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Coco Quinn biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Coco Rochelle Quinn


Tik Tok star, Instagram star, YouTube star, singer

Birth Date

June 7, 2008


15 years

Zodiac Sign



Irvine, California, USA





Coco Quinn family members

Father's Name

Brian Quinn

Mother's Name

Dora Jean Savage Quinn

Siblings names

Tyler Buss (older half-brother), Kaylee Quinn (older sister), Rihanna Quinn (older sister)

Is Coco Quinn a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Coco Quinn marital status?


Who are Coco Quinn parents?

Brian Quinn (father)

Coco Quinn father

Date of birth: April 1971

It seems that Coco’s parents are divorced. Brian is the only member of the Quinn family, whom you can see so rarely on their YouTube or Instagram. Brian is a father to three Quinn girls. But he is not blood-related to Tyler. Although Tyler uses the surname “Quinn” on his social media accounts. Probably, he has adopted the boy or Tyler just uses his family surname to show, that he belongs to the famous family.

Coco stays connected with her dad. She mentioned in one of her videos that Brian is quite short – he is 5 ft 5. The man resides in Florida as of now. He is a businessman.

Coco and her siblings are also very close with their paternal grandmother Rita Colleoni Quinn.

Dora Jean Savage Quinn (mother)

Coco Quinn mother

Coco Quinn mother Dora Jean Savage Quinn

Date of birth: September 1973

Although officially we know Coco’s mother as Jeannie Quinn, her real name is Dora Jean Savage Quinn. She comes from Illinois, but she spent the major part of her life in Los Angeles, CA.

Jeannie is the daughter of Donna Kientzel, the massage therapist from Illinois, and Mr. Savage. Her parents divorced, and her mother later re-married Kenneth R. Kientzel Sr., who passed away in 2009.

Coco’s mother was married to Mr. Buss in the late 1990s and had a son Taylor with him. Later she re-married Brian Quinn and welcomed 3 daughters, including Coco, with him. It seems that they are divorced as of now, although it is not confirmed officially.

Mrs. Quinn earned her living as a businesswoman. In the middle 2000s, she ran a company, which sold infant accessories. Currently, she is a talent manager, who helps her daughters and other people to develop their social media presence. In social media, Jeannie also mentioned that she was a registered nurse.

She gained wide recognition after her appearance on “Dance Moms”, although she didn’t become a regular on the show.

Coco is very close with her mother. She considers Jeannie her best friend and role model.

Coco Quinn siblings

Tyler Buss (older half-brother)

Coco Quinn brother Tyler Buss

Coco Quinn brother Tyler Buss

Date of birth: circa 1997

Tyler is the oldest child in the Quinn family. His birth name was Tyler Buss, although he is widely known as Tyler Quinn. The boy is the son of Jeannie Quinn and her ex-husband Mr. Buss.

As of 2023, Tyler is not active on his social media accounts. But previously he maintained his Instagram account with 9k+ subscribers and YouTube channel with 161 subscribers.

Coco’s fans know Tyler very well, as he is often featured in her videos. Thus, he made her makeup in an episode “My Brother Does My Makeup”, played with their pets in the video “Toby Adopts a Kitten” etc. He was a skillful dancer, too, and inspired his younger sister Kaylee to start dancing.

Unfortunately, Tyler keeps silent nowadays, so we don’t know any news about his life or career.

Kaylee Quinn (older sister)

Kaylee Quinn sister Coco Quinn

Kaylee Quinn sister Coco Quinn

Date of birth: July 18, 2004

Coco’s followers know her older sister very well. Kaylee Alyssa Quinn is a popular dancer and occasional actress. She gained wide popularity as a guest star in a popular TV show “Dance Moms”. Besides, she appeared in the film “Annie” (featuring Cameron Diaz and Rose Byrne) and in the series “Stitchers”.

Kaylee has been taking dance classes since she was 2. At the tender age of 5, she has already become a skilled ballet dancer and local celebrity. She practiced Russian ballet at Dmitri Kulev Classical Ballet Academy.

