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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Barbara Carole Underwood


celeb's relative, teacher


United States



Carole Underwood family members

Father's Name

William Carl Shatswell

Mother's Name

Gladys Faye Luke

Siblings names

4 sisters (Linda, Brenda, Donna, Janice)

Is Carole Underwood a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Carole Underwood marital status?


Who is Carole Underwood husband?

Stephen Underwood

When did get married?

April 21, 1968

How many children does she have?

3 (daughters Shanna Means, Stephanie Shelton and Carrie Underwood)

Carole Underwood relatives


Carrie is a momma’s girl, and she never misses an opportunity to thank her mother for everything she did for children. In addition, she names Carole as her role model.

Her birth name is Barbara Carole Shatswell. She grew up in the family of William Carl Shatswell and his wife Gladys Faye Luke. Carrie’s mother has 4 sisters.

Carole married Steve Underwood and they both settled in Oklahoma. They welcomed three daughters. Mrs. Underwood worked as an elementary school teacher. Then she retired and became one of the greatest Carrie’s supporters during her time on American Idol show. She was proud of her daughter’s sudden success, but at the same time, she felt uncomfortable with huge public attention she got after becoming a mother of a star. Carole told that many people came from different parts of the country to look at Carrie Underwood’s house, and she could be working at the garden at that time, digging the holes, made by dogs.

After Carrie’s win in 2005, she left Checotah and moved to Los Angeles to buy a house for her famous daughter. She helped Carrie develop her career.

Now Carole is a proud mother and grandmother, who is very closely-knitted with her kids.

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