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Fetty Wap biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Willie Junior Maxwell II


rapper, songwriter, singer

Birth Date

June 7, 1991


30 years

Zodiac Sign



Paterson, New Jersey, United States


Paterson Public School No. 6



Fetty Wap family members

Father's Name

Willie Maxwell Jr.

Mother's Name

Doria Hagans-Maxwell

Siblings names

Divinity Maxwell (sister), Yazzming Ingenious Lee (sister), Twyshon Depew (late brother) and one more sister

Is Fetty Wap a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Fetty Wap marital status?


Who is Fetty Wap husband?

Leandra K. Gonzalez (ex-wife)

How many children does she have?

7 (sons Aydin Zoovier Maxwell Jr. and Zy Maxwell; daughters Khari Barbie Maxwell, Zaviera Maxwell, Alaiya Grace Maxwell, Amani and Lauren Maxwell)

Fetty Wap husband

Leandra K. Gonzalez (wife)

Leandra K. Gonzalez

photo instagram.com/theshaderoom

Fetty Wap was involved in numerous love stories and had plenty of women. But he was legally married just once in his life. He tied a knot with an Instagram star Leandra Gonzalez in July 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last for long. In May 2020 Leandra shared through Instagram a streaming video, where she told, that her husband hurt her physically, cheated her, and was always high on drugs and alcohol.

They filed for divorce on September 4, 2020. Their separation was painful. Fetty Wap denied all charges. They finally parted their ways. The details of the divorce settlement are not publicized. The couple had no kids. But the rapper has already become a father of seven children with six different baby mothers before he met Leandra.

Fetty Wap kids

Aydin Zoovier Maxwell Jr. (son with Ariel Reese)

Date of birth: May 1, 2011

In his interview to “Interview Magazine” Fetty Wap joked, that he has just one problem – to wait for the news from one more girl, who got pregnant for him this day. Really, the hip-hop artist is the fertile father. His first son was born in 2011. The boy’s name is Aydin Maxwell. Fetty parented him with a social media personality Ariel Reese. She was the rapper’s school sweetheart. They were an item for almost a decade but decided to separate their ways.

Khari Barbie Maxwell (daughter with Masika Kalysha)

Date of birth: March 29, 2016

In 2015 Fetty started dating Masika Kalysha, the actress, reality TV star, and singer. Soon Masika got pregnant from him. At first, the rapper couldn’t accept the news and even denied his paternity. But later he joined Masika to support her at the moment of the baby’s birth. They welcomed a daughter Khari in March 2016. The happy parents shared their baby birth experience in the 3rd season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”. That very year they separated.

The cute little girl has already become a celebrity. Her Instagram account, maintained by her mother, is followed by 100k+ people. Besides, the child owns the brand “Khari Barbie Cosmetics”.

Zaviera Maxwell (daughter with Lezhae Zeona)

Date of birth: March 12, 2015

Fetty became a father for the second time in 2015. He welcomed a daughter with Compton-born entrepreneur Lezhae Zeona. Although her parents have never been married officially, they gave birth to two kids. Zaviera is their older child.

The rapper and Lezhae have already parted their ways, but he still remains a doting father for his daughter. Zaviera’s pictures appear on his Instagram from time to time.

Alaiya Grace Maxwell (daughter with Alexis Skyy)

Date of birth: 2018

Alaiya is one of the most contradictory children in Fetty Wap’s life because his paternity was highly questionable. That situation was reflected in the 9th season of “Love and Hip Hop New York”. Fetty had a daughter with Alexis Skyy, the reality TV star, best known for her participation in “Love & Hip Hop”.

Alexis gave birth to Alaiya three months before the planned term, and that caused rumors that her biological father was another man, not Fetty Wap. At the moment of her birth, the girl was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. She underwent the surgery immediately after her birth.

Although Fetty didn’t admit the fact, that he is Alaiya’s biological father, he decided to take care of this girl.

Zy Maxwell (son with Lezhae Zeona)

Date of birth: 2018

Zy is another Fetty’s kid, whom he parented with Lezhae Zeona. The boy is still very little, and his mother keeps him away from public eyes.

He has two other daughters – Amani and Lauren – from unknown baby mommas

Who are Fetty Wap parents?

Willie Maxwell Jr. (father)

Willie Maxwell Jr.


