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Gavin Rossdale biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Gavin McGregor Rossdale


singer, guitar player, band member, actor

Birth Date

October 30, 1965


55 years

Zodiac Sign



Marylebone, United Kingdom


Westminster High School



Gavin Rossdale family members

Father's Name

Douglas Rossdale

Mother's Name

Barbara Rossdale

Siblings names

Lorraine Rossdale (older sister), Soraya Rossdale (younger sister), Georgina (half-sister)

Is Gavin Rossdale a gay/bisexual?


What is Gavin Rossdale marital status?


Who is Gavin Rossdale wife?

Gwen Stefani (married in 2002-2015)

How many children does he have?

4 (daughter Daisy Lowe and sons Kingston Rossdale, Zuma Rossdale, Apollo Rossdale)

Gavin Rossdale relatives



photo instagram / gavinrossdale

Gavin and Gwen had been considered as one of the most romantic couples in the world till 2015, when the woman filed divorce papers. Then she asked journalists not to interfere with their personal life and not to hurt feelings of their sons. Gwen and her ex remained friends and good parents for their kids.

Gavin Rossdale, a rock musician and ex-lead singer of the band “Bush”, is better known as America’s sweetheart ex. But in any case, till now he continues his career of a vocalist and guitarist, judges at the show “Voice” in UK and tries not to think about his painful divorce process, which Gwen was rumored to start because of Gavin’s infidelity.

The London-born, he inherited his charm from a well-educated father, doctor Douglas Rossdale and his rich inner world from his mother Barbara. Gavin was in his early teens, when his parents broke up. He stayed in his father’s home, while his mother moved to USA. Gavin has two sisters and one half-sister.

He got keen on music in his teens, when the boyfriend of his sister Loraine taught him to play the guitar. He started his career at the age of 17, when he formed his first band “Midnight”. The man gained celebrity status in early 1990s as the member of the band “Bush” after the release of their set of music “Sixteen Stone”. After disbanding of “Bush” he presented his only one solo album “Wanderlust”, which got mixed reviews from critics.

Interesting and fun facts

Gavin McGregor Rossdale

photo instagram / gavinrossdale

  1. In addition to his three sons with Gwen, he has a daughter Daisy Lowe, born in 1989 with a fashion designer Pearl Lowe. She is a model now.
  2. Gavin’s band “Bush” has become a sensation in USA and in the world, but it had never enjoyed massive popularity in England – Rossdale’s home country. That makes the musician really upset.
  3. He was rumored to be in a long-term gay relationship with a singer Peter Robinson, who performed under the nickname Marilyn. Although Gavin had never confirmed that info, journalists made a sensation of it. At first the info about that affair appeared in Boy George biopic novel “Take It Like A Man”.
  4. Gavin was ranked as one of 100 best heavy metal vocalists (due to the version of “Hit Parader”)
  5. In 2017 his band “Bush” released a new album “Black and White Rainbows”, which the musician named “the last attempt to become popular in his home country”.
  6. Nowadays he judges the show “Voice” and makes occasional appearances as an actor. The man starred in “Constantine”, “Criminal Minds”, “Hawaii Five-0” etc. In 2010 his band “Bush” re-united, and he continues singing there.
  7. In 2017-2018 he was dating a German actress Sophia Thomalla. They separated on December, 2018.
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