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Daniel Seavey biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Daniel James Seavey



Birth Date

April 2, 1999


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Vancouver, Washington, United States


Union High School



Daniel Seavey family members

Father's Name

Jeff Seavey

Mother's Name

Keri Seavey

Siblings names

Tyler Seavey (brother), Christian Seavey (brother), Anna Seavey (sister)

Is Daniel Seavey a gay/bisexual?


What is Daniel Seavey marital status?


Daniel Seavey family members

photo instagram / keriseavey

Who are Daniel Seavey parents?

Jeffrey Seavey (father)

Jeffrey Seavey father Daniel

photo instagram / jeffcv

Date of birth: May 21, 1965

Daniel’s father, who is also known under the name “Jeff Seavey”, positions himself in social media as a happy father and a loving husband of “a hot smoking wife”. And obviously, he is a great dad – as he gave the world a young and gifted musician Daniel Seavey. By the way, WDW member obviously loves and respects his father. He told, that he “was blessed to have such a hard-working and highly spiritual parent”.

Jeff has been working as a pastor for years. He served at Living Water Community Church. The big lover of music, he developed passion to this art in his son’s heart, too. Quite often Jeff took his son to Portland, where they made music at art walks. Due to his father, Daniel understood at a very early age, that music was something he wanted to do. Till now a son and a father are very close.

Keri Seavey (mother)

Keri Seavey mother Daniel

photo instagram / keriseavey

Date of birth: March 18, 1972

Keri has become popular and developed a large fan base at Instagram, of course, mostly due to her popular son. Now this beautiful slim lady is a star, and she deserves her fame, because she gave the world a child prodigy – Daniel Seavey.

Keri was born in Vancouver, WA. She was educated at Orange Coast College. The woman got married to Daniel Seavey’s father at a very young age. Later she served as a pastor and church planter at the same church with her husband. Keri gave a birth to three sons and a daughter.

She has always been supportive as a parent and put lots of efforts to develop unique talent of her kids. Like any other mother, she has lots of fears, connected with her son Daniel. When he passed audition to American Idol, Keri suddenly felt, that she just wants to take her kid with her and bring him home out of all that fuss. But her husband told her, “It’s God’s plan”, and she decided to give her son that chance. Now she doesn’t regret about her decision. “I trust God, not my own illusions and fears”, she told.

Daniel Seavey siblings

Tyler Seavey (older brother)

Tyler Seavey brother Daniel

photo instagram / tylercv

Date of birth: September 5, 1994

Daniel is a lucky boy, who has three siblings. Tyler is the oldest of them. He entered this world in Vancouver, WA. The boy studied in business administration at Eastern Washington University. He graduated in 2017 with a bachelor degree. Now he serves as the road manager of WDW – the band, where his brother performs.

Christian Seavey (older brother)

Christian Seavey

photo instagram / chriscv1

Date of birth: March 28, 1997

Christian Seavey is Daniel’s older brother. Obviously, he is in good terms with ex-American Idol participant, because very often he features in his brother’s Instagram.

Like other kids from Seavey family, he spent his young years in Vancouver, WA. As for now, he is a senior year student at Western Washington University. Not long ago he tried his hand as an actor and participated for the first time in the new production of Seattle theater, titled “Orange Flower Water”.

Anna Seavey (younger sister)

Anna Seavey

photo instagram / anna.seavey

Date of birth: March 6, 2001

Anna Seavey is the youngest child in Keri and Jeff family. She is also the only daughter. The girl is an Instagram star with more than 196k followers. Currently she resides in Los Angeles, CA. She leads the lifestyle of a pious young girl. Obviously, Anna believes in God and posts religious citations in her Instagram. The girl travels a lot, but even if she is far from her family members, she loves them very much.

According to her posts, Anna is in great terms with the rising music star Daniel Seavey. She recollects in her mind their early days, when they shocked their mother with all inventions and ideas they had (for example, when they turned the room in their house into a fort). Now she is proud of her successful, creative big brother.


Daniel Seavey bio

photo instagram / seaveydaniel

Daniel Seavey is a young musician, who has already reached international fame as the member of a pop boy band “Why Don’t We”, usually abbreviated as WDW. He fell in love with music, still being a primary school pupil. In his childhood he played numerous musical instruments, like piano, guitar, ukulele and others. He could play any melody by ear, and that convinced his parents, that he is musically talented.

At first Daniel rose to fame as the contestant of “American Idol” show. He was just 16, when he passed the audition to the 14th season of the show. The judge Jennifer Lopez valued his talent and predicted that soon we would hear about this young boy. Although Seavey occupied just the 9th place, he gained necessary experience. In September, 2016 he joined Zack Herron, Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais to form the band WDW, which is on their first European tour now.

Interesting and fun facts

Daniel Seavey facts

photo instagram / seaveydanie

  1. According to his mother’s interview, Daniel was a weak child in his early years. He was underweight, got ill quite often, and his mother had lots of fears as for his health. But with age he became healthier.
  2. In 2015, before becoming the part of WDW, he released the cover song “See You Again” in collaboration with the singer Love James. Later two young stars were rumored to be dating. As for now, Daniel is single (at least, as he tells).
  3. To the end of 2018 Daniel Seavey dreams to reach 6 ft height.
  4. If he could choose the superpower, that would be ability to fly. “I always dreamed about flying”, the young man shared in his interview.
  5. His favorite food is Fettuccine (a type of pasta), cooked by his mom.
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