“I am not a typical family person, but I like spending time with my parents”, Fetty told in one of his interviews. That’s why he often visits Paterson, New Jersey, where his parents live.

The name of his father is Willie Maxwell Jr. He grew up in New Jersey in the family of Bishop Willie Maxwell Sr. He graduated from Hackensack High School. Willie was very young when he met Doria Hagans and fell in love with her. They created a big and friendly family. Fetty Wap remembers his childhood years with warmth. “We went to the church every weekend. After that, we made music at home. My daddy played the keyboard”, Fetty told.

Doria Hagans-Maxwell (mother)

Doria Hagans-Maxwell

photo facebook.com/willie.maxwell.9

His mother’s name is Doria Hagans-Maxwell. She sang in the church choir when Fetty was very little. She was that person, who taught her son to love and understand music. But she was against Wap’s decision to become a professional musician, so it took some time for the hip hop artist to convince her.

She is a beautiful religious woman, who brought up five kids with her husband Willie Maxwell.

Fetty Wap siblings

Divinity Maxwell (sister)

Divinity Maxwell

photo facebook.com/vinity06

Divinity became a celebrity in autumn 2015 when she addressed her brother’s ex Lezhae Zeona through Facebook. Divinity wanted to protect her brother, whom Zeona accused of neglecting his parenthood duties.

Divinity is a New Jersey native. She was educated at Passaic County Technical Institute. Wap’s sister owns a hair care company. Besides, she is married and raises four kids.

Yazzming Ingenious Lee (sister)

Yazzming Ingenious Lee

photo facebook.com/Yazzming

Another Fetty’s sister is named Yazzming Ingenious Lee. As of 2021, she lives in Irvine, California. Yazzming is a marketer. She serves at Ask Me company. She maintains friendly warm relationships with her famous brother.

One More Sister,

One More Sister

photo facebook.com/willie.maxwell.9

Fetty Wap has one more little sister, whose name is undisclosed.

Twyshon Depew (late brother)

Twyshon Depew


Date of birth: July 28, 1994

Date of death: October 15, 2020

Fetty Wap had a brother Twyshon Kareen Depew, who passed away in autumn 2020. The young man was shot by a stranger in New Jersey. He was immediately delivered to a hospital and died there. After that Wap devoted a sweet post to his brother through Instagram. He named Twyson his “twin” and apologized for not being by his side at the moment of his death.


It’s always interesting to watch the birth and development of a person’s talent. There are lots of ways to succeed, but the popular rapper Fetty Wap chose a wavy one.

He was born as Willie Junior Maxwell II in Paterson, New Jersey in a family of upstanding, conscientious parents. He had three little sisters and a brother. Willie was educated at Paterson Public School No. 6, which he didn’t like. The boy was keen on music since his childhood years. He played music with his father at weekends. His mother was a choir singer.

Although Willie lived a normal family life, there was something, which made him unhappy. He was a newborn when he lost his left eye. The baby boy was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. He was bullied for his physical drawback at school. At first, he fought with classmates, who laughed at him. But in his teens, he felt stronger and made peace with his state of health. He even removed the prosthetic eye.

Willie liked hip hop and planned to become a professional artist. But he lost the right life way in his teens. He left school and started to sell drugs. He was out of money, and at that time he became a father of a little boy Zoovier.

In 2014 fate finally smiled at him. He recorded a song “Trap Queen” and uploaded it online. The track immediately became a hit. The song featured on Billboard 100 for weeks, and that made Fetty Wap a star. After that, the rapper released his eponymous debut album, which became platinum. Nowadays, the artist’s fans are looking forward to his second studio album.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. His stage moniker consists of two words – Fetty (which stays for – confetti or money) and Wap (which he took from Gucci Mane, his idol. One of Mane’s stage names was GuWop).
  2. They say he pays $100, 000 of child support.
  3. The rapper always stresses the fact, that he is not a solo artist, but a part of a team. His team is named “Remy Boyz”. The band is titled after the famous alcohol drink Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, which the members of the team like so much.
  4. In 2015 he was involved in a hard motorcycle accident. He drove a motorbike in his hometown Paterson when he collided with another driver. The star broke his leg. He was immediately taken to a hospital. Fortunately, the rapper recovered.
  5. His net worth is $8 million.
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