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Brock Lesnar biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Brock Edward Lesnar


wrestler, athlete, mixed martial artist

Birth Date

July 12, 1977


42 years

Zodiac Sign



Webster, South Dakota, United States


Webster High School, Bismarck State College, the University of Minnesota



Brock Lesnar family members

Father's Name

Richard Lesnar

Mother's Name

Stephanie Lesnar

Siblings names

Troy (older brother), Chad (older brother), Brandi (younger sister)

Is Brock Lesnar a gay/bisexual?


What is Brock Lesnar marital status?


Who is Brock Lesnar wife?

Rena Mero

When did get married?

May 6, 2006

How many children does he have?

4 (Luke, Mya, Turk and Duke)

Brock Lesnar wife

Rena Mero (wife)

Brock Lesnar wife Rena Mero


Date of birth: August 8, 1967

Rena Mero, or Rena Marlette Lesnar, is Brock’s beloved wife and mother of his kids. They have been married for years and are considered one of the most romantic couples in the entertainment industry. In spite of a 10-year age difference, they share a close bond. 

Rena is a celebrity, too. She is a former female wrestler and a current actress and model. The woman is widely known in the world of sports as the ex-second female WWF Champion. On the ring, she was nicknamed “Sable”. As a model, she is famous for her regular appearances on Playboy covers. She played occasional roles in TV series, too.

Brock is Rena’s third husband. She was previously married to the late Wayne Richardson and has a daughter Mariah with him. Her second husband was Marc Mero. In 2004 they divorced. 

Brock Lesnar kids

Luke Lesnar (son with Nicole McClain)

Luke Lesnar


Date of birth: April 10, 2002 

Almost every parent dreams deep in his soul, that his kid would follow his footsteps. And Brock Lesnar was blessed with a son, who decided to make it big as a wrestler, too.

Luke Lesnar was born in 2002. The name of his mother is Nicole McClain. She is famous as a deer hunter and fitness model.

Brock fell in love with Nicole in the early 2000s. They were in relationships for years, got engaged and gave birth to a son and a daughter (twins). The couple separated when their love had disappeared, but Brock has been present in his kids’ life all the time. Later, Luke and his sister Mya moved to the house of their father and stepmother. 

Luke was educated at Alexandria high school in Minnesota. In his teens, he started to work out with the help and support of his famous father. Now Luke is making his first steps in the world of wrestling. He has already become a Minnesota State Champion three times. And he is not going to stop. 

Mya Lynn Lesnar (daughter with Nicole McClain)

Mya Lynn Lesnar


Date of birth: April 10, 2002

Mya is Luke’s twin sister. Like other members of the famous Lesnar family, she is an athlete. The girl is making a career as a volleyball player. Her father and stepmother support the girl in her dreams and visit each of her games. Mya is interested in other kinds of sport, too. Thus, she used to take part in track and field competitions.

Turk Lesnar (son with Rena Mero)

Date of birth: June 3, 2009

Turk is the first common child of Rena Mero and Brock Lesnar. He has two older half-siblings from his father’s side and one older half-sister from his mother’s side. 

He resides with his parents in Minnesota. He is a school pupil. Turk is a hockey fan. He attends the games with his parents and a younger brother quite often. 

Duke Lesnar (son with Rena Mero)

Date of birth: July 21, 2010

Duke is the youngest of the Lesnar breed. He resides in a big house in Minnesota with his parents and older siblings. The boy shares his father’s interest in sports. Very often he is photographed by his father’s side at various matches and games. He is a school pupil, and studying takes the major part of his time as of now. 

Who are Brock Lesnar parents?

Richard Lesnar (father)

 Brock Lesnar father Brock Lesnar


Date of birth: 1951

Richard Edward Lesnar is Brock’s father, his best friend, and supporter. In his biography book “Death Clutch” the wrestler tells, that his father’s faith in him was the key to his success. 

Richard is not a public person, but he has made some TV appearances and told about his son’s childhood. Mr. Lesnar, who ran a milk farm in the city of Webster in South Dakota, didn’t regret his time to take the son Brock to various contests and tournaments. Thus, Brock had already been known in the world of wrestling in his early teens.

