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Dave Grohl biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

David Eric Grohl


American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and film director

Birth Date

January 14, 1969


52 years

Zodiac Sign



Warren, Ohio, United States


Thomas Jefferson High School as a freshman



Dave Grohl family members

Father's Name

James Grohl

Mother's Name

Virginia Grohl

Siblings names

Lisa Grohl (sister)

Is Dave Grohl a gay/bisexual?


What is Dave Grohl marital status?


Who is Dave Grohl wife?

Jordyn Blum

When did get married?

August 2, 2003

How many children does he have?

3 (daughters Violet Maye Grohl, Harper Willow Grohl, Ophelia Grohl)

dave-grohl-family photo

Dave Grohl wife

Jordyn Blum

Jordyn Blum wife


Date of birth: May 28, 1976

Jordyn Blum was born in 1976 in Los Angeles, CA. It’s not a secret that each beautiful lady in LA dreams to become an actress or a model. And Jordyn was not exclusion. She started modeling at the age of 17, and even participated in a number of high-profile photosessions. In 1994 the girl appeared on the cover of Teen magazine and gave a short interview to the issue. The pretty girl told that her favorite band was Nirvana. At that time she didn’t even know, that the band’s drummer Dave Grohl would become her husband.

Soon Blum decided to change modeling for more serious occupation. She found a job of a producer at MTV. In late 1990s she met Dave Grohl and they shortly dated. At that time Dave valued his freedom and didn’t want to take any girl seriously.

Grohl had just divorced with his first wife Jennifer Youngblood. He married a famous photographer in 1994, but three years later they both understood their marriage hadn’t worked. Dave didn’t need a family, he was captured by his new project – after the end of Nirvana era, he founded the band “Foo Fighters”.

Dave enjoyed the commercial success of his group, but in 2001 a disaster happened. Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, fell into a coma. The reason of his health disorder was drug overdose. That sad event made Dave Grohl stop for a while. He understood that he wanted to call Jordyn. And that he wants to have kids with this woman. They went for dinner and gradually started dating. Soon Dave proposed her.

They wedded on August 2, 2003. The ceremony was private and incredibly beautiful. Soon the couple announced their first pregnancy.

As for now, Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum have been married for over a decade. They welcomed three daughters. Jordyn works as a producer and director. She directed documentary film about her husband’s band, named “Foo Fighters: Walking a Line”.

Dave Grohl kids

Violet Maye Grohl (daughter)

Violet Maye Grohl daughter


Date of birth: April 15, 2006

Violet Maye Grohl is the first daughter of super famous father and moderately famous mother. The day she was born, Dave felt that he had turned from a hot rock star into an ordinary father, who thinks rather about diapers than about night parties with tons of alcohol. He welcomed his newborn daughter with Beatles song “In My Life” – that very song, which was sounded at the memorial service, devoted to his friend and colleague Kurt Cobain.

Jordyn was back to work soon after her daughter’s birth, and Dave shared with her all the troubles of parenthood. He walked with his small girl, read her books and fed her from the bottle. He devoted to his daughter an album “Come Alive”, where he wrote her lines, “I’ve never heard a song like that”.

Nowadays Violet is 12-year-old girl. She lives with her father and mother in their beautiful home in Encino, CA and goes to a secondary school.

Harper Willow Grohl (daughter)

Harper Willow Grohl (daughter)


Date of birth: April 17, 2009

David Grohl middle child is a daughter Harper Willow. The girl was born in one of LA clinics. Nowadays she is 9 years old. Her father spends with her as much time as possible. When he is not on tour, he drives Harper to school and back and does homework with her.

Harper is the only of Dave Grohl’s daughters, who is fond of music. The girl plays drums and has already performed with her father’s band in front of thousands of viewers.

Ophelia Grohl (daughter)

Ophelia Grohl (daughter)


Date of birth: August 1, 2014

Ophelia is the youngest child in Dave-Jordyn family. When her mom got pregnant for the third time, she tried to hide it from the public eyes. But Jordyn appeared with a round belly at an event, devoted to Beatles, arranged by CBS, and shared the news that Dave and she are waiting a daughter.

Ophelia Grohl is a small pretty girl of 3. She has become one more gift from God to her stellar parents.

Who are Dave Grohl parents?

Virginia Grohl (mother)

Virginia Grohl (mother)

Virginia Hanlon Grohl is a bright woman, who never gets tired to tell that she is proud of her son. She is in her late 70s, and it’s obvious, that she had never expected her son would become so popular.

She served as a teacher most part of her life and when Dave became popular as Nirvana drummer, she promised her pupils to get his autographs for those, who would behave well and get good marks.

Virginia is a woman, who brought up 2 kids, and one of them had become a celebrity. She shared her parenting strategy in the book “From Cradle to Stage”. In her book the woman shared the extracts from her interviews with moms of other popular musicians, such as Miranda Lambert, Adam Levine, Amy Winehouse etc. In general she talked to 18 moms of celebs.

Virginia opened up in her book, that she had always encouraged her son’s interest to music. At the same time, she had never afraid of Dave’s special hobby – smoking marijuana. But she did everything to prevent him from using harder drugs – cocaine and heroin.

Virginia is a frequent guest at her son’s shows. She visits Foo Fighters concerts and previously attended Nirvana’s. She was not surprised, when got the news about Kurt Cobain (Nirvana’s leader) suicide, because “things were really bad with him”. She supported Dave, who lost a friend and could lose his career.

As for now, she spends a lot of time with her son and granddaughters and plans to turn her book into TV series.

James Grohl (father)

James Grohl (father)

Date of birth: December 9, 1938

Date of death: August 6, 2014

James Harper Grohl died from cancer in 2014, five days after the birth of his youngest granddaughter Ophelia. Although he was not as popular as his son Dave, still he was an outstanding person, who had made a successful career.

James, or Jim, as he was called by his family members, spent his early and teen years in Niles, IL. He graduated from a high school there and continued his education at Wesleyan University. After a few semesters in Wesleyan he transferred to Youngstown University. He studied journalism.

James found a job of a reporter at a local newspaper after graduation. He worked for several years and then left it for a while to serve in the army.

After the army service, Jim’s career moved forward. He left his hometown and moved to Washington, where was hired as a journalist to a prestigious newspaper “Washington bureau”. His career peak found him, when James was appointed as Senator Robert Taft special assistant.

He married Virginia Hanlon in 1960s and gave a birth to a son (Dave) and a daughter. He divorced with Virginia, when his son Dave was just 3. After that the future musician shared his time between his mother’s home in Virginia and his father’s place in Warren. Jim encouraged his son’s interest in music. The drum set was put in one of his house rooms and each time Dave visited his father, he played it.

Jim Grohl married for the second time to Renie Yoshida. They had no common kids. Renie was near his husband on a hot summer day, when he lost battle with cancer and passed away.

Dave Grohl siblings

Lisa Grohl (sister)

Lisa Grohl sister


Date of birth: 1966

Lisa Grohl is Dave’s older sister. She resides in Sherman Oaks, CA. Lisa practiced music in her young years too, but according to Dave’s words, she was interested in other directions. From time to time Lisa is mentioned as a bass guitar player at Foo Fighters recordings.

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