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Elizabeth Hurley biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Elizabeth Jane Hurley



Birth Date

June 10, 1965


53 years

Zodiac Sign



Hampshire, England


Queen Mary's College



Elizabeth Hurley family members

Father's Name

Roy Leonard Hurley

Mother's Name

Angela Mary Titt

Siblings names

Kate Hurley (older sister), Michael Hurley (younger brother)

Is Elizabeth Hurley a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Elizabeth Hurley marital status?


Who is Elizabeth Hurley husband?

Arun Nayar (ex-husband); Hugh Grant (ex-partner)

How many children does she have?

1 (son Damian Charles Hurley with Steve Bing)

Elizabeth Hurley husband

Hugh Grant (partner in 1987-2000)

Elizabeth Hurley husband

photo instagram / elizabethhurley1

Date of birth: September 9, 1960

Arun Nayar (ex-husband; married in 2007-2011)

Arun Nayar

photo instagram / elizabethhurley1

Date of birth: December, 1964

Elizabeth Hurley didn’t suffer for long after her separation from charismatic Hugh Grant. After a number of short affairs she met another man – handsome, strong and powerful. Arun Nayar was born in the family of Gunnar and Vinod, while both resided in Leeds, England. Except for Arun, his parents also gave a birth to his younger brother Nikhil. His mother is of German descent, while his father is Indian.

When Liz’s future husband was in his early years, he and his family moved to India. There his parents divorced, and the boy stayed with his mother. Gunnar started a successful textile business and soon became rich. She sent her son Arun to study in England. The future businessman attended Imperial College in London, where he gained degree in physics. After that he returned to native Mumbai, where joined his mother and helped her with family business. The young man married a model Valentina Pedroni in 1997, and still was her husband, when he met the beauty Elizabeth Hurley.

As a boyfriend of a popular actress, Arun came into the limelight. He divorced from his first wife and proposed Liz. Their wedding ceremony consisted of 2 parts and was held in two different countries – India and England.

Unfortunately, in 2011 the leggy brunette filed for divorce. She stated her husband’s misbehavior as a reason. Currently Arun is married to a model Kim Johnson, who is named in press “the young copy of Elizabeth Hurley”. Kim is circa 33 as for now.

Elizabeth Hurley kids

Damian Hurley (son with Steve Bing)damian charles hurley

photo instagram / damianhurley1Date of birth: April 4, 2002

Damian Charles Hurley is the only son of 53-year-old actress and designer. He bears his mother’s name, although his father is a public significant figure, too. The boy is a son of a multi-millionaire and screenwriter Steve Bing, who had an affair with Liz Hurly in 2000-2001. At first Steve denied the paternity and demanded from the actress to make a DNA test. Hurley ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant supported her during pregnancy, and it caused rumors, that Grant was actually the boy’s father. But DNA test proved Bing’s paternity, while Hugh became the boy’s godfather.

Elizabeth Hurley son

photo instagram / damianhurley1

As for now, Damian is a 16-year-old young man, who has already started career in an entertainment industry. He is a model and has even debuted as an actor in an episode of E! series “The Royals”. Damian has sweet close relationships with his mother. By the way, it’s he, who makes most part of the pictures the actress posts on Instagram

Who are Elizabeth Hurley parents?

Roy Leonard Hurley and Angela Mary Titt (parents)

Elizabeth Hurley father

photo instagram / elizabethhurley1

Elizabeth’s parents belonged to a middle-class of the society. Roy was an army captain, while his wife Angela was a music teacher. Because of her father’s job, Liz had to move from one place to another in her early years. She was very close with her father, from whom she inherited his inner strength and optimism. In her interview the actress told, that her parents loved each other and created great friendly atmosphere in their family.

Hurley’s father has already passed away, while her mother is still alive.

Elizabeth Hurley siblings

Kate Curran (older sister)

Kate Curran

Date of birth: 1962

Liz maintains friendly relationships with her older sister Kate Curran. Paparazzi very often catch the actress, coming to Kate’s home in London. Curran appears alongside her famous sibling at various public events from time to time, too. The woman is really kind-hearted, as people around characterize her. She was a literary agent, and since 2010 has been serving as her sister’s personal assistant. Kate has a son Miles Hurley, who is circa 22 as for now. Miles is a big friend of Aunt Liz. He has recently started career of a model.

Michael Hurley (younger brother)

Date of birth: 1969

Michael is Elizabeth’s younger brother, whom she loves and respects. Previously he earned his living as an engineer, and now he runs Liz’s organic farm, she owns in Gloucestershire.


Elizabeth Hurley bio

photo instagram / elizabethhurley1

Elizabeth Hurley grew up nor far from Basingstoke, England. The daughter of an army officer and a teacher, she dreamed to become a dancer in her teens. The girl studied ballet at London Studio Centre, but soon she quit dancing for acting. Liz debuted on the big screen at the age of 21 as Marietta in an anthology film “Aria”. She gained wide recognition as Hugh Grant girlfriend after both appeared at “Four Weddings and a Funeral” in a famous black dress from Versace.

That pinned dress helped Hurley sign a big deal with a famous fashion house Estee Lauder, and during many years she was a spokesperson of that giant. But modeling didn’t prevent her from developing career of an actress. She appeared in a number of great films, including “Austin Powers”, “Serving Sara” and “Dawg”. Not long ago she portrayed Queen Helena in the series “The Royals”.

Interesting and fun facts

Elizabeth Hurley

photo instagram / elizabethhurley1

  1. Elizabeth Hurley is a godmother of Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham, son of David and Victoria Beckham.
  2. One day, ex-president Bill Clinton sent a private jet for a British film star and flew her to the White House. They had one-year romance after that. Later Liz denied the rumors about her affair with a married politician.
  3. Her wedding to Arun Nayar cost about $2 million. She wore a dress from her friend Donatella Versace and had a wedding bouquet, made of lilies-of-the-valley.
  4. She doesn’t drink wine and doesn’t eat dairy products. The actress has meat and vegetables from her own organic farm, managed by her brother.
  5. She always wears a makeup.
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