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Chloe Lukasiak biography
photo instagram / chloelukasiak
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak


dancer, model, actress

Birth Date

May 25, 2001


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Churchill, Pennsylvania, United States


high school



Chloe Lukasiak family members

Father's Name

Marc Lukasiak

Mother's Name

Christi Lukasiak

Siblings names

Clara Lukasiak (younger sister)

Is Chloe Lukasiak a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Chloe Lukasiak marital status?

In relation

Chloe Lukasiak family

Chloe Lukasiak spouse

Ricky Garcia (ex-boyfriend; dated in 2015-2016)

Ricky Garcia

photo instagram / realrickygarcia

Date of birth: January 22, 1999

Ricardo Rene Garcia Jr is cool, and he knows it. He was born at US Military Base in Puerto Rico in the family of the marine Ricardo and his wife. The boy grew up alongside two older brothers.

In his school years Ricky had versatile interests. He liked acting, music and sports. He is a vivid surfing enthusiast.

In his teens he started to monetize his good looks through modeling. Having gained initial experience in show business, he moved his way on TV.

The cute boy became recognizable after participation in The X-Factor talent contest. He performed on the show as the part of the trio “Forever In Your Mind”. The other band members are twenty-year-old Emery Kelly and nineteen-year-old Liam Attridge. The boys perform in pop genre. In 2016 they released the first extended play “FIYM”. In spite of the fact that Garcia and his band-mates are just debutants, they managed to create a large fan base. The merchandise goods from the boys are sold like hot pies. The energetic young man Ricky is not just a singer, he is also an actor. He became popular after appearance in the series “Best Friends Whenever”, produced by Disney channel.

In 2015 he attended Radio Disney Music Awards, where crossed his ways with Chloe Lukasiak. Two young entertainers dated during 8 months, but then split, which made their teen fans upset.

Who are Chloe Lukasiak parents?

Marc Lukasiak (father)

Marc Lukasiak father Chloe Lukasiak

photo instagram / luko33

Date of birth: June 29, 1975

Marc Lukasiak has a lot of things to be proud of – his beautiful wife, his pretty talented daughters and his career.

He was born in Pennsylvania and after graduating from high school he entered Gannon University. He graduated from there in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in English. Mr. Lukasiak met his loved one Christi around that time, and in 1998 they got engaged.

Marc started his career as a reporter at the newspaper “Pittsburg Tribune Review”. Then he transferred to Western Psychiatric Institute, where he worked as a marketing director. Currently, he occupies the post of marketing and communications director in the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, where numerous kids and teens can get medical help.

The man has quite a popular Instagram account with more than 49, 000 of followers, where he uploads pics of his adorable family.

Christi Lukasiak (mother)

Christi Lukasiak mother Chloe Lukasiak

photo instagram / christilukasiak

Date of birth: March 3, 1977

Christina Zook Lukasiak is no less popular than her great daughter. She acted opposite her talented child in the show “Dance Moms”.

The woman was born in Pennsylvania. Her mother was very young when she welcomed a baby, and that is why the girl’s childhood was quite troubled. She couldn’t find a common language with her mother and spent the major part of her early years at her grandparents’ house.

She dreamed about dancing, but she had no opportunity to do it as her family was quite poor.

She tied the knot with Marc Lukasiak in the late 1990s and gave birth to their two daughters. For many years the family of four resided in Churchill, Pennslyvania. There Christi operated a kids’ fitness center. But then she sold it and turned into a housewife.

Christi supported her daughter Chloe on the show. By the way, she had made friends with some mothers from the series much earlier than they met at the contest. For example, she knew Kelly Hyland, Brook’s mother, for 9 years before the show.

Chloe Lukasiak siblings

Clara Lukasiak (younger sister)

Clara Lukasiak siter Chloe Lukasiak

photo instagram / christilukasiak

Date of birth: August 17, 2009

Clara Alexandra is Chloe’s small sister and the youngest member of the Lukasiak family. She was just 2 years old when her sibling and mother became involved in the series.

In spite of her young age, Clara has already become a celebrity. She is known as a dancer and a child actress, who participated in “Dance Moms” alongside her mother. In 2015 then-six-year-old made her runway debut and walked at an American Girl event.

clara photo

Her mother posted on her YouTube channel an episode of Clara’s party, devoted to her 13th birthday on August 26, 2022.

In turned out that a teenager Clara Lukasiak hates to be on camera now. She was hiding from the camera during her birthday party. But she eagerly posts pictures on her Instagram account, which has 883k subscribers nowadays.



Chloe Lukasiak photo

photo instagram / chloelukasiak

It’s not an easy thing for a teenager to be in the limelight and all day long hear like other people are talking about you (especially, if their words are evil). But the burden of popularity becomes several times harder if the teen star has some physical drawback. In case of Chloe Lukasiak, has a rare disease, named silent sinus syndrome. The result of the disorder is the size of her right eye – it’s a little smaller than her left one.

But the bright talented girl doesn’t allow her health issue to steal her joy. She works hard as a dancer, occasional actress, and TV star. And now everyone knows and respects her as one of the most talented Dance Moms participants.

Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak was born in Churchill, but currently, she resides in Mars, Pennsylvania. The girl attended a public school and joined it with dancing lessons at Abby Lee Dance Company. She became popular in 2011 when she was cast in the show “Dance Moms”.

The girl participated in the first four seasons of the show. She was ranked as one of the best performers of Dance Moms. Her main rival was Maddie Ziegler. Very often Maddie occupied the first place, and Chloe was the second one. And sometimes Lukasiak defeated Ziegler. Chloe compares favorably with other show dancers by her talented and versatile choreography. She practices such kinds of dancing as ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, etc. The girl thinks that spinning and dance turns are her strong points.

Lukasiak gained a large fan base at the show, but she left it after her mother’s quarrel with Abby Lee. The women shouted at one another, and Abby assaulted Christi, the dancer’s mother, having given inappropriate comments about Chloe’s eye.

As for now, the girl studies at Studio 19 Dance Complex. In addition, she acts in films, like “Beautiful Scars” and “A Cowgirl’s Story”. She also runs a self-titled YouTube channel with more than 2.27 million followers.

She previously dated a young singer Ricky Garcia.

Interesting and fun facts

Chloe Lukasiak fun

photo instagram / chloelukasiak

  1. Chloe holds three dancing awards before her participation in the show. They are “National Small Fry”, “Junior Miss Dance Educators of America 2011” and “Miss Dance Educators of America 2010”.
  2. She dreams about a career as a dancer and wants to perform on Broadway. In case if the dancing option wouldn’t work, she wants to be a pediatrician.
  3. Chloe has asthma.
  4. She owns a big black dog, named Maggie.
  5. Her favorite food is ice cream, hot dog, and stake. But she hates pizza.
  6. In 2021 Chloe shared with her fans Instagram pictures of her new love. That turned out to be a girl, a pro skateboarder Brooklinn Khoury. Chloe and Brooklinn were friends at first. Chloe supported her friend after Khoury was attacked by a vicious dog. Later they started dating.
  7. On June 6, 2022, her mother Christi started a new podcast “Back to the Barre” with Kelly Hyland. The women re-watch Dance Moms episodes and share their memories of what happened behind the stage, their kids’ reactions, etc.
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