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Champ Bailey biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Roland Bailey Jr.


American football player, ex-NFL player

Birth Date

June 22, 1978


43 years

Zodiac Sign



Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States


Charlton County High School, the University of Georgia



Champ Bailey family members

Father's Name

Roland Bailey Sr.

Mother's Name

Elaine Bailey

Siblings names

Ron Bailey (older brother), Danielle Bailey (older sister), Boss Bailey (younger brother)

Is Champ Bailey a gay/bisexual?


What is Champ Bailey marital status?


Who is Champ Bailey wife?

Jessica Herrera

When did get married?

July, 2014

How many children does he have?

7 (Bria Mincey, Whitney Bailey, Keevan Bailey, Miah Bailey, The Son from Unknown Mother, Brayden Bailey, Beckem Bailey)

Champ Bailey wife

Hanady Bailey-Aboneaaj (ex-wife)

Hanady Bailey Aboneaaj ex-wife Champ Bailey


Date of birth: August 25, 1980

We know, that Champ Bailey is a talented American football cornerback, the 12-time Pro Bowl choice, and a 3-time All-Pro titleholder. Working a lot for such honorable titles, he didn’t have much time for the personal life. Nevertheless, he went down the aisles twice.

On May 25, 2002 he tied a knot with Hanady Aboneaaj. He met this bright beautiful woman at the University of Georgia and dated for several years till Champ dared to propose her. Their wedding ceremony was luxurious. They exchanged the vows in the beautiful rented mansion at Dean Gardens. Champ’s NFL friends Troy Vincent and Larry Centers were among 240 guests.

The couple parented two kids, a son Keevan and a daughter Miah. In 2006 they separated and divorced legally. That happened soon after the birth of their daughter.

Jessica Herrera (wife)

Jessica Herrera wife Champ Bailey


Date of birth: June 18, 1985

Champ’s current wife is Jessica Herrera, the former hot model, who was professionally known under the name Jesikah Maximus. She has Hispanic ancestry is can speak Spanish fluently. The model was born and raised in Orange County, California. Her mother’s name is Claudia. Except for her, her mom gave birth to another daughter and a son.

Jessica appeared on the covers of various fashion magazines, like “Show” and “King and Maxim”. She met Champ circa in the late 2000s. In 2010 she gave birth to their first son Brayden. In July 2014 they got married. In 2018 the couple welcomed another son, named Beckem.

Champ Bailey kids

Bria Mincey (daughter)

Bria Mincey daughter Champ Bailey


Date of birth: April 14, 1993

Champ became a father for the first time in 1993, and Champ was just 14 at that time. He had a daughter with the school’s sweetheart. Frankly speaking, Champ was a very popular guy at school and girls were chasing him. He had lots of love affairs, and some girls got pregnant from him.

In one of his interviews, he confessed, that being a father at so young age was not easy for him. But he wasn’t afraid to take responsibility. He joined playing football with taking one odd job after another to help the mother of his daughter with child support money.

Bria Mincey resides in Folkston, GA. She attended Charlton County High School (from where her father had graduated, too). She was very athletic and played for the basketball school team. In 2020 she graduated from Valdosta State University.

The young lady is very close to her father and her half-siblings from the father’s side. She is very proud of all his achievements.

Whitney Bailey (daughter)

Whitney Bailey daughter Champ Bailey


Date of birth: 1997

Whitney is another Champ’s daughter, whom he welcomed when he was 18 years old. He didn’t escape from his daughter’s life, and she is closely-knitted with him till now.

Whitney Crews- Bailey resides in Los Angeles, CA. She has a boyfriend, named Ozzy. They started dating in 2017.

Keevan Bailey (son with Hanady Bailey)

Keevan Bailey son with Hanady Bailey


Probably, Keevan is the most successful kid of Champ Bailey as of now. He is following his father’s footsteps and plays American football for “Colorado State Rams” as a cornerback. And yes, his talent is obvious.

By the way, Keevan, who has already become interesting for many media issues, insists, that his success is not the result of his father’s influence. “I like him, but we are not so connected”, he used to tell in one of the interviews. And he added that he owes his victories to his mother.

In 2019 he was honored to play in Elite Raw Talent All-American Bowl. The boys are not going to stop, and probably, we’ll hear about him in the nearest future.

Miah Bailey (daughter with Hanady Bailey)

Miah Bailey daughter Champ Bailey


Date of birth: circa 2006

Keevan tells that he has two favorite women in his life. They are his mother and his little sister Miah.

He is Champ’s fourth kid and third daughter. The girl was born in 2006, just a couple of months before her parents’ divorce. Currently, she resides with her mother in Georgia.

