Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Deontay Leshun Wilder



Birth Date

October 22, 1985


38 years

Zodiac Sign



Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States


Tuscaloosa Central High School; Shelton State Community College



Deontay Wilder family members

Father's Name

Gary Wilder

Mother's Name

Deborah Wilder

Siblings names

Marsellos Wilder (younger brother) and two more siblings

Is Deontay Wilder a gay/bisexual?


What is Deontay Wilder marital status?


Who is Deontay Wilder wife?

Jessica Scales (fiancee); Jessica Scales-Wilder (ex-wife)

How many children does he have?

8 (daughter Naieya Wilder, son Dereon Wilder, son Deontay Wilder Jr, daughter Ava Wilder, daughter Kaorii Wilder and three others)

Deontay Wilder wife

Telli Swift (fiancée; baby mother)

Telli Swift fiancée baby mother Deontay Wilder


Date of birth: January 24, 1987

Telli is Deontay’s fiancée and the mother of his daughter. She is a celebrity, too. In USA she is known as the participant of “WAGS Atlanta”, the reality series, broadcasted by E! channel. 

She was born in Zambales, the Philippines in the family of Vivian Crawford and Reginald Swift. She has a brother. Shuntel (her full name) started her career way as a nurse, but later her good looks helped her to become a model and occasional actress. Now she is widely known as the beloved woman of the sports star Deontay Wilder. The couple gave birth to a sweet daughter in spring, 2018. From a previous relationship, she has a son Kerron. Telli is a kind-hearted person, who regularly participates in various charity programs. She has founded the Boxing WAG Association, which supports kids from poor families. 

They say, Telli met Deontay and started an affair with him when he was still married to Jessica Scales, in 2015. 

Jessica Scales-Wilder (ex-wife)

Date of birth: August 16, 1986

Jessica prefers to stay out of the limelight, nevertheless, her name is known to the wide audience. The reason is her status of Deontay Wilder’s ex-wife and mother of his 3 kids. 

Jessica was raised in the family of Simon and Lynnette Scales in Alabama, USA. In 2009 she got married to the popular boxer, Deontay Wilder. The couple divorced in 2017. It’s rumored that the reason for their divorce was the athlete’s extra-marital affair.

Just once Jessica tried her hand as an actress and appeared in a short movie “To Stay and To Serve”. 

Deontay Wilder kids

Naieya Wilder (daughter with Helen Duncan)

Naieya Wilder


Date of birth: 2005

Naieya Wilder is, probably, the most popular of Deontay Wilder kids, but that popularity is based on a sad background. The girl has a rare complex disease – spina bifida. Such a disorder causes paralysis and sometimes mental disorders.

Deontay dated Helen Duncan, his school sweetheart, in the early 2000s. The girl got pregnant, and Wilder was happy to become a father in spite of his young age – he was 19 at that time. Helen was in the last trimester of her pregnancy when she learned that the baby was not developing in the right way. The doctor told to Deontay and Helena that the baby girl would be born with a rare illness and advised the young parents to terminate a pregnancy. But they refused and decided to give the little girl a chance to become someone in this world.

Naieya was born in 2005. Now she is a teenager, who had passed through many operations but got an ability to walk. “There’s nothing she can’t do now. She is a survivor, a real Wilder”, the happy father tells. 

In spite of Deontay and Helena’s separation, the father remained an important part of the girl’s life. “I win for her, she is my hero”, the boxer tells. 

Dereon Wilder (son with Jessica Scales)

Dereon Wilder son Deontay Wilder


He is the other boy, born in the family of Deontay Wilder and his ex-wife Jessica. He is a schoolboy as of now. Dereon can’t stay by his father’s side all the time, but he wishes his dad to win each time when Deontay is on the ring.

Deontay Wilder Jr. (son with Jessica Scales)

Deontay Wilder Jr.


Date of birth: November 14, 2014

Deontay Wilder is extremely dangerous on the ring, but he turns into a sensitive family person when he is near his children.

Deontay Wilder Jr. is the son of the famous boxer and his ex-wife Jessica Scales. The boy spends a lot of time with his father, even though his parents are divorced. 

