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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Cassius Jeremy Clay


Twitch star, YouTube star, Instagram star

Birth Date

December 4, 1990


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Vidalia, Concordia Parish, Louisiana, United States


Vidalia High School



Cash Nasty family members

Father's Name

Cassius Lavern Clay

Mother's Name

Cynthia Ann Clay

Siblings names

Jamarcus Clay (younger brother), Desteni Clay (younger sister)

Is Cash Nasty a gay/bisexual?


What is Cash Nasty marital status?


Who are Cash Nasty parents?

Cassius Lavern Clay (father)

Cassius Lavern Clay


Date of birth: 1968

Cash Nasty very rarely speaks about his family, so everything we know about his parents and siblings is taken from social media resources and some newspaper articles.

The name of the Twitch star’s father is Cassius Lavern Clay. He was born in 1968 and spent the major part of his life in Vidalia, LA. He is supposed to be the part of the family business “Clay & Clay Sales & Service”.

During many years he has been married to Cynthia Ann Lewis. They parented three kids – Cash Nasty (Cassius Jr) and his two siblings.

The famed social media star shares a close bond with his dad. Recently, Cassius Jr bought his parents GMC car. Thus, he thanked his dad and mom for everything they did for him.

Cynthia Ann Clay (mother)

Cynthia Ann Clay


Date of birth: 1969

Cash Nasty adores his mother. He is so private when it goes about his family, and his mother is the only person, whom he showed on his Instagram page and to whom he devoted a long post, full of touching sincere words.

He told that Mrs. Clay, his mom, had two jobs to give her children all the opportunities they needed to develop their talents. Now she works at the Tractor Supply Company and maintains a strong connection with all her kids.

Cash Nasty siblings

Jamarcus Clay (younger brother)

Jamarcus Clay (younger brother)


Date of birth: 1991

Cash Nasty has just one blood-related brother. His name is Jamarcus Clay. During their childhood years, Jamarcus and Cassius spent a lot of time together. They were the members of the school basketball team and visited the school gym together.

Now Jamarcus lives in Natchitoches, Louisiana. He has graduated from Northwestern State University.

Desteni Clay (younger sister)

Desteni Clay younger sister


Date of birth: 1998

Desteni Clay is Cash Nasty’s younger sister. She is a young beautiful woman. Desteni studied at South Louisiana Community College. She has a boyfriend. Desteni has warm close relationships with her brother.


Cash Nasty is a famed social media star. He hosts the channel on YouTube “CashNasty”, which boasts with 3, 78 million subscribers. He has the related channel “CashNastyPlays”, and the amount of subscribers there has already crossed 1 million marks. His third channel “CashNBALaughs” boasts with 128k followers. Besides, the social media star enjoys a large fan base on Instagram, Twitch, and other social media platforms. The secret of his success is the ability to make people laugh. Besides, he is dealing with an interesting for many sports enthusiasts topic – basketball. He actively involves his fans in the video-making process – he monitors their opinion and makes the necessary changes.

His real name is Cassius Jeremy Clay. He was born and raised in Vidalia, LA. He still doesn’t tell a lot about his parents’ family. He was educated at Vidalia High School and during his years there he was actively involved in various sports activities. He did football, wrestling, basketball, and baseball. In addition to his talent as an athlete, he turned out to be a great comedian. During his years at elementary school, he participated in the “State Art Competition” and won it!

After graduation from school, he decided not to go to college. He found the job of a manager at Wallmart. His duties were to manage the work of other employers. On his Instagram, he shared information that he was picking pecans and robbing mikes in his youth. But all those activities didn’t bring him much satisfaction. He became really happy after coming home and playing video games.

He started his rise to stardom in 2013, when he founded his first channel on YouTube, which was called “WhatChaMaCalling”. He also operated the channel on Twitch, and at first, he joined his regular job with creating new expressive videos for social media platforms. He was supported by his then-girlfriend Ashley, who also was actively involved in social media activity. They co-hosted a channel “CashNAshVlogs” and soon it gained a hundred thousand views. They became famous and rich and moved from their small trailer into a huge expensive mansion.

Nowadays Cash Nasty and Ashley (widely known under the nickname “AshONasty”) are not an item anymore. They separated in 2017 after a decade of love and partnership. Recently, Cash Nasty has joined the 2Hype Group, which consists of YouTubers, who deal with playing and commenting on video games. His band members include the social media personalities ZackTTG, Mopi, and some others.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Currently, Cash Nasty is single. He doesn’t post any pictures with girls on his Instagram account. But previously, he made just one his relationship public. During 10 years he was in love with Ashley, an Internet personality. Their relationships were not easy. At first, they maintained their connection at a distance. Then they moved together and hosted the channel CashNAshVlogs. After their tenth anniversary, they announced their separation and left their channel.
  2. His favorite kind of sport is Basketball. His favorite basketball player is LeBron James.
  3. Despite his love for sports, in his youth, he dreamed to become an actor or a filmmaker. As a pupil, he put a goal in front of himself to become famous. And he reached it!
  4. His net worth is estimated at $2 million.
  5. His height is 5 ft 10 in and his weight is 165.5 lbs.
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