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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Chloe Celeste Hosterman


actress, singer

Birth Date

January 15, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Seattle, Washington, United States


Burbank High School



Dove Cameron family members

Father's Name

Philip Alan Hosterman

Mother's Name

Bonnie Wallace

Siblings names

Claire Hosterman (oder sister)

Is Dove Cameron a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Dove Cameron marital status?


Who are Dove Cameron parents?

Phillip Alan Hosterman (father)

Phillip Alan Hosterman father Dove Cameron

photo instagram / dovecameron

Date of birth: July 22, 1944

Date of death: October 18, 2011

Dove Cameron doesn’t like to speak about her dad, who tragically died when she was 15. But she promises to make a film about him one day.

Phillip was a son of Philippe and Florence Hosterman. He was one of three kids in the family and has a sister Mary and a brother Michael. He earned his living as a jeweler and was a Peace Corps volunteer. The man founded Kandahar Trading Company, a fashion, and jewelry brand. During many years Phillip was married to Bonnie Wallace (they tied a knot in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1988) and fathered her two daughters – Chloe (Dove) and Claire. He encouraged his girls to love music, and accompanied them on the piano, while they were singing. In his young years, he was a musician.

Dove Cameron father

photo instagram / claire_hosterman

The man was rumored to be gay. He died through suicide in autumn, 2011. His daughter tells that he was a kind and sensitive person, but had bursts of anger from time to time. Dove misses him so much, devotes him sweet posts on Instagram, and has even changed her name for “Dove” as a tribute to her late father.

Bonnie Wallace (mother)

Bonnie Wallace mother Dove Cameron

photo instagram / dovecameron

Date of birth: April 16, 1964

Bonnie Wallace is an expert consultant, writer, and producer. She brought up two great daughters, and one of them – Dove – became a Hollywood star. Bonnie is in great terms with both of her girls. She is an active participant of their lives and knows the show business inside. The woman uses her knowledge to motivate parents of other young actors, to inspire talented people to try their hands in acting and to open the fans the truth about show business.

She has already authored two books, “The Hollywood Parents Guide” and “Young Hollywood Actors”. The woman also hosts “Hometown to Hollywood” podcast.

Bonnie was born in USA and holds Bachelor of Arts, as well as Master Degree in Business. She served as a jewelry designer and in 1988 married her colleague Phillip Hosterman. They welcomed two kids, but their marriage didn’t work. Now she is dating an artist Robyn Bellospirito.

Dove Cameron siblings

Claire Hosterman (older sister)

Claire Hosterman

photo instagram / claire_hosterman

Date of birth: March 10, 1989

Claire is Dove’s older sister. She didn’t pursue a career in Hollywood, but the girl’s profession is quite close to art. She is a voice and singing coach, who prepares people to different techniques of singing. Currently, Claire resides in Burbank (LA County), CA, but previously she resided in Seattle, WA. She was a student of Pitzer College, where studied anthropology. Claire and her sister Dove are friends. They support one another. Claire is an Instagram star.

dove cameron and her sister

photo instagram / claire_hosterman


Dove Cameron and sister Claire Hosterman

photo instagram / dovecameron

Dove Cameron, whose birth name is Chloe Celeste Hosterman, is known as a Disney star. She rose to fame after creating great female characters in the shows “Shameless”, “Austin & Ally”, “Liv and Maddie” and others.

She is American, but the girl has Slovak, Russian, Hungarian and French roots. She is fluent in French, because her paternal great-grandmother lived in France, and Dove visited this country very often in her early years.

Her parents divorced when she was in her teens, but she was in good terms with her father, who named her “Dove”. After his death, she officially changed the name “Chloe” for “Dove”.

The girl studied at Burbank High School, but she has no good memories of studying there. From the fifth grade, classmates humiliated, harassed and intimidated her, locked up in a closet and got her clothes dirty. The girl was able to make peace with bad memories only because of her passion for acting. From 8 years old she performed in a theater and dreamed about big screen projects. When she turned 14 years old, the dream came true – her family moved to Los Angeles, and she won her first role in Disney series “Bits and Pieces”. Later the series was renamed “Liv and Maddie”, and Dove won two main roles of the twin sisters Liv and Maddie Rooney, who looked alike, but had completely different characters.  A pilot episode, released in 2013, was watched by 5, 8 million viewers. That was a success, and it put Dove’s career to the next level. She is an aspiring young actress as for now with an extensive fan base.

Interesting and fun facts

Dove Cameron Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / dovecameron

  1. Dove Cameron is famous as a singer, too. In later summer, 2013 she released a song “On Top of the World” as a single to “Liv and Maddie”, which occupied the 17th position in “Billboard Kid Digital Songs chart”.
  2. She was previously engaged to an actor Ryan McCartan, whom she met at Liv and Maddie set.
  3. In 2016 the girl was dating a Scottish actor Thomas Doherty. He portrayed Sean Matthews in the series “The Lodge’.
  4. Her favorite dish is chocolate rice. The girl also likes to have some unusual snacks from time to time. For example, she likes bagels with cream cheese.
  5. In 2018 she won her first Emmy Award for her work in “Liv & Maddie: Cali Style”.
  6. In 2023 in her Instagram post, she shared her struggles with depression and anxiety. She told, that the reason for her soul disorder was the necessity to be different in public and at home.
  7. She went out as queer.
  8. In 2022 she recorded the song “Boyfriend”, which is going to be the lead single of the upcoming album “Celestial Body”. The song immediately became popular and was named as “the best queer anthem” on Instagram.
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  • Akindele Akinyombo says:

    I love you Dove. And I know someone who did die Cameron Boyce. That’s one of the reasons why you said you didn’t want to film Descendants 4. But I know that you are still going to film Descendants 4. Bye Dove.

  • starbies says:

    You are literally the best actor/actress ever (except for Tom Hanks)

  • Yash Agarwal says:

    Chloe Hosterman is famous as a singer, too.3 she released a song “True Love Due With Jordan Fisher” as a single to “Liv and Maddie”, which occupied the 17th position in “True Love” and She was previously engaged to an actor Ryan McCartan

  • Yash Agarwal says:

    Chloe Hosterman is famous as a singer, too. In later summer, 2013 she released a song “On Top of the World” as a single to “Liv and Maddie”, which occupied the 17th position in “True Love” and She was previously engaged to an actor Ryan McCartan, whom she met at Liv and Maddie set.

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    Dear hater, bro chill we get it U want to be her like why else would u hate on her BRUV SUB TO FAZE

  • Elizabeth Rowe says:

    LOVE you dove i have seen you from descendants and thanks for making mal a cool charecter in my heart and sorry for your loss of your dad rip her dad and LIv and Maddie and so we love you and Thomas together and i have an oc for you who is your daughter

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    I love you dove cameron and sorry for your loss.
    Big time fan love liv and maddie.
    I love you so much Dove Cameron

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