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Helen Hunt biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Helen Elizabeth Hunt


actress, film director

Birth Date

June 15, 1963


60 years

Zodiac Sign



Culver City, California, United States


Providence High School, the University of California, Los Angeles



Helen Hunt family members

Father's Name

Gordon Hunt

Mother's Name

Jane Hunt

Siblings names

Colleen Morrison-Hunt (older half-sister)

Is Helen Hunt a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Helen Hunt marital status?


How many children does she have?

1 (daughter Makena Lei Carnahan)

Helen Hunt is a famous actress and film director. She is widely known as a “Mad About You” actress, where she portrayed a PR specialist Jamie Buchman. Her other popular screen projects include the romantic drama “Pay It Forward”, the fantasy film “What Women Want”, and the comedy “A Good Woman” etc. recently. She has been active as a film director. Helen directed the episodes of many popular TV series, like “Californication”, and “American Housewife”. But in her everyday life is just a daughter, mother, and beloved woman. Let’s look a little closer at her family life!

Helen Hunt husband

Hank Azaria (ex-husband; were married in 1999-2001)

Helen Hunt ex-husband

Date of birth: April 25, 1964

Helen Hunt is single as of 2023. She was married officially just once in her life. Her ex-husband is named Hank Azaria, a popular actor. They started an affair in 1994 and five months later exchanged vows in front of their relatives and friends. But just a year and a half later the couple filed for divorce. “A Good Woman” actress confessed that Hank and she were not ready for the responsibility the family life brings.

Hank Azaria

Henry Albert Azaria is widely known as a great voice actor. He lent his pleasant voice to several characters from “The Simpsons”, Barlok from the musical drama “Anastasia”, Gargamel in “The Smurfs” etc. As an actor, he gained wide popularity after depicting the scientist David, Lisa Kudrow’s screen interest, in “Friends”.

Since 2007 Hank has been married to Katie Wright Azaria, the former actress. They have a son Hal, born in 2009.

Matthew Carnahan (daughter’s father; ex-partner)

Matthew Carnahan

Date of birth: February 6, 1961

Soon after the divorce Helen started dating Matthew Carnahan, the showrunner and producer. They have never been married officially, but they welcomed the common daughter Makena Leia Gordon Carnahan. For 16 years, Helen and Matthew lived in love at least that seemed at a distance. But in 2017 the couple announced their separation. It turned out that their relationships had been quite troubled all the time. The former lovers have been living apart for a couple of months. They tried to solve their difficulties for the sake of their common daughter but finally parted ways.

Matthew McNair Carnahan is mostly known as a film producer and director. He was born in California and used to work as a dancer, cook, and circus actor before he became a student at Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. He stands behind many famous projects as “Mailman”, the short film, sponsored by Sandra Bullock. He worked as a showrunner and writer for the series “House of Lies”. His other famous project is “Fastlane” with Tiffani Thiessen as a lead actress.

Matthew is single as of 2023. In 1983-1984 he was married to a woman, named Honor Molloy. Later he was in relations with Elisabeth Seldes Annacone and welcomed with her a son Emmett, born in 1998. Emmett is an actor and The Atlantic Theatre Conservatory graduate. He is very close to Helen Hunt. They spend a lot of time together, go to the theater, etc.

Helen Hunt kids

Makena Lei Carnahan (daughter)

Helen Hunt daughter

Date of birth: May 13, 2004

Helen Hunt has just one biological child. It is a daughter named Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan. The girl grew up in a family of two celebrities. And she started making screen appearances in childhood. Thus, at the age of 10, she appeared in the film “Ride”, directed by her mother. In this film, Makena depicted a small girl on a plane. Four years later she portrayed Ruby in the sports drama “The Miracle Season”.

Makena Lei Carnahan

Nowadays, Makens is a student at New York University. She is close with both, her mother and father. The girl is very creative and tries her hand at various kinds of activities. She is a photographer. Besides, she is a singer. Mak has formed a duo with her friend Rhea Garten. They have already released an EP “Thea”.

Who are Helen Hunt parents?

Gordon Hunt (father)

Helen Hunt father

Date of birth: April 26, 1929

Date of death: December 17, 2016

Not every person on earth can boast that he serves as a role model to others. But Helen Hunt’s father is that kind of a person.

Gordon Edwynn Hunt was a talented film director and animated series creator. His talent and hard work brought him many well-deserved awards, including the Director’s Guild of America Award for directing an episode of the “Mad About You” comedy series. Besides, Gordon was very skillful in voice work. He was one of the first entertainers to be recorded at the famous Hanna-Barbera Studios. Mr. Hunt directed lots of super successful performances, which drew full houses. Besides, he stood behind voicing many video games.

Hunt was brought up by a single dad George, the furniture designer. His mother was killed in a car accident when the boy was just four years old. Gordon grew up with three siblings. He had just one biological child – a daughter Helen Hunt, with his first wife Jane Novis. He was also a stepfather to Jane’s older daughter Colleen, whom he adopted. After the divorce from Helen’s mother Jane, he re-married an actress Betty Jean Ward.

Jane Hunt (mother)

Date of birth: April 19, 1938

Helen Hunt’s mother stays away from the limelight. But she is occasionally present on social media, where she shares various charity projects, which shows, that she is a kind-hearted person.

Jane was born in the family of Ted Novis and Dorothy Fries, a talented piano teacher. Dorothy, who passed away in 2015, spent a wonderful life, full of love for music and success. She trained lots of talented musicians, including Gary Bachlund, a composer. Jane has a younger maternal half-sister Catherine Fries Vaughn, a famous theater actress, who is very close to Helen Hunt.

Jane used to work as a photographer. She divorced Helen’s father many years ago. Currently, she is single.

Helen Hunt siblings

Colleen Morrison-Hunt (older half-sister)

Helen Hunt sister

Date of birth: June 1957

Helen has just one sibling – an older half-sister from her maternal side Colleen. She was adopted by Helen’s father Gordon Hunt. Colleen is the daughter of Helen’s mother Jane and her first husband George Albert Morrison. On her paternal side, Colleen has a half-brother, Kevin.

Colleen was educated at Hollywood High School. Then she continued her education at California State University, Northridge. She earned her living as a theater teacher and screenwriter. She served as a Story Analyst at Columbia Pictures.

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