Harvey Mills

Harvey Mills biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Harvey Kitt Mills


singer, social media star

Birth Date

December 31, 2002


16 years

Zodiac Sign



Berkshire, England, United Kingdom



Harvey Mills family members

Father's Name

Paul Mills

Mother's Name

Sara Mills

Siblings names

Max Mills (twin brother), Leo Mills (younger brother), Tilly Mills (younger sister)

Is Harvey Mills a gay/bisexual?


What is Harvey Mills marital status?


Who are Harvey Mills parents?

Paul Mills (father)

Paul Mills father Harvey

photo instagram / mills.sara

Date of birth: January 6, 1973

He is a singer and a great family man. Paul Mills was born in England. Like his sons, he loved music and was a professional singer, who mostly appeared in musicals. It was Paul, who encouraged Harvey and his twin brother Max to practice music. And he recorded the first music videos of his sons.

Paul is a great family man. When Harvey congratulated him on the Father’s Day, he mentioned, that his father was always a great husband to his mother Sara, with whom he shared each minute of her pregnancies.

Except for Harvey and Max, Paul brings up two other kids – Leo and Tilly.

Sara Mills (mother)

Sara Mills mother Harvey Mills

photo instagram / mills.sara

Sara prefers to stay out of the limelight, so her age and her occupation are not known widely. But obviously, she loves her kids and supports them in their beginnings. Harvey and his twin brother Max congratulated Sara on Mother’s Day and thanked her for giving them birth and helping them to develop their talents.

During many years Sara lives with the father of her kids Paul Mills and they seem a really happy couple.

Harvey Mills siblings

Max Mills (twin brother)

Max Mills brother Harvey

Date of birth: December 31, 2002

Max is just two minutes younger than Harvey. Two brothers perform together and are equally popular. Max started taking music lessons at the age of five. Three years later he fell in love with a guitar, and till now playing this instrument is one of his favorite hobbies.

In collaboration with his brother Harvey, he has already presented a number of successful music videos, which were eagerly accepted with the audience. “Trade Hearts” and “Where Were You” are among them.

Leo Mills (younger brother)

Leo Mills brother Harvey

Date of birth: September 23, 2006

Leo comes from a musical family, so no wonder that he is keen on it, too. As Harvey wrote about him in one of his posts, “he is the coolest member of our family”.

Leo sings in a chapel choir. He is so good in it, that he was awarded Queens Chorister scholarship. He studies in a boarding school and joins it with singing almost every day of the week.

In spring Leo was honored to sing at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding.

Tilly Mills (younger sister)

Tilly Mills

photo instagram / _tillymills

The only girl in the Mills family is very positive and active. She likes riding electronic scooters, and as her brother Harvey tells, she can go really far from home within minutes.

Tilly is a young dancer. She practices acro-dancing, and is quite successful in it. She is a big fan of young dancers, like JoJo Siwa and Mackenzie Ziegler. She met both through her older brothers.

The girl is a big pet lover. She has several dogs and likes to walk with them in the rain. She has her own Instagram account, which was endorsed by Harvey in one of his posts. Tilly boasts with 30k subscribers as for now.


Harvey Mills family

photo instagram / _tillymills

Due to social media sites, people got an opportunity to demonstrate their talents easily, and it generated a number of new stars in music, acting, comedy, and other areas.

Harvey Mills is one of such stars. He was born in Berkshire, England and is the older one of two twins.

Since the earliest age, Harvey performed on the stage with his twin brother Max. His parents, Paul and Sara, sent the boys to music classes.

Harvey Mills turned into a celebrity in 2016 when he registered his account at TikTok platform and began to upload lip-synced music videos. With the help of their father, Harvey and Max launched a YouTube channel, which has already gained a 335k fan base.

At the present moment Havey tours around Europe in the company of his brother. Now he calls music not his hobby, but his career and, obviously, he is going to develop it.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He is an amateur magician. Since the age of 7, he does magic acts in front of his relatives and friends.
  2. He is single as for now, and as he says, he has never dated anyone yet. But he doesn’t exclude a possibility to date a fan if some chemistry will occur between them.
  3. Harvey and Max were catapulted to stardom within one year only. They shared their celebs’ experience in a book “Max and Harvey”, which was released in 2017.
  4. Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are his favorite musicians.
  5. His height is 5 ft 4 in and weight is 128 pounds.
  6. In February 2019 they presented their first EP, titled “Coming Soon”.
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