Ava Wilder (daughter with Jessica Scales)

Ava Wilder


The third kid, born in the marriage of Deontay Wilder and Jessica Scales, is named Ava. Like his other kids, she stays out of the public attention, because her parents keep her privacy. But on occasional photos, which her daddy uploads on Instagram, she looks healthy and happy. 

Kaorii Wilder (daughter with Telli Swift)

Kaorii Wilder daughter Deontay Wilder


Date of birth: March 7, 2018

Kaorii is the sweet baby girl, born in the family of Deontay Wilder and his fiancée Telli Swift. She is a beautiful kid, who has already become an Instagram star – her account is followed by 8k people. Kaorii is still so little, that’s why everything she does is eating, sleeping and playing with her parents. 

By the way, Deontay is a doting father. He doesn’t lead the life of a celebrity, and spends his free from work time with his children. “I can tell to my kids that I love them 7 times a day”, he confesses.

He has three other kids, but their names are not publicized.

Who are Deontay Wilder parents?

Deborah Wilder (mother)

Deborah Wilder


Date of birth: October 16, 1957

Deontay is very close to his mother. She is one of the most important women in his life.

Deborah spent the major part of her life in Tuscaloosa, AL. She attended Tuscaloosa City High School and then continued her education at the University of Alabama. Since her youth, she has been married Gary Wilder, the father of her sons. 

Deborah supported Deontay at the initial stages of his career. She was the person, who helped Wilder to realize his dream and to go to China for the Olympics in 2008. By the way, she came to China during the Olympics herself to support her son. And that was the important moment in the boxer’s career. 

Gary Wilder (father)

Date of birth: November 2, 1955

Gary Keith Wilder is the father of the heavyweight champion Deontay and three other children. Like a responsible parent, he put lots of effort to develop his children’s skills. 

Gary resides in Tuscaloosa, AL. He is a preacher. Till now he serves as the role model for his son, Deontay. By the way, a famous boxer is a family person. “If I am not on the ring, I stay with my family”, the boxer told in one of his interviews. It was Gary, Deontay’s father, who put a boxer on the right road. In his early years, Deontay used to spend each Sunday in the church. Due to his father’s upbringing, he remains spiritual in any situation. 

Deontay Wilder siblings

Marsellos Wilder (younger brother)

Date of birth: April 14, 1989

Marsellos, Deontay’s younger brother, is a boxer, too. He made a debut as a professional boxer on May 25, 2018. Although he is not as popular as his older brother, still Marsellos dreams to make it big one day, too. Previously, he studied at Jackson State University and played the college football. 

Marsellos and Deontay are very close. The younger brother didn’t stop supporting Deontay during his fights. In 2011 Marsellos got a very generous gift from his brother – white Jaguar XF. In such a way the boxer thanked him for his support.

 He has two more siblings, who prefer to stay in the shadow. Deontay is the second oldest kid in his family.


He is a bright sports star, heavyweight champion and the thoughtful person with a very beautiful inner world. His fate hadn’t always been kind to him, but he passed all his tests and succeeded. His life story is unbelievable!

Deontay Wilder entered this world in Tuscaloosa, AL. The athlete is the second oldest child in the family of Deborah and Gary Wilder.  He is a family-oriented and a faithful person.

He was very athletic and played football at school. Deontay dreamed about a career of a professional footballer but had to refuse from it after the birth of his first daughter. The girl was born with a health disorder, and her father had to forget about his career dreams and to find a regular job. He joined his work with the activity of an amateur boxer. From time to time he participated in some bouts.

Deontay had changed four odd jobs till finally, the fate smiled at him – he was selected to play at the Olympics in 2008. He is one of those rare athletes, who came into a box industry through the Olympic Games. He won the third prize. That was the foundation of his future career.

That very year Wilder debuted on the ring as a professional boxer. Then he was a student of the Vanderbilt University. Deontay won by the knockout the first fight with Ethan Cox. By the way, he won forty-one fights. He hadn’t lost any matches. In August 2012 he won the first heavyweight title after the fight with Kelvin Price, whom he defeated.

Deontay Wilder has been holding the title of the heavyweight champion for more than 7 years already. He is considered one of the best boxers in the sports arena at the present moment. 

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