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Danielle Cohn biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Danielle Haleigh Cohn


singer, model, social media star

Birth Date

March 7, 2004


17 years

Zodiac Sign



Florida, United States


virtual school



Danielle Cohn family members

Mother's Name

Jennifer Archambault

Siblings names

Chad Rock (older brother)

Is Danielle Cohn a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Danielle Cohn marital status?

In relation

Who is Danielle Cohn husband?

Mikey Tua (boyfriend since 2018)

Danielle Cohn husband

Mikey Tua (boyfriend since 2018)

Danielle Cohn boyfriend

photo instagram / mikeytua

Date of birth: June 12, 2002

On April 10, 2019 Danielle Cohn celebrated “happy 10 months” with her boyfriend Mikey Tua, a YouTuber, dancer and actor. Several days after it the teens pretended to get married and Danielle hinted to her fans that she was pregnant. Later it turned out, Dani and Mikey had just made a prank on their fans. No need to say, that such a contradictory stunt caused a loud scandal in social media.

Who are Danielle Cohn parents?


Danielle isn’t close to her father and he isn’t present at the family picture. He divorced his wife Jennifer and then kicked her and their two children out of the house. From that moment he disappeared from his daughter’s life.

Jennifer Archambault-Cohn (mother)

Jennifer Archambault

Date of birth: December 22, 1983

Jen serves as her daughter’s manager, that’s why Dani (like Ms. Cohn is named in a family circle) calls her “momager”. In her interview, the woman told that their family passed through tough times, but now she is happy to help her daughter develop a career of an entertainer.

Jen was born in 1983 in USA. She married Mr. Cohn and gave birth to their son Chad and daughter Danielle. Their marriage didn’t work, and she left her husband’s house and raised two kids as a single mom. She worked as a teacher and in addition, found the job of a night cashier to make the ends meet. They had just one smartphone in the family, and Jen left it to her kids when she went to her night job. Thus, Dani took it and registered at musical.ly app. Soon she developed a large fan base and got numerous of endorsement offers, each of which cost $400-$500. Thus, soon she started to make more cash than her mother.

So, Jen quit her two jobs and concentrated on helping her daughter become successful.

Dani never stops thanking her mother for everything she did for her.

Danielle Cohn siblings

Chad Rock-Cohn (older brother)

Chad Rock Cohn

photo instagram / c_cohn76

Date of birth: June 26, 2002

Now he is known as a TikTok star and an older brother of Danielle Cohn, of course. Chad has already gained more than 140k fans on the app.

He is the first kid and only son of Jennifer Archambault and her ex-husband. The boy is a big football fan. He has been practicing this kind of sports himself since he was 6.

Chad is a big friend and most devoted fan of his sister Dani. He supervised her at the beauty pageants she participated at. Now he is becoming an independent social media star. His comedy videos are of great success with the public. In future, he hopes to make a career either in football or in comedy.


Danielle Cohn bio

photo instagram / daniellecohn

Danielle Haleigh Cohn tells that she is “the most hated teen in Net”. Probably, the young star really got tired of negative comments and criticism she has to deal with, but the army of her fans is not less than the army of her haters. She boasts with 2, 7 million followers on Instagram, 800k subscribers at her YouTube channel and more than 10 million followers at a musical.ly platform. How did Florida-born girl manage to achieve the status of social media phenomenon?

Danielle started her way on top in 2015, when she won Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen beauty contest. That inspired her to start a career of a model in spite of her short stature (later Ms. Cohn opened up, that her height was the most challenging point in her ambitions for modeling). Her talent and persistence were noticed, and she was signed by BMG model agency.

Around that time Danielle created an account at Musical.ly and presented her songs. Soon she gained a large fan base there.

Now the girl plans to make a career of a singer, too. She has already presented several music videos, including super popular “Marilyn Monroe”, which gathered 9 million views on YouTube.

Interesting and fun facts

Danielle Cohn Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / daniellecohn

  1. Dani’s fans joke, that her nails are longer than her relationship. Currently, she is dating Mikey Tua. He is a model, social media star and young actor. His debut drama film “Try to Smile” is in pre-production and will be released in 2019.
  2. She studies at a virtual school as for now. Dani quit public school because of bullying and then because of her tough schedule. But she tells, education is important for her. In the future, she plans to enter Yale University.
  3. The star tells that charity work is one of her main priorities. She dreams to make the world better. Each Christmas she attends Children’s Hospital and brings toys to children. She is also an anti-bullying activist.
  4. Her age is one of the most contradictory topics, discussed in social media. Dani announces that she is just 14 years old, while her fans think, she looks and behaves like an older girl.
  5. Her height is 4 ft 5.
  6. Recently she has turned into an entrepreneur. She launched the original apparel brand, named after herself and now sells various kinds of merchandize goods.
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    Dustin was never married to Jen. You got facts WrOnG everywhere

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    Believe her dad she faking the marriage is a pretend wedding and that pregnancy Is fake .

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    She is hotttt 😍😍😍😍

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    i am taller then her i am 5’11 and i am only 13yrs old im not trying to brag but she is short to be 15.😱

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    I believe that she is 15 abd she’s going to turn 16

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    Mikey Tua wouldn’t be a pediphile if she told him her real age there’s something their not telling us obviously. She doesn’t wanna go to school because she got caught with the yearbook crap. The pranks she puts aren’t funny and her mom just tries to act for the camera. Her family is crazy and messed up. A girl that met her on youtube said that Dani was rude and didn’t seem to want to meet. Don’t you think there’s a reason why her old “friends” stopped hanging out with her?

  • People who blindly follow Jennifer and her daughter are gross says:

    Her dad was never married to Jennifer and only ever had one child with her. He did not “kick them out”, Danielle and her mother lived with him up until Danielle was 10! Who are you going to believe? Jennifer and her daughter, Danielle (who is actually 13 and being disgustingly used for money) or her father?

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    correct the age to 13…

  • Adelina says:

    keep on doing what you are doing Dani

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    I Love Dani I have met her before and she is really kind a just keep on doing what you are doing Dani love you

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    style…..cool but doomed. .@mrs_maknae

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    is she 15 ?? she had everything.&looks awesome
    ..but misusing it


    I think people should stop making her feel bad for the prank and you should it’s nun of your bisnuess so you should stop

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    Most of these comments look fake

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    i think she is to young to live with just her boyfriend.

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    I feel like her whole social media is filled with pictures of her obviously trying to get attention by showing her breasts

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    Please get an abortion, also who is her dad

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    I am also dating Danielle. Where is this other dude from? How could she just cheat in me with him? He’s not even that good looking and i have way more money than him. Danielle you will exposed.

  • Dustin says:

    I am Danielle’s dad and this is not the truth. I was never married to Jennifer and I still see Danielle. Change this or I will seek legal action.