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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Christopher Stephen Tyson


YouTube star, digital content creator

Birth Date

July 1, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Ayden, North Carolina, United States


Greenville Christian Academy



Chris Tyson family members

Father's Name

Steve Tyson

Mother's Name

Amy Foss Tyson

Siblings names

Kaitlyn Tyson Ghiassi (older sister), Sarah Tyson Westbrook (older sister)

Is Chris Tyson a gay/bisexual?


What is Chris Tyson marital status?


Who is Chris Tyson wife?

Katie Farquhar Tyson

When did get married?

May 12, 2018

How many children does he have?

1 (son Tucker Tyson)

Chris Tyson family

Chris Tyson family

Chris Tyson wife

Katie Farquhar Tyson (wife)

Katie Farquhar Tyson wife Chris Tyson

Katie Farquhar Tyson wife Chris Tyson

Date of birth: July 21, 1994

Despite his young age, Chris has already got married. The name of his wife is Katie Farquhar Tyson. They started dating in 2014. The place, where Chris invited Katie for the first date, was the café “The Chef and the Farmer”. There he proposed to her, having stood on one knee, 2 and half years later after their first meeting. They wedded on May 12, 2018. Two years later the couple welcomed their son Tucker.

Katie Anne Farquhar is a North Carolina native. She spent the major part of her life on Harkers Island, NC. She studied Neurodiagnostics at The University of North Carolina. Later she studied Pulmonology. Now the girl works at ECU Physicians medical center.

Nowadays Katie’s main goal is to care about her and Chris’s small son. But she finds time to maintain her super-popular Instagram account. Her life is watched by 158k people. Besides, she sells versatile goods through Amazon.

Chris Tyson kids

Tucker Tyson (son)

Chris Tyson kids son Tucker Tyson

Chris Tyson kids son Tucker Tyson

Date of birth:  June 18, 2020

Little Tuck is more popular on Instagram than his mom. His account on this platform is followed by 310k people. He is introduced as “the first baby in Mr. Beast’s team”.

Chris and Katie announced their pregnancy in January 2020. As that was the period of COVID quarantine, the happy parents relocated to the countryside. Chris was very proud to discover during the baby shower that it was a boy.

After his birth, Tucker became popular very fast. He was just 2 months old when he made his first appearance in the Mr. Beast video. He continues appearing on this channel from time to time. You can watch little Tuck in an episode “Chris Tyson and his Luckiest Family”, “Tuckers First Challenge” etc.

The YouTuber Chris has already shared lots of his son’s pictures. He stated that he would become a father at a quite young age – 23 years old, but he likes to be a parent to Tacker.

Who are Chris Tyson parents?

Steve Tyson (father)

Chris Tyson father Steve Tyson

Chris Tyson father Steve Tyson

Date of birth: June 1964

Chris was blessed with a great family. The name of his father is Louis Stephen Tyson. While speaking about his dad, Chris told, that he was a farmer. Mr. Tyson owned the companies “S & A Farm Properties LLC” and “Steve Tyson Farms INC”.

The only thing, known about Steve’s education, is that he is a high school graduate. For many years he has been married to Amy Foss Tyson. Steve and Amy raised 3 kids, including Chris.

Amy Foss Tyson (mother)

Chris Tyson mother

Chris Tyson mother

Date of birth: September 1971

Chris shares a close bond with his beautiful mom. Her full name is Amy Foss Tyson. She is the daughter of Nannie and Dennis Edwin Foss, who died in 2022. Her father served in the American army. Except for Amy, her parents were raising a son Daniel. Chris’s mother maintains warm relationships with her brother and his wife Amy (her namesake).

Amy resides with her family in Harkers Island, NC. But she comes from Grifton, North Carolina. The woman joins her motherhood with an active career. She works as a real estate agent and a broker.

Chris Tyson siblings

Kaitlyn Tyson Ghiassi (older sister)

Chris Tyson sister

Date of birth: January 6, 1989

Chris was blessed with 2 older sisters. The name of the oldest one is Kaitlyn. She resides with her husband Erfaan Ghiassi, 2 years older, in Winston Salem, NC. Erfaan works as a family doctor. Kaitlyn and her husband are the parents of a cute boy, named Daniel. They have a daughter, too.

Sarah Tyson Westbrook (older sister)

Sarah Tyson Westbrook

Sarah Tyson Westbrook sister Chris Tyson

Date of birth: September 14, 1993

Chris’s other sister is Sarah Tyson Westbrook. She lives in Winterville, NC. Sarah is married to Jordan Westbrook, 2 years older. He studied building technology at Pitt Community College. Then, he continued his education at East Carolina University. He works as a project estimator. The couple has 2 sons.


Chris Tyson has become popular in his teens as a regular participant in Mr. Beast’s videos. Chris and Jimmy (Mr. Beast) have known each other since childhood. They attended the same school – Greenville Christian Academy. Chris was a high school student, while Jimmy was still in middle school at the moment of their meeting. They both have something in common – they liked YouTube videos.

Christopher Stephen Tyson was born in the family of real estate agent Amy Foss and farmer Steve Tyson. He grew up with 2 older sisters. Chris is a North Carolina native. He grew up on a big farm and had very few friends. But he had lots of pets instead of them.

Chris Tyson family members

Chris Tyson family members

His acquaintance with his schoolmate Jimmy Donaldson changed his life. Both were very funny creative people. That helped them gain a massive following on YouTube.

Being inspired by the video creator Woody’s Gamer Tech, who left his regular job to become a full-time YouTuber, Jimmy started his channel. Chris was his first subscriber. The boys made videos for YouTube together. At first, they streamed themselves playing popular 2010 computer games. Later the boys invented many other things they used in videos, which helped them gather a massive following. Chris and Jimmy commented on computer games, then talked about other YouTubers, and finally, made videos, that helped unknown people in need with thousands of dollars.

Chris helped Mr. Beast with his channel and maintained his own, too. Nowadays, his channels “ChrisO2” and “Tysonboy34_” are empty, but previously, he had thousands of subscribers. Later Chris became the main host of the channel “Beast Reacts”. His parents, sister Sarah, son, and even maternal grandmother are featured in the episodes on “Beast Reacts”.

Currently, Chris positions himself on his Instagram account as the digital content creator and part of the Mr. Beast team.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In March 2021 Chris posted a contradictory tweet in response to the gay rapper Lil Nas X. In that tweet Tyson told, that “homosexuality is not the sin” and that he “hated himself in his high school for that”, so his fans decided, he opened up as a gay. But as Chris is married, he is considered by his followers as bisexual. The YouTube star himself didn’t give any official comments on that opinion.
  2. He told that he was a scout boy during his school years.
  3. Tyson is also known by the nickname “Chris The Meme God”. His Instagram account is titled in that way.
  4. He used to have a dog, named Bubba, which featured on some of Mr. Best’s episodes as “The Bear”. Chris liked his pet so much and confessed that he played with Bubba every day of his childhood. Bubba passed away in 2021 at the age of 14.
  5. His height is 5 ft 11 inches.
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