Brenda Julietta Song


actress, singer

Birth Date

March 27, 1988


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Carmichael, California, United States


homeschooled; then took online course in college



Brenda Song family members

Father's Name

Song Yeng

Mother's Name

Mai Song

Siblings names

Timmy Song (younger brother), Nathan Song (younger brother)

Is Brenda Song a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Brenda Song marital status?

In relation

There are not so many actors, who can play quite competently, especially at a young age. And Brenda Song is one of them. Her brightest as of 2020 screen work is London Tipton, the stylish rich girl from the popular TV series “The Suite Life on Deck”. Her heroine has become a favorite one for many girls all over the world, and they tried to copy her manners and looks. Now we want to tell these girls and other Brenda Song fans about this gifted actress and her family.

Who are Brenda Song parents?

 Song Yeng (father)

 Song Yeng father Brenda Song


Date of birth: January 9, 1964

We know many celebrities, whose fathers were not so involved in their lives. But Brenda is not one of them. On the contrary, she was brought up by two loving doting parents, who did everything to foster her skills and talents. Till now she is so close to her dad.

Mr. Song Yeng is the name of Brenda’s father. He was born in Asia, and he comes from a respectable clan Xiong. He belongs to Hmong ethnic group and he was a part of a tribe, which resided in the Thailand and Laos mountains. He changed the surname for “Song” after his moving to the USA. In the USA he met the beautiful Asian girl Mia and married her. They parented three kids – Brenda and her two brothers.

Song Yeng lives with his family in Valencia, CA. He is Buddhist. Mr. Song taught his daughter to understand and to love her heritage. That’s why the actress knows a lot about the customs of nomadic Hmong people. Being a big fan of kung fu, he taught little Brenda the secrets of classic kung fu. He showed her the films about kung fu fighters, like “Five Deadly Venoms” and others. That helped her to create a strong female character of Asian origin in the television film “Wendy Wu”.

Mai Song (mother)

Mai Song mother Brenda Song


Date of birth: April 15, 1973

Mai Lee Song is Brenda’s mother. She is a Thai girl, whose parents took her to the USA when she was in kindergarten age. She resided in Sacramento, CA, when she met a Hmong guy Song Yeng. She fell in love with him, and he introduced the beautiful girl to his family. They accepted Mai as a daughter.

Now Mai is a homemaker. She brought up 3 children with her husband. Mrs. Song played an important role in Brenda’s career. She moved with the girl to Los Angeles to help her become a professional actress. During 2 years she lived with Brenda in LA, when the girl was acting in commercials. Later her husband and son joined them. Thus, the family reunited.

Mrs. Song is a breast cancer survivor. Despite such a serious health disorder, which she had to deal with, Mia looks perfect and much younger of her age and resembles Brenda’s older sister.

Brenda Song siblings

Timothy Song (younger brother)

Timothy Song brother Brenda Song


Date of birth: 1990

Timmy is Brenda’s favorite younger brother, with whom she attended martial arts workouts. They remain friends till now, and Brenda spends lots of time with Timmy and his wife Rae Song. From his side, she has three beautiful nieces, whom she loves a lot. Their names are Maxdyn, Rae, and Jaylen.

Timothy dreamed to become a taekwondo fighter in his school years. Now he is a professional heavy weight lifter. His hobby is rock climbing.

Nathan Song (younger brother)

Nathan Song brother Brenda Song


Date of birth: January 1996

Nathan is Brenda’s “baby brother” as she called him on social media. The young man keeps in the shadow and doesn’t want to share details of his personal life. Nevertheless, it’s known that he graduated from high school in 2014. Nathan is single as of now. He lives in Valencia, CA. Previously, he announced through social media that he is a plumber. Nathan is a good cook. He loves food (just like his sister, who confessed in her interview to “New York Times” that she loves to make and to eat food).


Brenda Julietta Song is a famous actress, who gained initial popularity as the Disney channel star. She appeared in the center of public attention at a tender age of 10, when she was cast to the series “Fudge”. Although she played a small part there, her radiant smile and childish charm made TV producers of that time pay attention to her. In the early 2000s, she starred in tremendously popular series “The Suite Life of Zack” in the company of two other celebrities, twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

She was born in the family of a Thai mother and Hmong father. Ms. Song has two younger brothers. Her family was very poor, that’s why some of her childhood dreams didn’t fulfill. For example, she wanted to take ballet classes, but they were too expensive for her parents. Instead of them, she was taken to taekwondo. Now she is a black belt holder.

She started acting at the age of 6, almost by chance. She got sick and didn’t want to take medicine. Her grandmother promised to take her to acting school if she would take her “Robitussin” as it’s demanded. Brenda did it, and her grandma took all her savings (which were quite small) to pay for Song’s acting lessons.

At the age of 6, Brenda got her first paid acting job. She appeared in the commercials of “Little Caesars Pizza”. After that, she moved her way on TV and very soon gained popularity as the child actress.

Unlike many other child stars, she coped with all the problems of adulthood and turned into a professional mature actress, who disclosed every facet of her talent. In her film list, there are hits “The Social Network”, “ER”, “New Girl” and many others.

Brenda has never been married legally, but she used to date many famous men. During many years she was a girlfriend of Trace Cyrus, hooked up with the rapper Flo Rida and finally settled down near the movie star Macaulay Culkin.

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