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Emma Watson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson


actress, model

Birth Date

April 15, 1990


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Paris, France


The Dragon School; Headington School; Stagecoach Theatre Arts; Brown University



Emma Watson family members

Father's Name

Chris Watson

Mother's Name

Jacqueline Luesby

Siblings names

Alex Watson (younger brother), Lucy and Nina Watson (younger half-sisters); Toby Watson (younger half-brother)

Is Emma Watson a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Emma Watson marital status?


Who is Emma Watson husband?

Chord Overstreet (ex-boyfriend); Brendan Wallace (rumored boyfriend)

Emma Watson husband

Leo Robinton (rumored fiance; were dating in 2019-2021)

Date of birth: circa 1989

In October 2019 Emma was noticed kissing a mysterious young man. Although the actress tried to make it private, the journalists managed to know, that the man’s name was Leo Robinton. He was an American businessman and used to work in a cannabis company till he met Emma.

They kept their relationship so private, that nobody could even believe, they were really in love. But in April 2020 Ms. Watson finally went out of the shadow and confirmed their romance. In spring 2021 Leo and Emma were photographed in the airport when they were on the way home from Mexico. Emma had a ring on her wedding finger, which caused engagement rumors. Some fans even thought that she got secretly married Leo.

In May 2021, Emma Watson denied those rumors in one of her tweet posts.

In October 2021 Emma and Leo became the heroes of another story. This time, they were rumored to split. In September 2021 Emma was caught by paparazzi, when she was getting off the helicopter, accompanied by another man – Brandon Green, the son of the British billionaire Sir Philip Green. The actress’s fans suppose they have an affair, although that’s not confirmed.

Chord Overstreet (ex-boyfriend; dated in 2018)

Chord Overstreet ex-boyfriend Emma Watson

photo instagram / chordoverstreet

Date of birth: February 17, 1989

Hermione Granger actress from the legendary movies about the magician Harry Potter is very private and doesn’t like to share details of her personal life. Twenty-eight year old Emma Watson leads an active lifestyle. She participates in new movies and photo sessions, appears at red-carpet events and spends free time with her big family. No wonder, that she has not so much time for boys.

During the years in the limelight Emma dated Will Adamowicz, a student, whom she met while studying in Oxford; William Knight, a tech entrepreneur from USA and even was caught on a date with Prince Harry.

In March, 2018 the actress confirmed her relationship with an actor Chord Overstreet.

Chord Overstreet photo

photo instagram / Chord Overstreet

He was born in Nashville, Tennessee and spent his early years there, being an inseparable part of a talented American family. His mother served as a hairdresser and father was a country singer. It was his dad, who inspired his son to play music. Chord grew up in the company of 5 siblings.

In his teens the cute boy started modeling. After that he moved his way on TV and appeared in a number of small roles. The young man met his big break in 2011 as Sam Evans from the musical series “Glee”. His hero appeared in the second season and became regular. In general the actor featured in 91 episodes of the series.

After “Glee”, Chord changed the focus of his career from music to acting. He signed the deal with Safehouse Records – the label, created by Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. He went on tour with them. In 2017 the actor turned singer released his first extended play. That very year he recorded a song “Hold On”, which featured in “Vampire Diaries”.

The actors met at Oscar party and from that moment started seeing each other. But two months later their blossoming romance faded. The beauty Emma Watson is single again.

Who are Emma Watson parents?

Chris Watson (father)

Emma Watson father

Date of birth: 1959

Chris Watson comes from England. He is a successful lawyer and a real celebrity in his area. He was married to Emma’s mother Jacqueline during 6-7 years. Their marriage resulted into two talented children – Emma and her younger brother Alex. At the time of Emma’s birth the couple lived in Paris, France. When the future movie star turned 5, her parents separated. After that Chris returned to his home country – England. He bought a house in London and resided there. The girl’s mother moved to England, too. She settled with her daughter and son in Oxfordshire. Chris stayed in touch with his daughter and son from the first marriage. Emma spent a lot of great time in her father’s house in London.

Later Mr. Watson re-married. The name of his second wife is Julie Watson. She gave a birth to three man’s kids – Emma Watson’s half-siblings.

When Emma landed the role of Hermione in Harry Potter franchise, her father opened a fund for her, where he put all the money his daughter earned. On her 21st birthday Ms. Watson got the right to operate her funds. She became the owner of $32 million.

Chris told in his numerous interviews, that he was very proud of his daughter, a young actress and model. At the same time, he is a recognizable person in his area, too. Mr. Watson is a head lawyer at a powerful company Telecoms. But he is happy to play the second fiddle for his daughter.

Jacqueline Luesby (mother)

Jacqueline-Luesby photo

photo instagram / jacquelineluesby

Date of birth: 1958

Jacqueline Luesby is a lawyer from Great Britain. But she placed her career in the background, when she became a mother of two talented kids – Emma and Alex. After the divorce with her husband Chris, she moved from France to England to raise her son and daughter in psychological comfort.

Emma liked to act since she turned 3. Mrs. Luesby decided to support her interest. She sent the girl to Stagecoach Theater school, where her daughter made the first steps as an actress. She took part in a number of plays before landed the role, which made her famous.

Till now Jacqueline remains a supportive mother for Ms. Watson, who has already gained a star status. Luesby, who is very private and prefers casual clothing style, hates, when paparazzi follow her with photo cameras, but she puts on high-heeled shoes and smiles to the photographers, in spite of the fact, that she doesn’t like such a fuss.

Quite often the lawyer appears by her daughter’s hand at various public events. Not long ago she participated with her feministic child at Women’s March in Washington D.C.

Except for Emma, Jacqueline mothered another kid – a boy Alex.

Emma Watson siblings

Alex Watson (younger brother)

Alex Watson brother Emma Watson

photo instagram / aalexwatson

Date of birth: December 15, 1992

Alex Watson is the only full sibling of Harry Potter actress. He was born in the family of lawyers Jacqueline and Chris Watson three years after Emma.

Although Alexander Chris Watson was born in Paris, France, he spent most part if his life in Oxfordshire and considers himself as an Englishman. As for now, Alex doesn’t remember his life in Paris, but he considers the flat in London, which occupies the entire third floor, as his main home.

The boy was a brilliant pupil at school and in his interview to “Independent” in 2010 he confessed, that he wanted to be a journalist.  But after school he entered Bristol University.  Alex studied Politics and Philosophy there. As for now, the young man is not involved into show business, although in his younger years he tried his hand as a model and actor. He acted opposite his sister in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and then participated in Burberry ad campaign alongside Emma in 2010.

But as for now, the young man is not interested either in acting or in modeling. He doesn’t consider himself a celebrity, in spite of the fact, that Emma’s fans recognize his face in the street.

Toby Watson (younger half-brother)

Date of birth: circa 2001

Toby is Emma Watson’s half-brother from her father’s second marriage to Julie. In 2010 Emma was noticed, taking her younger sibling to school. Toby and Emma stay connected.

Lucy and Nina Watson (younger half-sisters)

Date of birth: 2004

Lucy and Nina are twin sisters. They were born in the family of Emma’s father Chris and his second wife Julie. Two cute girls supported their older sister at Harry Potter premiere in 2011.

Interesting and fun facts

Emma is officially single and she is very private about her love life. But in autumn 2018 she was caught kissing with Brendan Wallace, a tech CEO. The couple had dinner in a restaurant in Mexico. Neither of them confirmed the romance.

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