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David Dobrik biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

David Julian Dobrik


Actor, YouTuber, Vine star

Birth Date

July 23, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Kosice, Slovakia


Vernon Hills High School



David Dobrik family members

Father's Name

Pavo Dobrik

Siblings names

Ester (younger sister), Sara (younger sister), Toby (younger brother)

Is David Dobrik a gay/bisexual?


What is David Dobrik marital status?


David Dobrik wife

Lorraine Nash

photo instagram.com/daviddobrik

(ex-wife; were married in May-June 2019)

David is so eager to create great content for his fans, that he had even got married to make an unusual prank.

His friend Jason told, that David would never get married. To make prank on his friend, he proposed to his mother Lorraine Nash and they went to Las Vegas that vey day to tie a knot. After that they went for a honeymoon to Hawaii. Unfortunately, the couple filed for divorce after a month of family life.

Who are David Dobrik parents?

Pavo Dobrik (father)

Pavo Dobrik

photo instagram.com/daviddobrik

David’s father is a constant participant of his videos. Sometimes David made pranks on his dad, and sometimes he gives him expensive presents like in “Surprising My Dad With His Dream Car” video.

Palo was born in Kosice, Slovakia. He studied at Gymnázium Košice. Palo is a father of 4 kids as of now. He moved his family from Kosice, Slovakia to Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA in early 2000s. Palo earns his living as a photographer.


David Dobrik parents

photo instagram.com/daviddobrik/

The name of David’s mother is not publicized. But her appearance is known to each David’s fan, because she is a constant participant of his videos.

David is really close with Mrs. Dobrik. He congratulates her through social media on various occasions. By the way, Mrs. Dobrik was the first person David made a prank on. He told his mom, that he was busted for drugs at school.

David Dobrik siblings

Ester Dobrik (younger sister)

Ester Dobrik

photo instagram.com/esterrdobriik

Date of birth: March 4, 2004

The name of David’s younger sister is Ester. She was born in Mr. and Mrs. Dobrik family after their relocation to USA, so she is an American girl from birth.

The girl is active on social media, too. Earlier she hosted SimplyEster channel on YouTube. Now she develops her Tik Tok account.

Sara Dobrik (younger sister)

Sara Dobrik

photo instagram.com/daviddobrik

Date of birth: August 5, 2006

Sara, or Sarah as her name is sometimes spelled, is the third child in the Dobrik family. She was born after her parents’ immigration to USA. Sara is a private person, and is not active on social media.

Toby Dobrik (younger brother)

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Toby is the only cute dude I know

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Date of birth: August 8, 2009

Toby is the youngest member in David’s family. He is so cute, at least his older brother thinks so and posts their common pictures from time to time. Toby lives with his parents and older siblings in Vernon Hills, Illinois.


David Dobrik is widely known as a YouTube star and prominent content creator. His talent has already brought him a number of prestigious awards, such as Streamy Award for Breakout Creator, Teen Choice Award etc. David was also famous contributor to the video platform “Vine” till it was closed in 2017. After that David Dobrik has created the Vlog Squad, which consists of ex-Vine stars. He posts videos, made by the Vlog Squad members.

David was born in Kosice, Slovakia. When he was a five-year-old child, his parents moved him to Chicago, USA. There David was involved into DACA – the program, which allows kids of immigrants to become eligible citizens of USA.

He grew up in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Dobrik alongside three sisters. He graduated from Vernon High School and decided not to go to college. Instead of it, he started career at various entertaining platforms on Internet.

He registered at Vine platform in 2013 and started to post 6 seconds funny videos. Very soon he gained 1 million fan base. After Vine had been closed, David decided to take his followers to YouTube. In 2015, when he started his YouTube channel, David had 40k subscribers.  To increase the amount of his followers, he started to make comedy vlogs for YouTube. He achieved success on this platform, too. His self-titled channel boasts with 13 million+ subscribers. He has another YouTube channel, too.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. David Dobrik dated another YouTube star, Liza Koshy, in 2015-2018. They both created videos for YouTube, and gained more than 20 million fans as a couple. But in early 2018 Lisa decided to split from David. During 6 months they hid the truth about their separation from the followers. Finally, both recorded an emotional video, where announced the sad news and blamed their public careers in the crash of their romance.
  2. David’s first girlfriend appeared in his life, when he was 18. She was 10 years older than him and let him to drive her BMW from time to time. They split after 3 weeks together.
  3. He has his own line of clothes, which includes T-shirts and hoodies.
  4. He met Jason Nash for the first time at a comedy club. Jason acted on the club stage, and his performance was so great, that David approached him and invited to his vlog. Thus, their friendship started.
  5. His hobby is playing basketball.
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