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Fabien Frankel biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Fabien Joseph Frankel


TV actor, movie actor, theater actor

Birth Date

April 6, 1994


29 years

Zodiac Sign



London, England, United Kingdom


Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art



Fabien Frankel family members

Father's Name

Mark Frankel

Mother's Name

Caroline Frankel

Siblings names

Max Frankel (younger brother)

Is Fabien Frankel a gay/bisexual?


What is Fabien Frankel marital status?


“House of the Dragon” is the first “Game of Thrones” spin-off show. Probably, fans were looking forward to seeing their favorite characters from the “Game of Thrones” set. But nobody from their favorite TV series appeared on the spin-off set. Nevertheless, new young actors and actresses busy at House of the Dragon set have a chance to become new recognizable faces. Fabien Frankel is one of those newborn celebrities. Let’s see, what is known about him and his background.

Who are Fabien Frankel parents?

Mark Frankel (father)

Date of birth: June 13, 1962

Date of death: September 24, 1996

Fabien’s father was an actor, so he inherited his love and talent for this profession from his parent. Nevertheless, Sir Criston actor didn’t have a chance to know his father better and learn about his experience as Mark passed away when his son was just 2 years old. He tragically died in a car accident, just like his older brother Joe in 1990.

Fabien’s father started his career as a tennis player but quickly changed his focus to acting. He took a great variety of odd jobs to keep enough money for acting school. Mark studied acting for 3 years. He debuted at the Stanhope Theatre in the production “A Streetcar named Desire”. Then he participated in several TV and screen projects, including but not limited to “Michelangelo – Season of Giants”, “Young Catherine”, “Leon the Pig Farmer” etc.

He was married to Caroline Besson, with whom he welcomed the son Fabien (the hero of our post). At the moment of mark’s death, Caroline was pregnant with Mark and her second son Max.

Caroline Frankel (mother) 

Fabien Frankel mother Caroline Frankel

Fabien is incredibly close with his mother Caroline Frankel, nee Besson. In his interviews, he told, that his mom taught him to love acting as she took him to the theaters since his childhood. In one of London’s theaters, he watched the great play of Paddy Considine, with whom he later met at the House of the Dragon set.

Caroline is French, that’s why Fabien is so good at this language. By the way, for his French roots from his maternal side, he was chosen as the French ambassador of the House of the Dragon team and was sent to Paris to present this show. That was the reason, why Fabien Frankel missed the launch night of the series.

His mother was the first person, who knew that Fabien won the role of Sir Criston in the Game of Thrones prequel. At first, Caroline didn’t believe him and told him that he had gotten things wrong.

Caroline Frankel is the mother of 2 boys, Fabien and Max. She earns her living as an advertising executive. The woman speaks equally well both, English and French.

Fabien Frankel siblings

Max Frankel (younger brother)

Max Frankel brother Fabien Frankel

Date of birth: circa 1996

Max Mark Frankel was born two years after Fabian. His mother was pregnant with him at the moment when his dad passed away. The boy got a second name – Mark – after his late father.

Fabien and Max look alike, and that’s why the younger brother got some part of the actor’s fame. Max was shopping at the Bicester Village store, when the shop assistant told him, “You look exactly like Sir Criston from “House of the Dragon”, mate!”

By the way, Max is a big fan of the show and takes close to his heart everything, which happens on the set. Thus, he shouted to his older brother on phone, that “Criston was going to kill Princess Rhaenyra’s son” after he had watched the 6th episode of the show.

As you see, Fabien and Max are closely-knitted.


Fabien Joseph Frankel gained wide popularity after he appeared in the first episode of “House of the Dragon”. His character, Criston Cole, fought Daemon Targaryen, Matt Smith’s character, during the tournament. Ser Criston is the brightest character, portrayed by the handsome black-haired actor. He made a long way to be ready for such a great project as “House of the Dragon” is.

He was born on April 6, 1994, in the family of the late actor Mark Frankel and the French woman Caroline Besson. He has the only sibling, younger brother Max.

Fabien is a professionally trained actor. He is a graduate of prestigious acting schools, like the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

He made his debut in 2017 as a stage actor at the Charing Cross Theatre. His first production was directed by the famous Jack Rosenthal. Its name was “The Knowledge”.

After that, he cemented his initial success with participation in various movies and TV shows. Thus, he acted opposite Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in the romantic comedy “Last Christmas”. His other credits include the Netflix show “The Serpent” and the police TV drama “NYPD Blue”.

During the pandemic, he auditioned through zoom for some anonymous project. Later he knew that it was a “House of the Dragon” show and that he had little chance to be accepted as he wasn’t big and strong enough. He got faint when he got the phone call with the news that he was accepted.

He read the script one night and immediately liked his character Sir Criston Cole, the poor fighter, who occasionally joined the king’s knighthood. During the first season of the show, his hero made a great transformation, having changed the party of the conflict, around which the film plot was centered.

Fabien told that his character Criston is cruel, but villains are “more interesting”. He enjoyed the great creative atmosphere at the set, admiring the great play of such popular English actors as Paddy Considine and Rhys Ifans. He called both of them “his teachers”.

Obviously, after a great play in “House of the Dragon”, Fabien will get lots of offers and will appear in new interesting projects. By the way, his dream is to play in one film with Patricia Arquette.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He is officially single. Nothing is known about his love life. Fabien maintains a friendly relationship with Milly Alcock, his House of the Dragon co-star and love interest. He tells that Milly is the best person to make him laugh.
  2. He likes his character Sir Criston Cole but considers him a person, who is led by his heart.
  3. Many actors like to take some mementos and souvenirs from the set. Fabien once did the same – he took the white Halloween shirt from the House of the Dragon set, but then returned it because of the wave of panic his colleagues had. One day he dreams to get the swords from the set houses of Paddy Considine and Matt Smith.
  4. He considers Princess Rhaenyra as a good kind character. To his opinion, the evilest character in the show is Daemon Targaryen.
  5. His height is 5 ft 10 in and his weight is 143 pounds.


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