Catfish Cooley

Catfish Cooley biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

David Allen Cooley


comedian, social media star

Birth Date

May 2, 1990


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Pitkin, Louisiana, United States


Pitkin High School

Catfish Cooley family members

Father's Name

Charles Cooley

Mother's Name

Lawanda Cooley (stepmother)

Siblings names

at least one brother

Is Catfish Cooley a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Catfish Cooley marital status?


Who is Catfish Cooley husband?

Munica West Cooley

How many children does she have?

4 (daughter Zooey Cooley and son Tyler Cooley with Munica West and two older kids from previous marriage)

Catfish Cooley husband

Munica West Cooley (wife)

Munica West Cooley


Date of birth: February 20, 1989

Catfish is married to Munica West Cooley. The woman was born in 1989 in Louisiana, but currently, she lives with her husband and their two kids in Vidor, Texas.

It’s hard to tell, whether she has a full-time career, but obviously, this woman is so focused on her family life. She put lots of effort to create a happy cozy home for her husband and their children. She likes costume parties, too.

Catfish Cooley kids

Zooey Cooley (daughter)

Zooey Cooley daughter Catfish Cooley


Zooey is so cool, and she is her father’s little copy. The girl is the first child in the family of Munica and David Cooley. She is a school pupil.

Tyler Cooley (son)

Tyler Cooley son Catfish Cooley


In his interview with Daniel Tosh (the founder of the Tosh.0 web series), Catfish told, that his youngest kid was born, when he was about 23. So, Tyler is in a primary school age as of 2020. He is a cute little boy, a precious gift for both of his parents.

In his interview with Daniel Tosh (the founder of the Tosh.0 web series), Catfish told, that Munica is his second wife. He was married to another woman previously and has two other kids with her. Besides, he opened up, that his ex-wife lives with his current wife’s old man nowadays.

Who are Catfish Cooley parents?

Charles Cooley (father)

Charles Cooley father Catfish Cooley


Date of birth: July, 1965

David was blessed with a great hard-working father. His dad’s name is Charles Cooley. He is busy with the construction company. He works there as a foreman.

Charles is married to Lawanda Cooley.


Nothing is known about Catfish’s biological mother.

Lawanda Cooley (stepmother)

Lawanda Cooley mother


LaWanda Jean Waddle Cooley is Catfish father’s wife. It seems that she is not blood-related to the famous comedian, but they share a close bond.

She lives in Pitkin, Louisiana, and works in the contracting company. The woman has three daughters and lots of grandchildren. One of her granddaughters, little Ansley Martin Vidrine has WAGR syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Lawanda and Catfish’s father Charles cares about the little girl.

Catfish Cooley siblings


Catfish Cooley siblings икщерук


The exact number of David’s siblings is not known. But for sure, he has at least one brother. You can see him in the photo.


Social media sites generated a galaxy of comedians, who can produce note-free fresh jokes, which make people more optimistic and give them precious moments of happiness.

He appeared from nowhere and immediately became popular on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Millions of people watch him and notice his incredible original talent.

David Allen Cooley was born in Pitkin, Louisiana on May 2, 1990. He comes from the family of southern poor farmers, who proudly call themselves “rednecks”. Although sometimes this word is considered rude, David uses it to show, that he is not ashamed of his roots and that he values his unique personality.

He graduated from Pitkin High School. His unique talent to make people laugh was noticeable since his earliest years. It’s hard to tell, what he planned to do after graduation, before his fame as a comedian. But in his 20s David launched the channel on YouTube, which changed his life.

His first video “Redneck shows how to quit smoking” gained hundreds of views within a week. His other screen work, which went viral on YouTube, was “Whiskey Wednesday’s Series”. After that, he created lots of interesting comedy sketches, where he demonstrated his redneck’s nature. His sincere and very funny manner to perform turned him into a real folk comedy star.

He performs under the name “Catfish” and in each video he produces a sound, which resembles that one a real catfish makes. He got that nickname from his friends in a gym, for the sounds he made while doing exercises.

In 2018 he became the participant of “Nitro Comedy Tour”, where he acted alongside his friend and colleague Ginger Billy.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Although in his YouTube videos Catfish gets drunk very often, in his real-life he has healthy relationships with alcohol (according to his words in Tosh.0 episode).
  2. He didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton and isn’t her supporter, because according to his opinion, she couldn’t keep her husband happy.
  3. He has a string of tattoos over his body, his favorite one is a devil on his left ankle.
  4. His net worth is close to $8 million.
  5. His height is 5 feet 9 inches.


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