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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Christopher Maurice Brown


American singer, songwriter, and actor

Birth Date

June 5, 1989


34 years

Zodiac Sign



Tappahannock, Virginia, United States



Chris Brown family members

Father's Name

Clinton Brown

Mother's Name

Joyce Hawkins

Siblings names

sister Lytrell Bundy

Is Chris Brown a gay/bisexual?


What is Chris Brown marital status?

In relation

Who is Chris Brown wife?

Ammika Harris (rumored girlfriend)

How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Royalty Brown with Nia Guzman and a son with Ammika Harris)

Chris Brown wife

Nia Guzman (former girlfriend)Nia Guzman former girlfriend

Date of birth: July 22, 1983

Nia Guzman, also known as Nia Amey (by the surname of her first husband) was born in 1983 in Corpus Christi (a medium-size city in the southern part of Texas). There she was educated in a high school. The woman quit her studying, when she met Terry Amey. In 2001 the couple welcomed a daughter Zillah Jade Amey.

They wedded in 2003. After that Terry and Nia moved to LA. There Terry worked as a logistics coordinator in a successful oil company. Nia studied nursing in college and joined it with modeling. As a model, she knew many famous people. A musician and dancer Chris Brown was one of her friends. He is 5 years younger than Nia Gusman. Although Nia was married with Terry Amey and Chris was dating a model Karrueche Tran, it didn’t stop them from having an affair. After a short-term relationship Nia got pregnant. In 2014 she gave a birth to a daughter Royalty Brown. Nia didn’t tell Chris about her pregnancy. But 10 months later he discovered that he had a daughter. After that Chris Brown started a court process against Nia Gusman. As a result, they shared a child’s custody.

Terry Amay filed for divorce, when he knew about his wife pregnancy from another man. He had no idea, who was a man, with whom his wife Nia cheated him. Terry was shocked, when he had learnt that it was R&B star Chris Brown. The musician broke up with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran after his baby news.

Nowadays Nia Gusman has a deal with a music label Y.E.M.G. She plans to try her hand as a singer. In addition, she develops a clothing line, named after her daughter – Royalty.

Chris Brown kids

Royalty Brown (daughter with Nia Guzman)

chris brown baby Royalty Brown daughter

Date of birth: May 27, 2014

Although Chris Brown affair with Nia Gusman ruined his relationships with a model Karrueche Tran, he tells that he doesn’t regret about this episode in his life, because it brought him a special gift – his daughter. As for now, Royalty is the only one child of a hip hop star.

At first Chris didn’t know that he fathered a baby. After that he asked his friend a short-term lover Nia to pass DNA test, which confirmed, that Royalty is his baby.

After that Chris started a new page in his life. From a bright music star and bad boy, who beat Rihanna, he turned into a loving daddy.

Chris spends a lot of time with Royalty. According to court decision, he can spend 12 days per months with his daughter. Brown appears with his cute girl in public and posts her pics in Instagram. He named Royalty Brown “my little copy”.

As for now, Royalty is a cute kid of 4 years old. She lives in LA with her mother and older sister. In 2016 the girl was diagnosed with asthma. Nia tells that this health disorder comes from Chris’s habit to smoke weeds everywhere, even near his daughter. That caused the inflammatory illness.

Son with Ammika Harris

Date of birth: circa November 21, 2019

Chris Brown remains extremely private about his personal life, but he hinted on Instagram, that he had become a father for the second time on November 21, 2019. He uploaded the photo with the word “born”. The fans asked the singer to tell openly about his newborn baby to give them an opportunity to celebrate it. It’s known, that Chris and the mother of his baby Ammika separated in June, when she was on the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Who are Chris Brown parents?

Joyce Hawkins (nee Bundy) (mother)

Joyce Hawkins nee Bundy mother

Joyce Hawkins is not just Chris Brown mother, she is also his most devoted fan. She supported her son after his scandal with Rihanna and tried to explain his assaulting behavior by a bad company that was around him in 2009.

Joyce spent most part of her life in Tappahannock, VA. She worked as a director of a day care centre. The woman was married twice. Her first husband was Clinton Brown, with whom she welcomed a daughter Lytrell Bundy and a son Chris Brown. Joyce spent a lot of time with her children. She helped them develop their talents. Thus, she supported her son’s interest in music.

When Chris Brown turned 7, his mother Joyce and father Clinton filed for divorce. That situation influenced the boy. He met the first tragedy on his way.

Soon Joyce re-married Daniel Hawkins. She took his surname. Chris hated his stepfather and even promised to kill him. The reason was Daniel’s abusive nature. Very often he beat Joyce. Chris wanted to protect his mother.

Daniel lost his eyesight after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. After that he became even crueler. During Chris Brown court process the musician blamed his abusive stepfather. But Daniel Hawkins denied all Brown’s accusations in his interview. “Don’t blame me in your problems”, Mr. Hawkins said.

Soon Joyce separated from an abusive husband. Now she helps her son with his career. She also takes part in her granddaughter’s upbringing.

Clinton Brown (father)

Clinton Brown father chris brown

Date of birth: 1965

Clinton Brown divorced with Chris’s mother Joyce, when a future hip hop star had been in a primary school age. But till now he stays in touch with his son. Not long ago Chris Brown congratulated his parent with Father’s Day.

Clinton earned his living as the prison officer. It was he, who inspired his son to start a music career. In his young years Clinton came home from work and played tunes for his daughter Lytrell and son Chris. He is a pensioner as for now and lives in a small house in Tappahannock. He supported his son during his time in jail, where he was put after abusive scandal with Rihanna. Later Clinton named his son and Rihanna’s second attempt to start an affair “a mistake”.

Chris Brown siblings

Lytrell “Tootie”Bundy (sister from same parents)

Lytrell Tootie Bundy sister from same parents

Date of birth: 1981

Lytrell Bundy is Chris Brown only sibling. She is 8 years older than her brother. Lytrell is nicknamed as “Tootie” by her friends.

The girl grew up in Tappahannock, VA. There she graduated from a local high school and then continued her education at James Madison University, where she studied biology. Currently the girl lives in Chesterfield, VA. She works as a medical laboratory scientist.

Lytrell has always been in a friendly relationship with her brother Chris. She defended him during his story with Rihanna. “He has never been violent”, she told to journalists.


Interesting and fun facts

  1. Christopher Maurice Brown spent his early years in Tappahannock, VA. He fell in love with music at a kindergarten age. The boy sang in a church choir. He also was a star of a school play “Elfis”.
  2. Chris Brown is widely known due to his self-titled album, which got platinum status. His other super-successful album is “Exclusive”. In 2015 he released an album “Royalty”, inspired by his daughter.
  3. Chris is the owner of fourteen Burger King restaurants.
  4. He was nominated for Grammy 12 times during the years of his career, but won it just once – in 2012.
  5. Chris Brown is nicknamed as “Breezy”. At the beginning of his career he performed under the name C-Syzle.
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