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Corbyn Besson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Corbyn Matthew Besson


singer, songwriter

Birth Date

November 25, 1998


24 years

Zodiac Sign





High School



Corbyn Besson family members

Father's Name

Ray Besson

Mother's Name

Saskia Carolina Besson

Siblings names

Jordan Besson (younger brother), Ashley Besson (younger sister)

Is Corbyn Besson a gay/bisexual?


What is Corbyn Besson marital status?

In relation

Who are Corbyn Besson parents?

Ray Besson (father)

Ray Besson

photo instagram / ray.besson

Corbyn’s father Ray always makes his son strive to be better (like the singer shared through social media). Probably, his dad’s encouragement helped Besson Jr become so successful and focused on his goals at such a young age. The patriarch of the family is also a persistent and career-oriented person.

Ray resides in Seattle, Washington. He is in his 40s. The man studied at Louisiana Tech University, where he earned Bachelor Degree in science. Later he earned Master Degree in business administration in Tuoro University.

Nowadays Ray is the father of three kids, including a rising star and WDW member Corbyn Besson. He is a busy person, who serves as a senior manager at Amazon. At the same time, he is a kind man, who took part in a number of charity activities, including building houses for poor people. Then his son Corbyn and he helped professional contractors to make walls and install electrical wiring of buildings, supposed for paupers.

Ray Besson is a licensed pilot. He is also a holder of the medal for humanitarian work. And of course, he is a big fan of his son and WDW band, which he endorses through Twitter.

Saskia Carolina Besson (mother)

Saskia Carolina Besson mother Corbyn

Date of birth: July 16, 1964

Corbyn posts pics of his mom in social media from time to time. He never gets tired to thank his parent for everything she did for him. As the boy’s fans tell, Mama Besson looks rather like Corbyn’s older sister, than like his parent. She is really close with her son and other boys from WDW. Corbyn names himself as “Mama’s boy”. She is married and except for Why Don’t We singer, she has a son and a daughter, too.

Corbyn Besson siblings

Jordan Besson (younger brother)

Jordan Besson

photo instagram / jordan_besson

Date of birth: May 3, 2000

Jordan is the middle child of Ray and Saskia Besson. He became popular mostly due to his older brother Corbyn.

He was born and raised in Clifton, Virginia. The boy attended Centreville High School and played football there. He has amicable relationship with other WDW members, too.

Ashley Besson (younger sister)

Ashley Besson sister Corbyn

photo instagram / ashley.besson

Date of birth: November 7, 2001

Ashley Mae is a little sister of Corbyn Besson and an elegant young lady, who is beautiful and knows it. She is a pupil of Centreville High School. The girl is interested in her older brother’s music. Due to Corbyn’s fame she gained a large base of followers, which she uses to endorse some cosmetic products. The girl is dating Connor Pawlowski. Like her brother earlier, she uploads vids to the broadcasting platform YouNow. She tries her hand as a singer, too.


Corbyn Besson bio

photo instagram / corbynbesson

Corbyn Besson is a young man, who has already become a sensation in music industry. As for now, he is on the first international tour with other members of Why Don’t We band.

He entered this world in one of the cities in Texas, but soon after his birth his parents moved him to Fairfax, VA. There he spent his childhood and early teen years. He attended a local school and led the life of an ordinary teenager. But his world has changed after his 12th birthday. Then his parents presented him an electronic guitar. From that moment music has become his passion. He played popular songs by ear, and then started to write music and lyrics himself.

The boy launched his YouTube channel, when he turned 15. There he uploaded his songs (some of them were written by him, the others were covers). After that he registered in a broadcasting service “YouNow”. He uploaded there his first self-written single “The Only One”. A little later he presented the song “Marathons”. Thus, Corbyn found his first fans and crossed his ways (through YouNow) with Jonah Marais and Daniel Seavey. They formed the band WDW. It’s interesting to know, that all boys from Why Don’t We met online.

That was a turning moment in Besson’s career. He woke up popular and now works hard in the company of Zach Herron, Jack Avery and others to cement their initial success.

Interesting and fun facts

Corbyn Besson facts

photo instagram / corbynbesson

  1. His star status at YouNow was proved, when he won Editor’s Choice title.
  2. His hobby is skating.
  3. Corb’s celebrity crash is Candice Swanepoel. In his real life he is dating Christina Marie Harris, 19-year-old girl from Long Island, NY. She is a social media star and a beauty guru. The girl posts beauty tutorials at YouTube under the name BeautyChickee.
  4. During the first WDW big tour Corbyn got an opportunity to visit new cities. His favorite ones are London and Dublin.
  5. Fans like cute Besson and always ask him for an autograph. The weirdest thing he was asked to sign was the forehead of his follower.
  6. He is a big fan of Justin Timberlake. Mirrors singer served as a role model for Corbyn. The first disk he bought was Timberlake’s.
  7. If he had such a chance, he would collaborate with Drake.
  8. When Corbyn was asked, what advice his mother gave him before starting his career, he told that it contained just two words, “Be you!” Due to his mother the boy knows, that not worrying about the amount of his fans, about other people opinion on what he is doing, is really important for his mental health and success.
  9. He would like to have a super power of shape shifting.
  10. His mom’s home cooked Fettuccine Alfredo is his favorite dish. His favorite movie is “Avatar”. His worst habit is biting his nails. His favorite song is “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake.
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