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Grant Gustin biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Thomas Grant Gustin


actor, singer, dancer

Birth Date

January 14, 1990


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Norfolk, Virginia, United States


Granby High School; Elon University (dropped out)



Grant Gustin family members

Father's Name

Thomas Avery Gustin

Mother's Name

Tina Haney

Siblings names

Tyler Gustin (brother), Gracie Gustin (sister)

Is Grant Gustin a gay/bisexual?


What is Grant Gustin marital status?


Who is Grant Gustin wife?

Andrea β€œLA” Thoma

When did get married?

December 15, 2018

Grant Gustin wife

Andrea “LA” Thoma (wife since 2018)

Grant Gustin wife

photo instagram / grantandla

Date of birth: July 11, 1988

Grant Gustin has never tried to keep his personal life in secret. But to the great disappointment of paparazzi, he wasn’t a Lovelace. During his years in show business Grant was noticed in the company of just two women – his previous girlfriend Hannah Douglass, a famous actress, and his current wife Andrea Gustin, known under the nickname “LAThoma”.

Grant started dating a social media star and physical therapist LAThoma in 2016. A year later the couple got engaged, and they officially tied a knot on December 15 in 2018.

Andrea seems to be in love with her husband and really happy with him. The woman is very beautiful and has an ideally-shaped body, which she creates with the help of exercises and healthy eating. The woman shares her food and workout routine in social media.

Who are Grant Gustin parents?

Thomas Avery Gustin (father)

Grant Gustin father

photo instagram / grantgust

Date of birth:  September 7, 1960

His father Tom is a musical theater lover, and it was he, who inspired Grant to practice acting and singing, and later to become a professional entertainer. Currently, Thomas resides at Virginia Beach and works at ECPI University as a teacher. Previously he worked as a sales manager and as an attorney.

Thomas is a well-educated person. He studied law at the University of Richmond. In addition to his professional activity, he is also a loving father of three kids and husband of Phyllis Hope. He is married to Phyllis since 2011. The name of his first wife (and Grant’s mother) is Tina Haney.

Tina Lynne Haney (mother)

Grant Gustin mother

photo instagram / grantgust

Date of birth: May 5, 1962

Tina Haney (who can also be found under the surnames “Gustin” and “Sweeney”) is a happy mother of two sons and a daughter. Surely, Tina is an incredible woman, who joined motherhood with an active career. She earned Doctor Degree in Nursing and now serves as a professor at a nursery school, which is a part of Old Dominion University. The educator, researcher, and former pediatrician, she is very close to her famous son.

Grant Gustin siblings

Tyler Gustin (older brother)

Grant Gustin brother

Date of birth: February 1, 1988

Tyler gained wide popularity as an older brother of an actor Grant Gustin. The young man currently resides in New York. He is a celebs’ photographer and previously collaborated with Vice Magazine. He was educated at a college in Southeast Virginia.

Gracie Gustin (younger sister)

Grant Gustin sister

photo instagram / gwaciegust

Date of birth: March 30, 1994

Gracie is Grant’s sister. Although her age is not known, she seems to be younger than her brother-actor. She studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and positions herself in social media as a very positive person.


Grant Gustin bio

photo instagram / grantgust

Grant Gustin’s fans know him as Flash from the series “The Flash” and other projects, where he played the same hero.

Grant grew up in the family of Tom and Tina Gustin in Norfolk, Virginia. He has an older brother and a younger sister. Although none of his parents was connected with art, the boy fell in love with music and acting in his early years. His mother and father decided to develop their son’s interest in performing art and took him to Governor’s School for the Arts. There he practiced not just acting, but also singing, and later performed the songs in his screen projects himself.

After graduation from school, he entered Elon University, where studied musical theater, but he dropped it out to start his career on television.

Gustin debuted in an episode of the series “A Haunting” and then appeared in “CSI: Miami” and “90210”. His big break was in 2012 when he won the part of Barry Allen/Flash in the series “Arrow” and “The Flash”. In general, he portrayed his famous hero in 5 different TV shows.

In addition to TV series, Grant is also a big screen actor. He starred in “Affluenza” and “Krystal” with Rosario Dawson, Nick J. Robinson, and Felicity Huffman.

Interesting and fun facts

Grant Gustin facts

photo instagram / grantgust

  1. He depicted one of the recurring hero, named Sebastian Smyth, in the popular musical series “Glee”,. His character was gay, and he had a crush on Blaine Anderson (depicted by Darren Criss).
  2. He is a big fan of Eric Hutchinson and Bruno Mars. He also likes the band “Maroon 5”.
  3. In his early years, he dreamed to act at Broadway. And till now he hopes, that he will act there someday.
  4. In late 2011 he mistakenly announced his phone number through Twitter and got 20 phone calls within 5 minutes. He immediately changed the number after that.
  5. His height is 5 ft 2 in and weight is 165 pounds.
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  • Cyd says:

    He will be one of the β€œgreats” some day. I hope The Flash continues to take the lead in the longest running series of all time. I so enjoy the action, drama, camaraderie, humor, β€œscience”, interactions of all these superlative actors. It’s really fun fantasy and light romance to escape into after a hard days work. (Not too dark n scary, not too sensual, not too much bad language, just a little addictive 😊) thanks Grant, Candice and ALL the FABULOUS beautiful, handsome and perfect- for – the- part actors!) and writers, directors too! Good job!