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Charlie Puth biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Charles Otto Puth Jr.


singer, songwriter, producer

Birth Date

December 2, 1991


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Rumson, New Jersey, United States


Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School;Berklee College of Music



Charlie Puth family members

Father's Name

Charles Puth Sr.

Mother's Name

Debra Puth

Siblings names

Stephen Puth (brother), Mikaela Puth (sister)

Is Charlie Puth a gay/bisexual?


What is Charlie Puth marital status?

In relation

Who are Charlie Puth parents?

Charles (Chuck) Puth (father)

Charlie Puth father

photo instagram / mikaelaputh

Date of birth: November 13, 1957

Charlie was blessed with two loving parents, who helped him to become who he is now. His father Charles Puth (which is just Chuck in the family circle) set high standards in front of him. He started his career as a constructor, and then developed his professional skills and became a real estate agent.

In social media, our today hero always expresses love and respect to his parent. He tells that he was lucky to have such a father.

Chuck and his wife of many years Deb created a great family and maintained a friendly atmosphere there. As Debra told in her interviews, “He has always been on the same page with me”. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Debra Puth (mother)

Charlie Puth mother

photo instagram / mikaelaputh

Date of birth: September 14, 1959

Debra is called “Deb” in a family circle. Her maiden surname is Goldstein. She entered this world in Matawan, NJ and spent her teens there. When she graduated from school, she witnessed the first tragedy in her life – her parents divorced. She moved to Brookdale with her father, and there she entered a college. Deb joined studying with a full-time job because her parents had no money and couldn’t pay for her. After a couple of years, she transferred to another educational venue in Lawrenceville, from where she graduated as a marketer and a Bachelor of Science. After college, she found a job on TV. In her early years, she took piano lessons from a teacher, who lived in the neighborhood. Later it gave her an opportunity to work as a musician. Deb met her big break at a mature age when she started to work for HBO. She composed music for commercials. Earlier to these, she taught music for 40 students or so.

Deb is not just a successful musician; she is also a happy wife and mother of three talented kids. This woman serves as a role model for many parents all over the world. And she is ready to share her secrets of parenthood, the main of which is to give her children some values, without asking them. “I’ve never asked if my kids wanted to play the piano or to learn the foreign language. There were some things, which they had to do in my house at least till the 8th grade”. As you see, it worked! Except for Charlie, Deb has two other kids – twins.

Charlie Puth siblings

Stephen Puth (brother; Mikaela’s twin)

Stephen Puth

photo instagram / stephenputh

Date of birth: April 13, 1994

Stephen is 24 as for now. He is the younger brother of an international music star Charlie Puth. Stephen is one of the twins, and like his brother and sister, he got great academic and musical education.

Currently, he resides with his older brother in Los Angeles. He lives in Beverly Hills house, which Charlie bought for the cash from the album selling. He works as a record producer and songwriter.

Mikaela Puth (sister; Stephen’s twin)

Mikaela Puth

photo instagram / mikaelaputh

Date of birth: April 13, 1994

Mikaela is Charlie’s only sister. She is Stephen’s twin. She resides with her brothers in Charlie’s Beverly Hills mansion. She works as a talent manager. She manages Charlie’s career, too. As for now, Mikaela is single.


Charlie Puth bio

photo instagram / charlieputh

Charles Otto Jr., widely known as Charlie Puth, gained international popularity as a gifted musician, songwriter, and producer. He started his career from posting covers on compositions of renowned singers on YouTube and later was signed by Atlantic Records. He released his first set of songs “Nine Track Mind” in 2016. In spite of the fact, that it got mostly negative reviews from critics, the album enjoyed great commercial success and was certified as Platinum in USA and several other countries.

As for now, he boasts with two studio albums and three extended plays. He is known by successful collaborations with popular artists, either. Thus, he co-wrote Wiz Khalifa song “See You Again” and contributed his vocals to it, too. Besides, he recorded a song with a young female singer Meghan Trainor, named “Marvin Gaye”. This composition got multi-platinum status in Australia.

He gained some popularity as a producer, too. Charlie produced songs of an R&B singer Jason Derulo and some other artists.

Nowadays Charlie Puth is becoming more and more popular from day to day. He is not married but has dated a number of famous beautiful girls, including Meghan Trainor and Bella Thorne.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Charlie’s eyebrow (which catches everybody’s attention) is a result of childhood trauma. When he was about 2, the dog bit him. Now the young man has a scar and some hair is missing on his brow. But his fans consider it as his trademark.
  2. The first person, who noticed his talent and gave him a chance, was Ellen DeGeneres. She heard one of his amateur songs at YouTube and phoned her friend Emily Luther (a pop singer) and invited her and Charlie to the show. At the show, she promised to sign them to the record label.
  3. Charlie Puth told that he dated lots of girls, both famous and unknown. But just a few of his affairs went public. One of them was that one with singer Meghan Trainor, with whom he shared a passionate kiss on the stage at American Music Awards. It lasted for 15 seconds!
  4. His favorite look is a flannel unbuttoned shirt, a T-shirt, and straight jeans.
  5. He likes his fans and is always open to communication with them.
  6. Since the summer of 2022, Charlie Puth has been romantically linked to Brooke Sansone. The rumors about Charlie’s new girlfriend appeared in the media after his interview with Howard Stern in the autumn, of 2022, when the Grammy-nominated singer confessed, that he “was in love with someone”. Later he shared the picture with Brooke in February 2023. Charlie and Brooke have been friends since childhood.  She is a digital marketing specialist.
  7. In October 2022 Puth released the third studio album “Charlie”., which consists of twelve songs. The album got mostly positive reviews and occupied the 10th position at the US Billboard 200 during the first week after its release.
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