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Gavin Magnus biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Gavin Robert Magnus


YouTube star, Tik Tok star, singer, actor

Birth Date

March 26, 2007


16 years

Zodiac Sign



Yorba Linda, California, United States


Travis Ranch School and then homeschooled



Gavin Magnus family members

Father's Name

Dave Magnus

Mother's Name

Theresa Barlow Magnus

Siblings names

Justin Wayne Infante (older half-brother), Jakob Magnus (older brother)

Is Gavin Magnus a gay/bisexual?


What is Gavin Magnus marital status?


Gavin Magnus family

Who are Gavin Magnus parents?

Dave Magnus (father)

Gavin Magnus father

Date of birth: July 31, 1973

Gavin keeps their privacy and rarely tells about his parents and other personal stuff. Nevertheless, we know that his father’s name is David Paul Magnus. It seems that it’s the second marriage for his parents. Dave comes from Jacksonville, NC. He is the son of Robert and Rosa Magnus. He studied at Jacksonville Senior High School and Brentsville District High School. He continued his education at the University of North Carolina. There he studied environmental science. Currently, he works at SoCalGas Company as a qualifications manager.

With his wife, Theresa Magnus (Barlow) he parented two boys, Jacob and Gavin. He supports his son Gavin in his dream to make a career in the entertainment industry. He posted his son’s upcoming projects on his Facebook page and endorsed them.

Gavin and his father maintain close relationships.

Theresa Barlow Magnus (mother)

Gavin Magnus mother

Date of birth: July 3, 1969

Gavin is incredibly close with his mother. The fans could see her in his video “My Mom Reacts to My Song with Tears!”

Theresa Barlow Magnus is the person, who stands behind Gavin’s success. She noticed her son’s talent for singing and acting in his early years. She helped him to gain initial success on YouTube and then took him to various auditions to start acting professionally.

Gavin studied at Travis Ranch School and joined it by acting in commercials. He won Buick (automobile manufacturer) commercial without any special preparation or professional pictures. His mom’s enthusiasm and his talent were the only things, which helped him win the deal. Later he gradually moved from commercials to Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows. After that Theresa made a responsible decision and chose to homeschool Gavin. That made him open to new acting and singing projects.

Theresa Magnus was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. She is the daughter of Wayne Barlow and Jeana Dobbins. She was educated at Eldorado High School (in Nevada) and then joined her peers at Berkeley School of Law.

Currently, she works as the CEO and founder at Magcorp, the company named after her son. Through this company she manages Gavin’s career.

Theresa is the mother of 3 boys.

Gavin Magnus siblings

Justin Wayne Infante (older half-brother)

Justin Wayne Infante

Justin Wayne Infante brother Gavin Magnus

Date of birth: February 16, 1994

Justin is Gavin’s maternal half-brother. He is the son of Theresa and her first husband Matt Infante. Justin studied at Orange County High School Of The Arts. After graduation, he entered Young Americans College of the Performing Arts.

Jakob Magnus (older brother)

Jakob Magnus brother Tyler Bennington

Date of birth: July 13, 2005

Gavin’s brother Jakob Magnus (or Jake) is his only full sibling. Jake studied at Travis Ranch School and was a brilliant pupil there. Like his brother, he founded a YouTube channel. Jakob’s channel counts 141k subscribers as of 2023. He uploads prank videos, vlogs, podcasts, etc. His brother Gavin is a frequent guest on Jakob’s channel, too.

In November 2021 he introduced to his fans his girlfriend. Alectra Cox appeared on his YouTube channel in an episode “Meet My Girlfriend!” and that episode immediately became viral and gained 490k+ views.

Alectra is 2 years older than Jakob. She gained initial popularity as a participant in the 6th season of the “Dance Moms” show. The young people seem so happy together and fans adore their couple.


Gavin Magnus biography

Gavin Robert Magnus is a celebrated YouTuber, Tiktoker, and singer. He gained initial popularity as a YouTuber. He founded the self-titled YouTube channel in 2016. He immediately became popular and in May 2017 his video “How to Play Jeffy Why Song on a Cat Piano!! (Part 2)” has already surpassed the 1 million views mark. His self-titled YouTube channel boasts 4.54 million views as of 2023.

In March 2018 he joined other young talented digital content creators at Rock Your Hair team. That very year he became a member of the Boys of Summer 2018 tour. That was the fourth time when the Boys of Summer Music Tour took place. Lots of aspiring music artists took part in the tour, including the band “Single by Sunday”, Tiktokers Blesiv and Hailey Orona, Instagram star Diego Martir, and many others.

Gavin Magnus wiki

Gavin played the piano since his childhood, and besides his career as a social media star, he also wanted to be a singer. On August 24, 2019, he recorded the cover of the song by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes “Señorita”. He performed a song with his then-girlfriend Coco Quinn. The music video went viral (as of 2023 it has 68 million views). That opened Gavin the door to the world of professional music. In 2019 he signed a deal with Capitol Records and that very year presented the debut single “Crushin”. By the way, he wrote the lyrics and composed the music of this song himself.

Since 2019 and till now Gavin releases singles on the regular basis. Most of them become hits. You may have heard such Gavin’s songs as “Hearts on a Pendant”, which was viewed 7.8 million times on YouTube since 2020, “Just Me”, which he devoted to everyone, who feels betrayed, and “Cherry Picker”, released in 2023.

In addition to his social media activities and singing career, Gavin occasionally tries his hand as an actor. He appeared on “When Sports Collide” series as a host on Dreamworks TV. Besides, he portrayed Byron in Rick Spalla’s movie “Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove” starring Denise Richards and Malcolm McDowell.

In 2023 Gavin is an active Tiktoker. He creates funny dancing and singing videos for his 6.1 million viewers. He often collaborates with his ex-girlfriend Piper Rockelle.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He dated the social media star Piper Rockelle for several years till their breakup in 2019. They collaborated on many videos together and uploaded common pictures on Instagram. In 2023 they remain friends and create common Tik Tok videos. In 2020-2021 he dated another social media personality, singer and dancer Coco Quinn.
  2. His favorite food is pizza and macaroni.
  3. Adam Sandler is his favorite actor. But the first person, whom he followed on Instagram was Justin Bieber.
  4. His first video, which became viral, was a music video with Piper Rockelle. It gained 25 million views.
  5. The most important things for him are the support of his fans and his ability to care about his family.
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