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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn



Birth Date

November 20, 1983


39 years

Zodiac Sign



Kirkwood, Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Columbia High School



Future family members

Father's Name

Mr. Wilburn

Mother's Name

Stephanie Jester

Siblings names

Ricko Wade (cousin), Tia Wilburn (younger sister)

Is Future a gay/bisexual?


What is Future marital status?

In relation

Who is Future wife?

Ciara (ex-fiancee, baby mother) Joie Chavis (girlfriend since 2017)

How many children does he have?

8 (son with Jessica Smith, daughter Londyn Wilburn , son Prince Wilburn, son Future Zahir Wilburn, daughter Reign and 3 more)

Future relatives
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ex-fiancee, baby mother

Future wife

Ciara (ex-fiancée, baby mother)

Future ex-fiancée

photo instagram / ciara

Date of birth: October 25, 1985

Future kids

Future Zahir Wilburn (son with Ciara)

Future son

photo instagram / _futurezahirwilburn

Date of birth: May 19, 2014

Son with Jessica Smith

Date of birth: circa 2002

This boy is the first kid of the famous performer. He is the result of his father’s affair with Jessica Smith, who came into limelight when she started court process against the rapper to get child support money from him. The paternal test proved, that her son’s father is really Low Life singer.

The name of the boy isn’t publicized, and it seems, that the rapper isn’t close with him, although he pays about $3, 000 on a monthly basis for him.

Londyn Wilburn (daughter with India J)

Londyn Wilburn

photo instagram / londynhendrix

Date of birth: circa 2009

The second child and the only daughter of Future, she entered this world in 2009. The girl’s mother is India J. He started dating the Atlanta rapper in the early 2000s, and he hadn’t been popular then. They were an item during 5 years and then split.

Prince Wilburn (son; probably, adopted)

Prince Wilburn

photo instagram / princewilburn

Date of birth: 2012

This boy is the son of Future’s ex-girlfriend Brit. His father names him “my little boy” and cares about him so much. Not long ago he celebrated Prince’s 5th birthday with his mother, whom Future names “my queen”.

Who are Future parents?

Mr. Wilburn (father)

His father was estranged from him. Actually, he didn’t even know him. It’s just publicized that both his parents were of Haitian origin.

Stephanie Jester (mother)

Future mother

Future mother

Date of birth: February 1965

Stephanie used to tell in her interviews that being a mother to the Future is a kind of blessing for her. Her son Nayvadius weighed 9 pounds and was 21 inches long at the moment of his birth. That’s why his mother understood, he would raise to stardom one day. She did nothing to make him interested in music. But she put lots of effort for her son being involved in sports. At school, Future played basketball, baseball, and football.

Future’s mother is very close with her famous son. She is the CEO of his company Freebandz. Besides, with her son and daughter Tia, she founded the charity FreeWishes Foundation. In addition, Mrs. Jester owns several other companies, based in Atlanta, GA.

She separated from the father of her kids, Mr. Wilburn, many years ago. She was married to Eddie J. Jester, Jr. It’s hard to tell, whether they are still together.

Future siblings

Tia Wilburn-Anderson (younger sister)

Tia Wilburn Anderson

Tia Wilburn Anderson

Date of birth: May 10, 1985

The rapper Future has just one sibling – a sister Tia Wilburn-Anderson. The woman maintains a warm relationship with her big brother. She is the co-founder of his charity FreeWishes Foundation.

Rico Wade (cousin)

He is Future’s cousin, who helped him start his music career. He is the founding member of a number of hip-hop and R&B bands, including “Organized Noize”.


Future bio

photo instagram / future

His real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, which he recently changed for “Nayvadius Cash”. Future is celebrated as a hip-hop artist, songwriter, and music producer. He made a long way from the struggle to stardom and now enjoys his well-deserved success. The rapper rose to fame due to his cousin Rico Wade, the founder of the band “Dungeon Family”. Rico tried to keep his brother from drugs and other troubles, that’s why he encouraged him to start making music and write songs. Rico and Nayvadius, nicknamed in the family circle as “Future”, became the member of the group “Da Connect”, based on Dungeon Family crew. The band released the set of songs in 2003, which brought the rapper initial modest recognition. He cemented his success with productive collaboration with the rapper Ludacris in 2004.

Future presented a number of mixtapes, which made him noticeable in the hip-hop world. In 2011 the musician signed the deal “A1 Recordings”. He presented the album “Pluto”, which got the positive reviews and turned Future into a star.

Currently, he is the owner of the recording company “Freebandz”. Future has already released 6 studio albums. He is known by collaborations with Taylor Swift, Gucci Mane, and other reputable musicians.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. His name “Nayvadius” is translated from Greek as “the king”.
  2. He was born in Haiti and raised in Kirkwood, Atlanta.
  3. When he was in his teens, he was shot in the right hand, which made the rapper quit basketball (he played it in his school years and considered becoming a professional in the area) and focus on rap.
  4. He named one of his first mixtapes and the third studio album as “Dirty Sprite”, which stands for a drink of a purple color, which consists of tonic, Sprite, or mineral water and low alcohol drink. The other ingredients of the drink are some medications, which consist of codeine and promethazine. Such a drink can be used as a light drug, and it is very popular in hip-hop culture.
  5. He was engaged to Ciara in 2013. They canceled their wedding soon after the birth of their son. Ciara tattooed the letter “N”, which is the first letter of her loved one’s real name, on her hand. After their split she removed it.
  6. In one of his interviews, the rapper Future confessed, that he had 7 kids in general. He welcomed children with various women. He also adopted the son of one of his girlfriends. Besides, several women started court processes against Future in order to make him do a DNA test and prove, that their children are biologically his. In spring 2022 the model Eliza Reign (her real name is Eliza Seraphin) proved via a DNA test, that she had her baby with Future. With Eliza, Future has a daughter Reign, born in 2019.
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