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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Aubrey Drake Graham



Birth Date

October 24, 1986


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Forest Hill Collegiate Institute; General Equivalency Diploma



Drake family members

Father's Name

Dennis Graham

Mother's Name

Sandi Graham

Siblings names

Raemiah Julianna (half-sister)

Is Drake a gay/bisexual?


What is Drake marital status?


How many children does he have?

1 (son Adonis Graham)

Drake kids

Adonis Graham (son with Sophie Brussaux)

Adonis Graham son drake

photo instagram / sophieknowsbetter

Date of birth: October 11, 2017

A lot of people monitor Drake’s career, but even more of them like to read about his personal life. The man gained the reputation of a real Lovelace, he dated many famous beautiful ladies but has never been married officially to any of them. That’s why the news about his newborn son sounded unbelievable at first. But in summer 2018 the rapper confirmed in lyrics on one of his songs, that he had become a dad.

The boy was born in autumn, 2017. He is the result of a short affair between the famous rapper and a French adult model Sophie Brussaux. In fact, Drake and Sophie met just twice, as he said in his new track. The sweet couple was caught by paparazzi during their dinner in Amsterdam. Around that time Drake was romantically linked to a pop queen Jennifer Lopez.

As Sophie later announced through Instagram, she was pregnant with the rapper’s baby. The latter begged her to make an abortion through private messages. Then he denied the paternity, but that was proved with a DNA test.

The cute little boy was named Adonis Graham. He lives with his mother, but his father spends every free minute with him. The rapper’s friends tell he is really obsessed with his son. He even tattooed the baby’s face on his hand.

Who are Drake parents?

Dennis Graham (father)

Dennis Graham father drake

Dennis used to be a famous musician in his young years, and he even played opposite legendary Jerry Lee Lewis in a band. Unfortunately, Dennis chose a wrong way and changed his career in music for drugs. One day he was arrested for drug possession and thrown into jail. After that, he promised his wife to stop using drugs, but couldn’t keep to his word. After that, she filed for divorce.

But drug problems didn’t prevent Dennis from being a great father. He stayed in touch with Aubrey, who named himself as Drake and encouraged his love for music. It was he, who advised him to join rapping with lyrical singing, thus helping Drake to create his unique style.

Dennis Graham finally coped with his addiction. Now he continues making music and releases new songs quite often, although they are not so popular, as his son’s.

Drake loves and respects his father and proved it with a special gift on Father’s Day – he gave his parent an incredibly expensive blue Bentley.

Sandi Graham (mother)

Sandi Graham mother drake

photo instagram / champagnepapi

Date of birth: January 28, 1960

Is it hard to bring up a star? Probably, it’s not an easy thing for most the parents, but Sandi Graham coped with this task!

In fact, music is in Drake’s genes, and not just due to his father. In fact, his mother Sandi was a big music fan, too. Her mother (Drake’s grandmother) was a baby sitter of a diva Aretha Franklin. The woman encouraged her son to make music. In addition, she monitored his academicals and sent him for ballet classes. Drake was a member of the school theater, too.

She divorced from her husband Dennis when their son was just 5 years old. She brought up Drake with the help of her brother – and successful businessman. She was a teacher, but because of some health issues (she had rheumatoid arthritis) the woman quit her job and focused her mind on her son’s upbringing. Drake’s mother was a Canadian Jew. His father was an African-American. Both of these cultures influenced him.

Journalists joke, that the most beloved woman is Drake’s life is his mother. He is very proud of her and very thankful to her. The star bought his mother a mansion in Toronto. He visits Sandi very often and devotes lines in his songs to her.

Drake siblings

Raemiah Julianna (half-sister)

Raemiah Julianna

Drake is the only son for his mother, but his father (in addition to him) became a parent to a cute girl, too. The name of Drake’s paternal half-sister is Raemiah Julianna. The rapper posts pics with her on Instagram from time to time, which proves the fact that they are in good terms and stay in touch.


He is often named in the press as the most successful rapper of all times. Drake started his career from recording mixtapes. In just a few years, an ordinary Canadian guy became a rap idol. He collected a bunch of prestigious awards and entered the top of the most influential musicians.

He entered this world in Toronto, Canada. His father was a musician and his mother was a teacher. He was the only common son of his parents and has no full siblings.

His mother and father parted their ways when he turned 5. He resided in Toronto neighborhood with his mom, but his father remained the part of his life. He taught Drake to love and understand music, while the rapper’s mother encouraged him to develop his skills as an actor.

In his teens, Drake became initially popular. He was invited to play the role in the series “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. They say he was scouted by his friend’s father.

After 7 years in the show, Drake decided to leave it and channel all his energy to music. He was signed by Lil Wayne‘s recording company “Young Money Entertainment”.

Drake is considered as a real hitmaker. His debut set of songs “So Far Gone” became the best album of 2010 and was certified as gold.

In autumn 2018 he presented the latest album “Scorpio”, which was uploaded million times within just a week after its release. Nevertheless, critics accepted Drake’s “brainchild” quite coldly. But the rapper doesn’t listen to them and just continues working for the big army of his fans.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He is a big fan of the basketball team “Toronto Raptors”. They say he plans to buy it and become its owner.
  2. He has an extensive collection of Hermès Birkin bags at home. As the rapper says, he buys them for his future wife.
  3. Drake is single as for now, but previously he was romantically linked to many famous ladies, including Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, Taraji P. Henson and the main love of his life – Rihanna.
  4. His favorite color is brown.
  5. He resides in a big Californian mansion, which is decorated with female statuettes.
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