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Drew Gooden biography
photo instagram.com/drewisgooden
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Christopher Andrew Gooden


ex-Viner, YouTube star, comedian

Birth Date

October 26, 1993


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Orlando, Florida, United States



Drew Gooden family members

Father's Name

Chris Gooden

Mother's Name

Beth Gooden

Siblings names

Kasey Gooden (older sister), Jake Gooden (brother)

Is Drew Gooden a gay/bisexual?


What is Drew Gooden marital status?


Who is Drew Gooden wife?

Amanda Murphy

When did get married?

May 13, 2019

Drew Gooden wife

Amanda Murphy (wife)

Amanda Murphy wife Drew Gooden

Photo instagram.com/drewisgooden

Drew is married, and the name of his wife is Amanda Murphy. Not much is known about this girl, just the fact that she lived 2000 miles away from Orlando, Drew’s hometown. They got acquainted through Twitter and started dating despite the distance between them. After a couple of months, they moved together. On May 13, 2019, they tied a knot in Orlando.

Amanda has a full-time job. Some sources define her occupation as “a photographer”. Sometimes she appears on her husband’s vlogs or comments them. In his interview for Anthony Padilla, Drew confessed, that he feels uncomfortable to shoot his videos if Amanda is in the room. He asks her to put headphones then.

In general, Drew and Amanda are very happy together. The YouTube star often tells about it through social media sites.

Who are Drew Gooden parents?

Beth Gooden (mother)

Beth Gooden mother Drew Gooden

photo instagram.com/drewisgooden

Date of birth: July 22, 1968

Born Beth Andrea Young and now known as Beth Gooden, this beautiful blonde lady gave birth to Drew Gooden, the famous social media star.

Drew is closely-knitted with his mom, and he understands, that she did a lot to help his gift to blossom.

Beth was born and raised in Florida in the family of Betty Lou Hasseld and Robert Gerald Young. Her father, who passed away in 2020, was a talented aerospace technician. He worked for Boeing for almost two decades. Beth has three sisters.

She was educated at Tacoma Baptist School, and then entered the University of Florida. She majored in accounting.

During many years she was married to Chris Gooden, but they divorced then. Before their separation, the couple parented three kids, including Drew.

Chris Gooden (father)

Chris Gooden father Drew Gooden

photo facebook.com/chris.gooden

Date of birth: May 8, 1969

Drew’s father is Christopher Mark Gooden. The YouTube star maintains a strong connection with his dad, even though his parents are separated.

Mr. Gooden comes from Charlotte, North Carolina. Chris graduated from North Mecklenburg High School. Professionally, he deals with design. He founded the company “Gooden Design”. He collaborates with other companies, too.

Chris lives in Orlando, Florida. He is a father of three kids (Drew and his two siblings). He is married to his second wife Cathy Benson-Gooden. She is a health coach.

Drew Gooden siblings

Kasey Gooden (older sister)

Kasey Gooden older sister Drew Gooden

photo facebook.com/beth.y.gooden

Date of birth: November 14, 1991

Drew has an older sister, named Kasey Gooden. She lives in Florida. The young lady graduated from university in 2019. She studied civil engineering.

Jake Gooden (brother)

Jake Gooden brother Drew Gooden

photo facebook.com/beth.y.gooden

Drew has one more sibling – a brother Jake. The young man stays out of the limelight, but his face has become public after he had attended Drew and Amanda’s wedding and was noticed by his brother’s fans.


The huge community of YouTube creators generated the entertainers of the new level. They start making videos just for fun, just because they have some message for this world, but then it turns into their profession, their calling, and their main goal. Drew Gooden is one of them. He came to YouTube from Vine about five years ago (in 2015) and since then he gained 2, 2+ million followers. But what’s his background?

His birth name is Christopher Andrew Gooden. He was delivered on October 26, 1993, in Orlando, Florida. He was a very active boy in his early years, and he liked to attract public attention. Being a great athlete at school, he played baseball in the little league. He uploaded the first video on YouTube at a tender age of 13, but that didn’t become regular. Then he registered on Vine, and that platform brought him the recognition and creative inspiration. His first Vine video was named “If you’re serious about mayonnaise”.

In 2017 Vine was closed, and that was a kind of a personal tragedy for Drew Gooden. But he found the way out – he registered on YouTube. And he is a YouTube star as of now!

His channel boasts with 240+ million of views. His most popular videos are the commented ones. He also proposes life hacks, movie reviews, and others. His great sense of humor and artistic skills help him to gain an extensive fan base.

He doesn’t know if he is going to make videos the rest part of his life, but he enjoys it now.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He names his fans “Little Stinkers”.
  2. He can’t imagine his life without YouTube right now and tells this platform saved his life.
  3. Not to be burn out mentally, while creating his content, he takes a lot of breaks.
  4. His favorite moment about making videos is finishing and then uploading them. The thing that he hates (when he deals with videos) is editing them.
  5. Very often he makes collaborative videos with the other Viner-turned-YouTuber Danny Gonzalez.
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