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Criss Angel biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos


American magician, illusionist and musician

Birth Date

December 19, 1967


55 years

Zodiac Sign



Town of Hempstead, New York, United States


East Meadow High School



Criss Angel family members

Father's Name

John Sarantakos

Mother's Name

Dimitra Sarantakos

Siblings names

JD Sarantakos (brother), Costa Sarantakos (brother)

Is Criss Angel a gay/bisexual?


What is Criss Angel marital status?

In relation

Who is Criss Angel wife?

Shaunyl Benson

How many children does he have?

2 (sons Johnny Crisstopher and Xristos Yanni)

Criss Angel has been dating many luxurious famous women, including Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and many others. Twice he went down the aisles and tried to create a standard American family – without tricks and illusions. But each time he failed. Read about Angel’s wives!

Criss Angel wife

Shaunyl Benson (partner; ex-wife)

 Shaunyl Benson wife

Date of birth: July 29, 1991

Zodiac sign: Leo

Shaunyl Benson is Criss Angel second former wife and a mother of his only son. She was born in 1991 and is 24 years younger than her famous husband. Shaunyl comes from a big Australian city of Queensland, where she grew up in a friendly middle class family. Benson has a sister Jaclyn.

Criss’s wife (former) tried to make career of a singer and songwriter. Her most popular composition “Let Me Love You” (cover to Mario Barrett song) gathered more than 7, 000 views at YouTube, before she deleted it.

She started dating Criss Angel in 2010s and on Valentine ’s Day in 2014 they officially tied a knot. The couple kept their wedding in secret during 8 months and finally went out of the shadow. In October that very year they welcomed a son – the first kid for both. They seemed to be really happy together, that’s why magician’s fans were shocked, when they heard the news about their split. The couple separated after a year of family life for unknown reason. They still stayed close and care about their small son.

In early 2018 Shaunyl and Criss were rumored to get back again. The couple were noticed together several times. At first the magician insisted, that they were just friends, but then shared their common photo with a heart emoji.

Probably, they are not married officially, because Benson calls Criss Angel “my love” on Instagram, not “my husband”. But obviously, they are a happy family now, and even welcomed the second son together.

JoAnn Winkhart (ex-wife m. 2002–2006)

sarantakos ex wife

Date of birth: December 5, 1969

Zodiac sign: Saggitarius

The slim green-eyed blonde Joanne A. Winkhart, known also as JoAnn Sarantakos, was born and educated at Aurora, Illinois. She worked as a model. JoAnn met her talented classmate at a high school. They started dating in 1992 and lived together during long 10 years till finally Criss dared to propose her. They tied a knot in 2002 and were together during 4 years. Joanne starred in several episodes of “Criss Angel Mindfreak”. The woman filed for divorce in 2006, when she heard about Criss affair with an actress Cameron Diaz. She named Diaz as the reason of her family breakdown. But later Cameron denied it in her interviews and told that Angel- Winkhart couple had already been separated to the moment of her brief love story with a magician.

Winkhart and Sarantakos were involved into a dirty court process, when the woman accused her husband in assaulting and beating her. In respond Angel promised “to make her disappear”.

But finally, two ex-lovers parted their ways. In May, 2006 Criss Angel finally got freedom from marriage.

Criss Angel kids

Johnny Crisstopher Sarantakos (son)

Johnny Crisstopher (son)

Date of birth: October, 2014

Zodiac sign: Libra

The magician Criss Angel welcomed his first kid at the age of 46. He was incredibly happy, but unfortunately, couldn’t spend a lot of time with a newborn because of a tough schedule. Some sources tell that Angel spent with his son just 2 days during the first year of his life. No wonder, because the baby boy has always lived with his mother in Australia, while the illusionist resides in Vegas, where he holds 5 shows per week.

But in October, 2015 he cancelled the show in Luxor hotel (Las Vegas) after a phone call from his ex-wife Shaunyl. His only child was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia – the form of cancer. Small Johnny passed through 18-month chemotherapy. During that long period the kind boy turned into annoyed and capricious creature, according to his parents’ words.

But now Johnny has a remission. He is 3 years old. His illness helped his parents remain friends after the divorce. The magician thanked through media to all his fans, who prayed for small Johnny.

Xristos Yanni Sarantakos (son with Shaunyl Benson)

Xristos Yanni Sarantakos

photo instagram / shaunylbenson

Date of birth: January 22, 2019

His father named the fact of his birth “the most beautiful magic of all”. Xristos Yanni is the second son of the popular magician and his ex-wife Shaunyl Benson. The couple reunited in early 2018, and in September that very year shared the great news with their fans – they are expecting the second baby.

The boy entered this world on a cozy winter evening – at 5:03 pm. He weighed quite solid at the moment of his birth – 8 pounds.

Who are Criss Angel parents?

Criss Angel parents

John Sarantakos (father)

John Sarantakos father

Date of birth: 1937

Date of death: 1998

John Sarantakos had Greek surname and Greek roots, but he was born in Pennsylvania, USA. Except for being Criss Angel’s father, he is also known as a talented bodybuilder and boxer. John participated in numerous boxing championships and wrestling competitions and won the major part of them. One of the most honorable events in his life was the victory at Golden Gloves boxing championship.  Sarantakos Sr graced on the covers of many bodybuilding magazines.

