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Callum Smith biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Callum Smith



Birth Date

April 23, 1990


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Liverpool, England, United Kingdom



Callum Smith family members

Father's Name

Paul Smith Sr

Mother's Name

Margaret Smith

Siblings names

Paul Smith Jr. (older brother), Stephen Smith (older brother), Liam Smith (older brother), Chloe Smith (younger sister), Hollie Smith (younger sister)

Is Callum Smith a gay/bisexual?


What is Callum Smith marital status?

In relation

How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Alba Smith)

Callum Smith wife

Kimberly (baby mother; long-term girlfriend)

Kimberly baby mother; long-term girlfriend Callum Smith


Date of birth: May 30, 1990

Kimberly is Callum’s long-term partner and mother of his daughter Alba. She resides in Liverpool, England and now devotes all her time to caring about her sweet little girl. It seems, that the famous boxer is terribly in love with this woman. Very often he posts sweet pictures of her on his Instagram.

Callum Smith kids

Alba Smith (daughter)

Alba Smith


Date of birth: January 10, 2019

In early 2019 Callum and his beloved woman Kimberly welcomed the daughter Alba Grace Smith. As Callum’s fans noticed at first sight, the girl inherited her father’s sick hair and her mother’s beautiful face. The famous boxer loves his little girl most of all. He is proud of her and boasts with her, posting Alba’s pictures on Instagram.

Who are Callum Smith parents?

Paul Smith Sr (father)

Paul Smith Sr


Is it hard to raise a champion? Paul Smith Sr. knows the answer, because he had already brought up four of them. Paul is their son’s biggest fan and he attends each their fight on the ring.

Callum tells that everything he does like a boxer is devoted to his father and the rest part of his family. Paul is a great role model for all his sons. He is a great husband to their mother, Margaret. They still love and respect one another. Paul’s wife tells that she is proud of her husband, who turned out to be a caring father for their sons and daughters. 

Margaret Smith (mother)

Margaret Smith


Callum was blessed to have a great mother. Mrs. Smith gave birth to six kids – four sons and two daughters – and she spent lots of time with each of them. Till now Margaret knows the strong and weak points of each her kid. She tells that Callum is the most laid-back of all her children.

The courageous woman, he never watches the matches, where Callum participates, because she is afraid of him and can get panic. When the boxer (or someone of his brothers, who are also athletes) fights, she tries to stay at home and turn out the electricity not to watch TV or not to hear any news on the match. 

The woman doesn’t like the career, which was chosen not just by Callum, but by her other three sons, too. Nevertheless, she likes discipline, which is inherent to each of her kids due to this kind of sport. Callum’s mother can serve as a role model for any family woman worldwide. She has been married to the love of her life Paul Smith for many years. They have raised six kids, and four of them became famous athletes. Now the woman shares her time between family dinners, which she arranges quite often in the company of her sister and brother-in-law.

In spite of the star status of her sons and their solid age, she still lectures them like little boys, if they didn’t clean their rooms or forgot to put the towels into the laundry. By the way, she still does laundry and other household work by herself. She is not a public person but has already made an appearance on the TV show “The One Show”, produced by BBC. 

Callum Smith siblings

Paul Smith Jr. (older brother)

Paul Smith Jr.


Date of birth: October 6, 1982

Paul Smith is the oldest boy in the Smith family, and he was the first one to practice box. He convinced his mother to let him visit the local gym and to train there even though the woman hates the box and considers it as a very cruel sport.

During many years Paul served as a role model for Callum. He had been a super-middleweight champion till his retirement in 2017. He was ranked as the fourth-best player in the World Boxing Organization. 

By his mother’s words, Paul Jr. is a very smart person, and she hopes, that after the retirement he would connect his life with some kind of mental activity. 

Besides box, Paul has some other passion in his life – music. He was DJing in one of Liverpool night clubs and co-authored several songs, including the single “Better Than Life”. 

Paul is married to Janine. They have a son, Paul Smith III.

