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Hayden Summerall biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Hayden Summerall


singer, rapper, social media star

Birth Date

April 4, 2005


18 years

Zodiac Sign



Dallas, Texas, United States



Hayden Summerall family members

Father's Name

Jimmy Summerall III

Mother's Name

Tisha Summerall

Siblings names

Dylan Summerall (older brother), Jimmy Summerall IV (older brother), Hunter Summerall (older brother)

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Who are Hayden Summerall parents?

Jimmy Summerall III (father)

Jimmy Summerall III


Date of birth: November 10, 1968

For the first time, Jimmy Summerall III attracted public attention as the father of four boys – social media stars. As his sons write on social media, he is a great dad, who cares a lot about his family.

Jimmy was born in Daytona Beach, FL. Many years ago, he married a beautiful girl, named Tisha, with whom they created a big friendly family and a successful business.

Jimmy and Tisha are business owners. They run a successful real estate agency. The married couple sells houses in Cedar Creek Lake Area.

Tisha Summerall (mother)

Tisha Summerall

photo instagram.com / haydensummerall

Date of birth: March 4, 1972

Tisha positions herself on social media as “the boys’ momma”. She is proud of the happy family she has created with her husband. Hayden names his mom as “the especially beloved person in his life” on Instagram.

Nowadays Tisha resides in Los Angeles, CA, where she moved with her husband and sons looking for more opportunities for her kids.

Hayden Summerall siblings

Jimmy Summerall IV (older brother)

Jimmy Summerall IV

photo instagram.com / huntersummerall

Date of birth: August 7, 1995

The oldest brother of Hayden Summerall is Jimmy IV. On his Facebook account, the young man confesses, that he likes God, family and his home state most of all in this world.

Jimmy was a child’s model, and he appeared in several endorsements of popular brands, like Dunkin Donuts, American Airlines, etc. Besides, he modeled for H&M catalog.

He grew up in Texas and attended Texas Tech University. He had to leave Texas for California after his younger brothers had made a great start in the entertainment industry. Currently, he works in “Rock Your Hair Shop”, where hair products are sold.

Dylan Summerall (older brother)

Dylan Summerall

photo instagram.com / dylansummerall

Date of birth: March 25, 1999

It’s hard to tell, who from Sumerrall boys is the most popular, but no doubt, Dylan and Hayden are both big shots in the entertainment industry.

Dylan was born in Dallas, TX. He is the second son in the family of two realtors, Jimmy and Tisha. First he appeared in the center of public attention as the member of Musical.ly platform. He gained 350k+ followers there. No wonder, because since the earliest years Dylan was practicing singing and dancing. He is a devoted athlete, too. During his school years, Dylan practiced lots of kinds of sports, including football and baseball.

In 2013 Dylan made a debut as a TV actor. He appeared in a theatrical film “Angels Sing”. His other credits include “Emerson Heights” and “Shadows”.

Since 2017 Dylan is dating an actress Brec Bassinger.

Hunter Summerall (older brother)

Hunter Summerall

photo instagram.com / huntersummerall

Date of birth: September 4, 1997

It seems, that each member of the Summerall family is talented and successful. Hayden’s third brother, who is just 2 years older than him, is known as a poet and writer. And yes, he is an Instagram star, too.

Hunter enjoyed wide popularity due to his brothers at first. He followed their way and created his YouTube channel in 2015. The actress Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus younger sister featured in one of his videos.

In November 2018 he published the poetry book “It’s a Lonely Love”.


Hayden is celebrated as a rapper, actor and social media personality. He has caused a mighty furor in the entertainment industry.  He has 2, 7 million subscribers on Instagram and 980k+ subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel.

He entered this world in Dallas, Texas in the family of 6 – he has two parents and three older brothers. As of now, he lives in California, where he pursues a career in the entertainment industry.

In 2015 he was lucky to start a career on TV. His first project is the appearance on the crime series “Sneaky Pete”, where he portrayed the young version of Taylor (the adult version of this character was performed by Shane McRae).

In 2019 he moved his way to the big screen, and appeared in two big-screen movies, “Peter’s Plan” and “Next Level”, both are in pre-production now. He has also tried his hand as a singer. In 2018 he released a song “Smiles For You”.

Like many modern young people, Hayden started his career through social media. In 2015 he posted online several covers on popular songs. His brothers have already become social media sensations, and it helped him gain the popularity, which he deserved.

In 2017 Hayden was involved into making popular family series “Chicken Girls”. The story about the group of teenagers, their love and friendship gained millions of views on Brat channel. At the set, he met the other social media sensation, Annie LeBlanc. The rumors about the romance between them immediately appeared on the net, but neither of them confirmed it. The duo added some kudos to their names, having recorded a cover on Alex & Sierra song “Little Do You Know”.

The series “Chicken Girls” reached the highest peak of popularity, and this project was continued with “Chicken Girls: The Movie”, produced by Lionsgate.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He jokes that his favorite subject at school was lunch. But then he adds, that it was history.
  2. Lauren Orlando is his favorite YouTuber.
  3. Justin Timberlake is his role model.
  4. His life goal is to make people smile.
  5. In his interview, Hayden shared his favorite quality in each of his brothers. He considers Dylan as the most athletic of them, Hunter as the smartest one. And Jimmy is like the second dad for him.
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