It’s not known exactly, when he married Dimitra, but no doubt, the couple spent many happy years together. They brought up three sons – JD, Costa and our today’s hero.

In 1995 John was diagnosed with a stomach cancer. He lived during three years with this illness and died in 1998 at the age of 61 in the company of his sons.

Dimitra Sarantakos (mother)

Dimitra Sarantakos (mother)

Date of birth: March 4, 1935

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Dimitra Sarantakos was born in East Meadow, NY. She lives in that city till now. The hard-working woman, she shared her time between care about three sons and a husband and running a restaurant. Her eating venue was situated at Long Island and Greek food was served there.

Like any other mother, Dimitra supports her famous son. Very often she attends his shows. In his interview Angel told, that his mother forbade him do some of his dangerous tricks. And he promised her to exclude these parts of his program, but didn’t keep to his word.

Criss Angel siblings

JD Sarantakos (older brother)

JD Sarantakos brother

Although JD Sarantakos is mostly known as Criss Angel’s brother and the audience has seen his face for the first time in “Mindfreak”, it doesn’t mean that this man has no other reasons to be proud of himself. He is the older brother of a magician and the second son in the family of John and Dimitra Sarantakos.

JD has always been interested in music, and in his young years he performed himself. But later he turned his face towards management and production work in music. JD opened a shop “Monster Music” and it has become so popular, that Sarantakos decided to open another one and create a chain.

Later he met producers Jerry & Louise and partnered with them. Currently JD lives in Long Island, NY and co-owns J&L music studio there. He manages career of several young musicians.

Angel’s brother is married to Lynn Sarantakos. They have a daughter Dimitra together.

Costa Sarantakos (older brother)

Date of birth: September 7, 1962

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Costa Sarantakos is the oldest son in Dimitra and John Sarantakos family. He went out of limelight in 2005, when appeared in several episodes of his brother’s show “Mindfreak”.

Costa moved from his native East Meadow to Las Vegas to work with his talented brother Criss.  He serves as vice president at Angel Production Inc. As for now Costa is single.


The most original illusionist of our time Criss Angel is celebrated as the author and performer of many unique and dangerous tricks. One of the most popular star attractions of his program was the trick, named “Cement Block”, when he was put into a huge cube, made of glass. After that the cube with an artist inside was lifted to 3 meters of height and then filled with cement. Criss’s task was to get out of the cube within 24 hours. Most of viewers were sure, that this trick would kill a magician, but in 24 hours he appeared in public again and got loud applause.

Among the other famous tricks of the magician there are levitation, burning alive, escape from prison and many others.

Many people tried to guess Angel’s trick secrets. But all of us know, that people, who are aware of all our secrets are the family members. So, what’s known about Criss Angel family?

Early Life and Education

The true name of 50-year-old magician is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos. He saw the world for the first time in New York in the family of Greek immigrants. The boy developed curiosity to various kinds of tricks at the age of 6, when his aunt showed him some elementary illusion. Criss Angel attended East Meadow High School, but had no interest to studying. At a very young age he decided, that tricks would become the main business in his life. After school he entered a college, but then left it to pursue career of a magician. But you are wrong, if you think that the famous illusionist didn’t get an education. He spent long hours in libraries, reading about various kinds of magic tricks, practiced martial arts and dancing.


Criss Angel started his career as a participant of travelling performing groups. There he gained the first public recognition. The young illusionist met his big break in 1994, when he was invited to ABC into a short show “Secrets”. Previously the magician hosted his own show “Criss Angel: Mindfreak”. He lives and works in Las Vegas and is considered as one of the most talented magicians of the 21st century. Critics name him “the continuer of magic traditions of a legendary illusionist Harry Houdini”. Christopher admits that he used Houdini as his inspiration.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Criss got his nickname “Angel”, which he now uses as his stage moniker, from his older brothers. They liked the cute little boy so much, that always addressed him as “Angel”.
  2. In his young years Criss Angel was fond not just of creating illusions, but also of making music. He was a member of the rock band Angeldust in 1998-2003.
  3. In spite of the fact that Criss Angel was really frustrated by his son’s diagnosis, he told that he had always remained optimistic. The entertainer thinks that life challenges each of us and the main task is to believe in happy end.
  4. He has been ranked as the Magician of the century by The International Magicians Society.
  5. Many people think that Criss Angel has sold his soul to devil, because some of his tricks seem really supernatural. But the magician is quite a religious person. He prays before each his show.
  6. Some people name Criss Angel a fake. In fact, he is an illusionist, that’s why some of his tricks are actually made with video editing option.
  7. The illusionist has never told the secrets of his tricks. But in 2007 he authored a book “Mindfreak: Secret Revelations”, where he publicized all his mysteries.
  8. The illusionist runs a charity foundation “The Believe”, which supports ill children.
  9. Angel is a kind of workaholic. He sleeps just 2 hours per day during the weeks, when he hosts his shows.
  10. In March, 2017 the magician lost his mind during one of his shows in Las Vegas, while hanging upside down. The viewers didn’t believe him for the first time and then called the emergency. Angel was taken to a hospital.
  11. His favorite color is black.
  12. Criss’s favorite TV show is the sitcom “Taxi”, which was on air in 1978-1982.
  13. His favorite movie is “The Wizard of Oz”.
  14. The illusionist is a big fan of Choppers. He has more than 8 of them at home.
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