The Son (from Unknown Mother)

Champ Bailey kids


After his divorce from Hanady and before meeting his current wife Jessica he had relationships with a woman, whose name is not known to the wide audience. They had a son together. The boy lives with his father as of now.

Brayden Bailey (son with Jessica Herrera)

Brayden Bailey son Champ Bailey


Date of birth: 2010

Brayden was born in 2010, and he is the first son of Champ and Jessica Herrera. He came into the limelight for the first time at the age of 4, when he attended the game of the Broncos against the Patriots. The boy wore a T-Shirt with the words “Lil Champ” on it.

Now he is a big cute boy, the real joy for his parents and grandmothers. Of course, he is playing American football and is going to follow the same dream as his daddy did.

Beckem Bailey (son with Jessica Herrera)

Date of birth: September 2018

Beckem is the youngest edition of the Bailey family. He was born in September 2018 in the family of Jessica Herrera and Champ Bailey. He is the youngest most pampered kid in the big Bailey family.

Who are Champ Bailey parents?

Elaine Bailey (mother)

Elaine Bailey mother Champ Bailey


In 2019 Champ’s name was preserved in The Pro Football Hall of Fame. During his speech at that great event he thanked his beautiful mom. He thanked for that pressure she used to make him practice football, all that love she had in her heart in the moments of sport injures and losses and all that faith in his gift she had when he had just started his career way.

His birth name is Roland Bailey Jr, but nobody remembers it now. It was his mom, who gave him the nickname “Champ” when he had just turned 2. Since then he was sure, one day he would win a championship.

Now Elaine remains one of the most important ladies in his life. She is retired and lives in a big house her son has bought for her. Previously, she worked as a funeral home attendant.

Roland Bailey Sr. (father)

Roland Bailey Sr. father Champ Bailey


Although Champ’s parents separated, when he was a teenager, he is thankful to his father, too. Even though his parents separated, Ronald Sr. remains his dad. He is an easy-going person, who could spend the last dollar for his children. Now he is married to a woman, named Lawanda. Nevertheless, he maintains good relationships with his ex-wife Elaine. They were school love birds and they are the parents of four great kids.

Probably, Champ inherited his athletic skills from his father. He attended Charlton County High School and was one of the best sprinters there. But he didn’t become a champion, like his son. He was an army worker for many years, that’s why their family moved a lot. Finally, they settled in Folkston, GA.

Champ Bailey siblings

Ron Bailey (older brother)

Ron Bailey siblings Champ Bailey


Date of birth: circa 1976

Champ’s oldest brother is named Ron. By the way, he was a good athlete at school, too, and played American football at the position of a cornerback. He dreamed to become a professional player, but he got an injury, while he was performing on the field for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and had to quit his dream.

Nevertheless, it didn’t prevent him from becoming successful. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in economics. Now he resides in Atlanta and works as a graphic artist.

Danielle Bailey (older sister)

Danielle Bailey older sister Champ Bailey


Date of birth: circa 1976

Danielle is Champ’s only sister. She is closely-knitted with Champ and arranged Bailey Brothers Football Camp several years ago.

She is a Valdosta State University graduate. She holds a degree in sociology. Danielle resides in Stockbridge, Ga.

Boss Bailey (younger brother)

Boss Bailey


Date of birth: October 14, 1979

His real name is Rodney Bailey. He was born in Hopkinsville, Ky. He got the nickname “Boss” from his grandfather. Boss is another stellar athlete in the Bailey family. Having started his career as a football linebacker in 2003, he played for “Detroit Lions” and “Denver Broncos”. Boss was released in 2009.

Currently, he lives in Folkston, GA. He is married to Amber Bailey and has three kids with her.


The name of Champ Bailey is known to everyone, who loves sports. He started his career as an American football player in 1999 and finished in fifteen years later with stacks of awards and titles. On August 3, 2019 his name was preserved in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He saw the world for the first time on June 22, 1978 in the small town of Fort Campbell, Ky. He is one of four kids in the family of Roland and Elaine Bailey. His parents separated, when he was still a school pupil.

The boy was very athletic and tried various kinds of sports while studying at Charlton County High School. By the time of graduation he has already become a local sports star. No wonder, that he got a sports scholarship and was accepted to the University of Georgia. He played American football the Georgia Bulldogs team. Having become the college football celebrity, he led his team to lots of victories over the teams of other colleges. The only athlete, who turned to be a strong rival for him was the young Peyton Manning from the Tennessee Volunteers.

Professionally, he started playing for “Washington Redskins” at first. Afterward, he performed for the teams “Denver Broncos” (the main team in his career life, actually) and for “New Orleans Saints”. In 2014 he decided to retire and let the younger athletes show their best on the field.

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