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Gabriel Iglesias biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias


American comedian, actor, writer, producer and voice actor

Birth Date

July 15, 1976


47 years

Zodiac Sign



San Diego, California, United States



Gabriel Iglesias family members

Father's Name

Jesus Iglesias

Mother's Name

Esther P. Mendez

Siblings names

Esther Iglesias (sister)

Is Gabriel Iglesias a gay/bisexual?


What is Gabriel Iglesias marital status?

In relation

Who is Gabriel Iglesias wife?

girlfriend Claudia Valdez since 2008

A man, who calls himself “Fluffy” for his overweight is not married, but he has a girlfriend. He has no biological kids. He has 5 siblings, but seems to be not very close with them. The closest person for him was his mother. Let’s look at Gabriel Iglesias family.

Who are Gabriel Iglesias parents?

Esther P. Mendez (Mother) and Jesus Iglesias (Father)

Esther P. Mendez

Esther Pinuelas Mendez (mother)

Date of birth: August 25, 1934

Date of death: May 01, 2012

She was a legendary woman, who influenced Gabriel Iglesias and played an important role in his fate. Esther separated from Gabriel Iglesias father and raised their six kids (Fluffy has 4 sisters and one brother) alone. She did any job she could find in order to feed her children.

Gabriel started to act on the stage at the age of 10. Then he performed in front of his schoolmates, and did it so well that anybody laughed. The boy enjoyed all that attention he got after the concert. Around that time he decided to become a comedian.

His mother Esther liked his jokes, but she did everything she could to convince Gabriel not to become a full-time comedian. She persuaded him to find a normal job, which could feed him. At first Fluffy followed her advice and found work in the cell phone company. But then he went against Esther’s will.

Gabriel’s mother was his most devoted fan and a frequent guest at his shows. Very often she met other artists at the concerts too and it made her happy. Till now in Gabriel Iglesias’s house there’s a picture of his mom and her favorite star – ranchera Vicente Fernandez.

Esther Pinuelas Mendez passed away in May, 2012 in her West Covina house (California). Gabriel opened up, that till now he misses her.

Jesus Iglesias (father)

Gabriel Iglesias has never been close with his father. His parents separated soon after his birth, and he doesn’t stay connected with his dad as for now.


Gabriel Iglesias siblings

Esther Iglesias (sister)

Esther Iglesias sister Gabriel Iglesias

photo instagram / fluffyguy

Gabriel has a sister Esther, with whom they are really close. Sometimes she visits him, when he is on tour, and they have fun together. Esther has a husband, named Gordy and a daughter Andrea.


He is highly appreciated by both, critics and the audience. One of reputable issues called him “a comic icon”. He laughs at everything – at his extra kilos, at poverty and anxieties. And audience laughs with him.

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias was born in San Diego, CA. Later he moved to Long Beach, CA, where he was raised by a single mother. He lived in poverty, and humor was that thing, which saved him during his early years. When Gabriel turned 20, he decided to monetize his talent of a comic.

He started his career from performances at bars and night clubs. In early 2000s the talented stand-up comedian moved his way on TV. Gabriel Iglesias gained initial popularity as an actor of sitcoms. He participated in “My Wife and Kids” and voiced a hero in “Family Guy”.

As for now, the actor can boast with numerous hit films and animations, where he starred or to which he lent his funny voice. They are “Coco”, “Smurfs: The Lost Village”, “The Surfer King”, “Magic Mike XXL” etc. Each year he adds a new hit to his film list. Is his family life as successful as his career?

Interesting and fun facts

1) During his years at a high school Gabriel Iglesias performed in front of his class every day. He enjoyed those several minutes of glory and developed his stand-up skills.

2) Gabriel couldn’t find the job as a comic at first. That’s why he told the club owners, that he would perform for free. Thus, he didn’t get any money for his first shows, but he gained an extensive fan club and got acquainted with other comics. It helped him to develop his career and finally get money for his jokes.

3) The comedian owns a house in Long Beach, CA. He resides there with his girlfriend and her kid from the previous marriage.

4) Gabriel Iglesias suffers from Type II Diabetes.

5) The comedian has a slow metabolism. He tells that even one hamburger is enough for him to gain extra kilos. But he lost more than 100 pounds of weight, when he was warned by his doctor, that his appetite may kill him.

6) Iglesias tells that the major part of his success comes from his honesty. He tells his viewers very personal things – about his overweight, his family life and his fears. The comic opens up that his girlfriend sometimes comes to his shows to know, what’s on his mind.

7) Gabriel has in his garage an extensive collection of Volkswagen buses and sports cars.

8) In 2017 he had to cancel a number of his shows because of his battle with alcoholism. But in January, 2018 the comic returned to work.

9) He likes dogs and has several of them at home, including Chihuahua Bruno.

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  • Kathi says:

    He’s the first comedian since Sinbad to not rely on profanity for laughs

  • Sue says:

    Its so great to find a comedian who can make you laugh till it hurts without using profanity.Too bad more comedians don’t follow his example.I think it was Red Skelton who said that if you have to be dirty to be funny then you were not funny to begin with.Well done Fluffy