Stephen Smith (older brother)

Stephen Smith


Date of birth: July 22, 1985

Inspired by his older brother Paul, Stephen has been practicing box since the school years. But his passion for sports didn’t prevent him from getting an education – he is a qualified accountant.

Stephen started his career in summer 2008 and won his first professional fight against Shaun Walton in the third round. And that was just the beginning – during his years on the ring he won 27 fights of 31 in total. He held various prestigious titles, including British and Commonwealth champion and WBC Silver super featherweight champion.

In 2017 his career was interrupted by the severe ear injury, which he got during the fight with Francisco Vargas. It took him 17 months to improve his health conditions. In May 2019 he returned to the ring. 

Stephen is married to the love of his life, Jade. They have two sons.

Liam Smith (older brother)

Liam Smith


Date of birth: July 27, 1988

Mrs. Smith, the mother of four talented boxers, used to tell that Liam was the most rebellious of her sons. His brothers had never got in any kind of troubles in their teens, but Liam was that person, who could be involved in some street adventures. Later he confessed in his interview, “I could fight in the street or smash the window, and sometimes I was even taken home by police. But the box saved me from lots of mistakes”.

Like his brothers, Liam achieved a lot as a boxer. He was WBO junior middleweight champion in 2015-2016. In general, the athlete participated in 31 fights and won 28 of them. He is married to the girl, named Ashley. 

Chloe Smith (younger sister)

Chloe Smith


Date of birth: 1994

Callum was blessed not just with great brothers, but also with a sister Chloe. She appeared alongside her parents and brother in the BBC show, which was devoted to the family of talented boxers. Chloe is a beautiful young girl, who resides with her parents in their big family home in Kirkdale, Liverpool. Although Chloe is not a celebrity, like her brothers, her parents are proud of her.

Hollie Smith (younger sister)

Hollie Smith


Date of birth: December 15, 2000

If you have noticed the word “Autism”, written on the belt of Callum Smith shorts, then you have already learned about the biggest tragedy, which happened in the life of the Smith family. The youngest child of Margaret and Paul Sr. – the daughter Hollie – has autism. 

The girl was diagnosed with it at the age of 2. Since then Smith family is closely connected with this disease and tries to support other people, who appeared in a similar situation.

Paul and Margaret raise the money for families, where live kids with such a condition. Besides, they send money to autistic schools. Helping Hollie and the other people with such a problem has become a full-time job for Margaret and Paul. 

Callum devotes each of his victory to his sister Hollie. 


Callum Smith is a professional boxer from Liverpool, Great Britain. He performs in the super middleweight category.

He is in his late 20s, and in spite of his young age he has already fought in the ring 26 times, and each of them he had won. Nineteen of his matches he won through knockouts.

Mr. Smith was born and raised in Liverpool, England. He started the career of a boxer in 2012 and immediately won two matches by points. After that, he participated in six more matches and won them easily during the first round only. In 2015 he defeated his first serious strong rival Rocky Fielding, who comes from Liverpool, too. After that match, Rocky had to rebuild his career, while Callum earned the super middleweight title and remained the holder of WBC silver. After that Smith got lots of bright wins and in July 2017 joined WBSS (World Boxing Super Series) and became one of the most successful players there. He defeated several strong boxers, including George Groves and Erik Skoglund. As of now, Callum is considered as one of the strongest boxers in the world. 

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He has a funny nickname “Mundo”, which is given to him by his father. In his primary school years, Callum was a big fan of Ninja Turtles, and his dad named him “the fifth turtle Callemundo”. Since then he is called Mundo by his fans, too. 
  2. His height is ‎6 ft 3 in and his weight is 168 pounds. 
  3. He is called in the media as “the undefeated boxer”. Till now Callum didn’t lose any of his fights. One day he dreams to meet at the ring another undefeated boxer Canelo Alvarez
  4. Callum Smith’s net worth is estimated at $1, 5 million. 
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