She was trained at Dance Precisions studio later. She practiced jazz and lyrical dances and took part in many sports competitions. In 2016 she became one of the winners of a very prestigious dancing contest “Youth America Grand Prix”. The other titles she won at dancing competitions were “Petite Miss Superstar 2013”, “WCDE Elite Junior Dancer 2014” and others.

Coco’s sister ran a self-titled YouTube channel, which gained 9+ million subscribers. But in 2023 she doesn’t post anything and left just 1 video there.

It seems that nowadays Kaylee’s main interest is fashion. In 2023 she graduated from high school and joined her peers at The Fashion Institute of Technology. There she studies business and marketing. She resides in New York and posts fashion-related content now.

Rihanna Quinn (older sister)

Rihanna Quinn

Rihanna Quinn sister Coco Quinn

Date of birth: December 24, 2006

Rihanna Noel Quinn is Coco’s other older sister. Like other members of this famous family, she is a great dancer. The girl featured on “Dance Moms”, too.

Coco showed her sister Rihanna on her YouTube videos many times. Thus, you may enjoy great looks of Rihanna in such episodes as “Cake Challenge/Rainbow Unicorn”, “Twin Telepathy Starbucks Challenge” and others. Previously, Rihanna was a constant participant in the videos on “Quinn Sisters”. Nowadays this channel is deleted from YouTube.

Like her sisters, she has been dancing since the age of 10. Around that time she started playing the guitar, too. Rihanna maintains a healthy lifestyle to keep her in great shape. She is vegetarian.

As of 2023, Rihanna is a high school pupil. She shares her time between studying and dating. Since 2020 she has been in a relationship with Cordell Cook. He plays American football for the Corona del Mar High School team.

Coco Quinn sister

Coco Quinn sister


You may know Coco Rochelle Quinn as a skillful dancer, singer, social media star, and occasional actress. She acted as Katie on “Mani”, the web series, produced by Brat TV. She also maintains the eponymous YouTube channel. It boasts 1.65 million subscribers. Besides, she is very active on Instagram and Tik Tok. More than 2.2 million people follow her life on Instagram. On Tik Tok, she has about 4.8 million viewers.

Coco Quinn was born in Irvine, California. It is her real name and surname, not a stage moniker, as some of her fans assumpted about her. She is the youngest of 4 kids in the family of Jeannie and Brian Quinn.

Coco started dancing at kindergarten age. She gained initial popularity as a participant in the TV show “Dance Moms” in 2016. The girl used to dance a lot in her childhood, but she had to quit it because of knee issues. The huge physical overloads during her dancing classes made her knees lock up. One day she was taken to a hospital as her knee had been locked up for 9 hours. After that Coco decided to take dance lessons occasionally.

Instead of dancing, she focused her mind on a signing. She released several covers of popular songs with her boyfriend Gavin Magnus (dated 2019-2021). Still, on her YouTube channel, the viewers can enjoy her bright and stylish music videos to the songs “Write About My Life”, “Beautiful Lies”, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” etc.

As of 2023, Coco is homeschooled. She continues acting and singing. And she returned from dyed blonde hair to her original brown tint.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Coco is quite short. In 2022 her height was 4 ft 11 in. She couldn’t become taller for four years and her doctor worried about that. But coco is genetically small, as her parents are both short. Her mom is 5 ft 4, while her dad is 5 ft 5.
  2. She maintains friendly relationships with social media stars Sarah Dorothy Little, Piper Rockelle, Walker Bryant, and others. She also makes music videos with her friend Stefan Benz.
  3. She has been a vegetarian since she was 9. She replaced meat with beans. Besides, she eats vegetables, potatoes, cheese, etc. Her favorite drink from Starbucks is a dragonfruit freshener.
  4. Coco is a big fan of the Dolan Twins and likes watching their videos.
  5. She is a big pet lover. She has 5 cats at home and a dog named Toby. Toby Quinn has its own Instagram account with 19k+ followers.
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