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Camilla Luddington biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Camilla Luddington



Birth Date

December 15, 1983


38 years

Zodiac Sign



Ascot, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom


The American School in England, Susquehanna University, New York Film Academy



Camilla Luddington family members

Father's Name

Martin Luddington

Mother's Name

Mary Luddington

Siblings names

Daniel Luddington (older brother), Amy Luddington (younger sister), Joe Luddington (younger brother)

Is Camilla Luddington a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Camilla Luddington marital status?


Who is Camilla Luddington husband?

Matthew Alan (boyfriend since 2015; father of her daughter)

How many children does she have?

1 (daughter Hayden Gerbig)

Camilla Luddington husband

Matthew Alan (boyfriend since 2015; father of her daughter)

Matthew Alan boyfriend Camilla Luddington

In 2015 Camilla started dating Matthew Alan Gerbig. He is a renowned actor and producer. The man participated in several hit movies and in episodes of numerous TV series. He built a number of interesting male heroes on the screen, including Cunningham in “Lost”, David Fisher in “Grey’s Anatomy” and Dale Morrow in “Absolute Fear”. Besides he produced Robert Homer Mollohan film “Bowman”.

Camilla and Matthew were happy to announce that they were pregnant. In spring, 2017 they welcomed a sweet baby girl. At the beginning of 2018 Matthew proposed the mother of his daughter. Camilla was ready to share great news with her fans through Instagram. She demonstrated a ring with a huge diamond.

Camilla Luddington kids

Hayden Gerbig (daughter with Matthew Alan)

Camilla Luddington daughter

photo instagaram / camillaluddington

Date of birth: circa April 2, 2017

Camilla Luddington was honest with her friends. She announced that she was going to become a mother and then shared through Instagram that she was expecting a baby girl. The woman wished through social media to her little daughter to be strong, always have her voice and be ready to protect her ideals.

In April, 2017 the woman and her boyfriend Matthew Alan shared great news – their girl had entered this world and occupied the place in their hearts.

As for now, Hayden Gerbig is a year and a half. From time to time she appears on her mother’s pics in social media.

Who are Camilla Luddington parents?

Martin Luddington (father)

Martin Luddington

photo facebook / martin.luddington

Martin Luddington is Camilla’s father, who helped her pursue her dream, but at the same time he was always criticizing his daughter. Due to his support, she has always tried to be a better actress.

Martin married Mary Luddington in his young years. They had four kids together; Camilla was the second of them. His wife died, when his younger children were still teenagers. So, the man had to raise them himself.

He resided most part of his life in England, but due to his job had to spend a year in USA. Camilla was 14 then. That made the girl loving this country, and in her adult years she returned back.

Luddington taught his children to be financially independent. That why Camilla started to work as a waitress. One day her father came to the café and decided that his girl was too slow. He complained to the manager about her.

Many years later, when our heroine won the role of Dr. Jo Wilson in medical series “Grey’s Anatomy”, her father repeated the lines of her role with her and told, if he didn’t believe her.

In spite of Martin’s strictness, his daughter loves him.

Mary Luddington (mother)

Mary Luddington mother Camilla Luddington

photo instagram / camillaluddington

Camilla lost her mother, being just 19-year-old. Later the actress shared with her fans all the sorrow she felt around that time. Later her disaster helped her design the character of Jo Wilson. “I welcomed the challenges of my heroine”, Camilla told to “Bella Blog”.

Camilla Luddington siblings

Daniel Luddington (older brother)

Daniel Luddington siblings Camilla Luddington

photo twitter / DanLudd

Dan is the first son of Mary and Matthew Luddington. He was born in Ascot, England and travelled a lot in his early years because of his father’s job.

He studied at Presentation College Grammar, then entered Bournemouth University, where studied tourism marketing. Currently he serves as vice president at Small Luxury Hotels of the World brand. The man resides in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK. He has a daughter Daisy.

Dan positions himself as a daydreamer and a rock n roll lover.

Amy Luddington (younger sister)

Amy Luddington

photo instagram / cleverclogcomms

Camilla is not the only girl in the family. She has a younger sister, Amy, who looks as beautiful as Grey’s Anatomy star, but she decided not to pursue career in entertainment industry. She studied at Durham University.

Amy earns her living as a HR Communications Manager at “Oracle”. The woman resides in Wokingham, Berkshire, UK. She has 6-year-old son.

Joe Luddington (younger brother)

Joe Luddington

photo twitter / joeyludd

Camilla calls Joe “my little brother” in social media, but it’s hard to name this tall muscled man in that way. Obviously, a brother and sister are big friends. Joe is a devoured football fan.


Camilla Luddington bio

photo instagram / camillaluddington

Camilla Luddington is a popular actress from England. She rose to fame after starring in a biopic film “William & Kate”, where she was honored to depict Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, before her becoming Prince William’s wife.  In addition to this screen work, she also boasts with highly successful role of Dr. Wilson in “Grey’s Anatomy”. Among Camilla’s latest projects there are the horror film “The Pact II” and the drama “The Healer”.

She decided to become an actress at the age of 4. Then the girl watched “The Wizard of Oz” with American actress Judy Garland, and was inspired to become an actress.

Luddington attended the private school for girls in Ascot, England. When she was 11, she was scouted by a talent agent. From that moment Camilla almost had no choice. As she says, “I couldn’t think about any other career”. She was a big fan of “The Ricki Lake Show”. She dressed her younger siblings in costumes, similar to show heroes, and made them act under her direction.

When Camilla turned 19, she lost her mother. That was a bitter moment in her life, but it added her some extra strength in her battle for becoming a professional actress. She got the necessary preparation at the New York Film Academy and then definitively changed her home country for USA.

She started career in early 2000s. Her first remarkable role was in the legendary series “Days of Our Lives”. In her late 20s she got an offer she couldn’t refuse – to portray Jo in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”. That made her a star.

Interesting and fun facts

Camilla Luddington Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / camillaluddington

  1. According to the star’s friends, she is a perfect mother. In fact, in her teens Camilla dreamed to have a baby boy one day, but after losing her mother at the age of 19, she changed her mind and hoped to bring up a girl. And her dreams came true! Now she is a caring mother of baby Hayden.
  2. Her heroine Jo from “Grey’s Anatomy” has long complicated relationships with Dr. Karev, portrayed by an actor Justin Chambers. The chemistry between two actors was so obvious on the screen that soon rumors about their real-life affair appeared in the media. But Camilla and Justin immediately denied the gossips around them, because both were in relationship with other partners.
  3. Camilla tries not to include dairy products in her diet, because of her intention to become a vegan. In addition, she thinks that milk products are not good for her skin.
  4. The actress doesn’t like to drink water, and it’s hard for her to stay hydrated during the day. To reach that purpose, she drinks juices.
  5. She is a pet lover. Her favorite one is her dog, named Gus Gus.
  6. To stay fit she likes jogging in the morning. At the same time, Camilla tells, she doesn’t like exercising.
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