By the way, Brock Lesnar is a loving and respectful son. Even when he was becoming a star, he remembered his roots. He helped his dad with the hard work on the farm. 

Now Richard lives with his wife in Minnesota. He is still closely knitted with his talented son. 

Stephanie Lesnar (mother)

Stephanie Lesnar mother Brock Lesnar


Date of birth: circa 1950

Brock is close with his mother, too. He may be strong and dangerous on the ring, but at home, he turns into mamma’s boy. Stephanie taught her son to be hard-working and simple. Brock wrote in his book, that since the earliest years he knew, he had to work from morning till night to get everything he needed. He has never been a spoiled sports star, and that was almost due to his mom.

Of course, Mrs. Lesnar worried about her son each time when he came into the ring. But she was very stoic and supported her son on the way to stardom. “Mum was very adamant and she always expected me to win, and it helped me”, Brock told about his mother. 

Stephanie Jane Lesnar lives with her husband in Minnesota as of now. But she comes from Webster, SD. The woman graduated from the high school there and continued her education at Hard Knocks University.

Brock Lesnar siblings

Troy Lesnar (older brother)

Troy Lesnar brother Brock Lesnar


Date of birth: April 2, 1970

Troy Davis Lesnar is Brock’s older brother. Brock and Troy share close relationships, typical for any siblings. As the wrestler opened up in his book, Troy was a good athlete, too. But he didn’t choose it as a career. 

Brock’s brother is married and has kids.

Chad Lesnar (older brother)

Chad Lesnar


Date of birth: circa 1971

Chad Quincy Lesnar is Brock’s second oldest brother. He was a wrestler in a high school, too. As Brock explained in his autobiography, his brothers both were talented as sportsmen, but they chose another path. That’s why Brock stood a bit more in the center of their parents’ attention than his brothers. He liked it and at the same time understood that he was obliged to succeed.

Chad has been married to Mrs. Jennifer Lesnar since 1996. They are the parents of two daughters and a son. 

Brandi Lesnar (younger sister)

Brandi Lesnar


Date of birth: September 26, 1978

Brandi Nichol Lesnar is the youngest kid and the only girl in the family of Brock’s parents. The famous athlete loves his younger little sis and regrets that she decided not to make the career of an athlete because of him – she was afraid to be compared to him.

Currently, she resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is single. She earns her living as a nurse. Brandi is a mother of two daughters.


Brock Edward Lesnar is widely known as a winning WWE wrestler and former martial artist. He is also an ex-football player.

The future sports star was born in the city of Webster, South Dakota. He grew up on a farm and was very active in his childhood. Brock liked to do the push-ups, the pull-ups and other kinds of strength training.

He attended Webster High School. In his teens, Brock played football for the school team. He competed as an amateur wrestler, too. 

In 2000 his talent was noticed and appreciated by the WWE managers. Thus, Brock signed his first deal and started his career. In 2002 he debuted on television. During that year he defeated several reputable strong fighters, such as Jeff Hardy, whom he conquered by knockout, and others. At the age of 25, Lesnar won the first in his career WWE championship and earned the title “The King of the Ring”.

In spite of his obvious success, he left WWE for some time and tried his hand in another kind of sports – football. But that was not his cup of tea, so he returned to the dangerous world of wrestling, but this time he was signed by New Japan Pro-Wrestling. After several loud victories, he left Japanese wrestling, too. In 2007 he made one more attempt to build a super successful career of a fighter, and this time the fortune smiled at him. He returned to WWE and immediately got his first victory – in the match with John Cena.

During his years on the ring, Brock defeated many strong famous rivals, like Randy Couture, Antonio Nogueira, and Cain Velasquez. In 2017 he announced his retirement from MMA after a string of professional misfortunes and the allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs. His fans hope, that one day their favorite wrestler will return to the ring again. 

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He has German ancestry. And that explains his pale brows and sparkling blue eyes!
  2. The sword is tattooed on his chest. That reminds him of his hard times and inspires to stay strong. 
  3. When he is not obliged to take to a diet, he likes to drink a glass of beer or whisky and to have a big steak. 
  4. His height is 6 ft 3 in and his weight is 287 pounds.
  5. His net worth is around $22 million. 
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