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Emma D’Arcy biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Emma Zia D'Arcy


TV actress, movie actress, theater actress

Birth Date

June 27, 1992


31 years

Zodiac Sign



London, England, United Kingdom


Ruskin School of Art (the University of Oxford)



Emma D’Arcy family members

Father's Name

Richard D'Arcy

Mother's Name

Sally D’Arcy

Siblings names

Chloe (Loe) D'Arcy (younger sister-turned-brother)

Is Emma D’Arcy a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Emma D’Arcy marital status?

In relation

Probably, you know Emma D’Arcy as one of the key players in “House of the Dragon”, the prequel of the cult show “Game of Thrones”. In the show, she depicted Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, a pure Valyrian-blooded daughter of King Viserys I (Paddy Considine). For D’Arcy, this TV series, the first episode of which was watched by 4 million viewers all over the world, became the largest in her career. But where did that all start? What was her background? Let’s see!

Who are Emma D’Arcy parents?

Richard D’Arcy (father)

Date of birth: October 1944

The full name of Emma’s dad is Richard John D’Arcy. He was the owner of the big printing and publishing house “Royle Publications LTD”. The company produced various kinds of goods made of paper, like postcards, calendars, fine art prints, etc. For many years he worked as the creative director of this company.

Nowadays Emma’s father leads a private life with his wife of many years, sally. They reside in Cheltenham. During the pandemic, Richard arranged the exhibition of his paintings. By the way, Emma is a great painter, too.

Sally D’Arcy (mother)

Sally D’Arcy mother Emma D’Arcy

Date of birth: August 21

You can look at Sally Elizabeth D’Arcy, Emma’s mother, just once to understand, from whom Emma inherited her charisma and slim figure.

The mother of two girls, Emma and her younger sister Chloe, Sally has enough energy for both career and charity projects. She used to work as an illustrator, but then changed the focus of her career to dancing. She is a dance coach at Cheltenham. Previously, she lived in London.

Sally lost her dearest father in 1992. The man died from liver cancer. Emma’s mom keeps her late father in her heart till now.

Nowadays, Sally D’Arcy is one of the biggest fans of her daughter, Emma.

Emma D’Arcy siblings

Chloe (Loe) D’Arcy (younger sister-turned-brother)

Chloe (Loe) D’Arcy sister Emma D’Arcy

Emma has just one sibling – a younger sister, named Chloe. Recently, Chloe changed her name to “Loe” and introduced herself as Emma’s younger brother. She is a non-binary personality and uses the pronoun “they” when she speaks about herself.

Emma and Loe maintain warm relationships. Many years ago Emma painted a portrait of her younger sibling, which her mom liked very much.

As his mother Sally described Lou on social media, “a beautiful person, both inside and outside”.

Nowadays, Lou earns her living as a dancer.


Emma Zia D’Arcy was born in London, England in the family of a publishing business owner (father) and dancer (mother). She has a younger sister Chloe, who later turned into a boy, named Lou.

In her numerous interviews, Emma told, that her parents supported her idea to become an actress. But previously, she started her career as an artist. Emma comes from a very creative family – both her parents are skillful illustrators. She is a good painter, too. That’s why after school she studied Fine Arts at the Ruskin School of Art, based at Oxford University.

D’Arcy started her way on top of theater productions. As a member of the Almeida Theatre, she acted in the philosophical production “Against”, directed by the talented Christopher Shinn. Emma’s play got positive reviews from critics, who called her “a sensitive actress”. Later she joined the team of the Yard Theatre and appeared in the production “The Crucible”.

Gradually she moved her way on TV and landed the role in the BBC mini-series “Wanderlust”. After that, she acted in “Truth Seekers”, created by Amazon Prime. Her other credits include an episode in the drama series “Wild Bill”, participation in the 2nd season of “Hanna” and the role of Hazel in the comedy “Misbehaviour”.

Currently, Emma D’Arcy’s film list is not so extensive. But the actress has a great chance to put her career to the next level after playing one of the most important roles in the series “House of the Dragon”. The actress told, that she had an audition for the role of Princess Rhaenyra during the pandemic. So, she sent to the series producers the tape, which she recorded with her iPhone. To look like Rhaenyra, Emma put on the so-called wig on her short hairstyle.  With her partner, she did hair extensions to look like silver-haired Rhaenyra.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Like her younger sibling, Emma is a non-binary person and uses the pronoun “they/them”, when she speaks about herself. She hopes to use her popularity as “House of the Dragon” main cast to support non-binary actors all over the world.
  2. She keeps her life secret, nevertheless, she mentioned, she has “a partner” when told about her online audition for the role of Rhaenyra. She is rumored to date a theater director Thomas Bailey. At least, he supervised her to “House of the Dragon” premiere and devotes several Twitter posts to her brilliant play on the show.
  3. Although her heroine, Princess Rhaenyra, and Alicent Hightower are enemies, in real life, she maintains friendly relationships with the actress Olivia Cooke, who stands behind that screen image.
  4. Emma’s parents attended the spiritualist church and they taught their kids to believe that the souls of late people can come from time to time. Nowadays, Emma is open to the visit of her beloved grandmother, who passed away several years ago.
  5. Her height is 171 cm and her weight is 53 kg.
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